Her fondness for "her kids" at Auburn, Port Byron, and Notre Dame. Her love of learning and teaching biology. Coaching Port Byron's girls' track team in the Syracuse "Dome". 1995's Arts and Crafts day at Notre Dame, when she was so proud of her kids.

         Trying and trying to get a permanent teaching position. Going to her Clyde-Savannah High School interview from Empires soccer practice, changing in the car. Her joy at getting the job. Our pride in her for getting the job. Her rubber stamps and "smile faces" for students' successes. Her empathy for the Clyde-Savannah students. Always having a sense of wonder and interest in the latest scientific news or discovery, and always a youthful spirit.

         One Thanksgiving, at her cousin Denise's, there wasn't enough room at the main table, so Angela, who was about 28 then, sat at "the kids' table". She sat with Phil, Sammy, and Chris, who was about 8 years old. She joined in their conversation about school, biology, and homework so enthusiastically that Chris asked her "What grade are you in?" She answered "Chris, I love you!"

         Angela was our "source" when we needed something translated from German, or if we had a question about biology or music. She loved to explain about "prokaryotes and eukaryotes", or genes, or chromosomes. She glowed when she talked about biology. She was also our "finder of lost things", having an instinct to look in the right place for whatever was missing.

         Cleaning her car out every twelve years, whether it needed it or not. Her green Honda. Her red Toyota. Her black Toyota. Driving thirty-thousand miles a year, no problem. Things she "filed" in her car: school lesson plans, golf scorecards, paid bills, unpaid bills, biology quizzes, soccer balls, hockey pucks, sweatsocks, silk stockings ....

         Playing Monopoly.  Playing Scrabble with her mom, and screeching when she scored a triple word.  Mimicking her mother keeping score: "two, six, fourteen, plus a triple word score...."  Playing Jeopardy, and not giving the answer in the form of a question. Sometimes, she'd call from Auburn or Rochester, and Jeopardy would be on there and here at the same time, and we'd play over the phone.  Once, we did that, and the show in Buffalo was a little ahead, so I heard the answers before they were given where she was. Naturally, I got them all right. I don't think she ever caught on to that one.

         Telling me to "Stop fidgeting!", and then biting her own nails to the bone. Playing "crazy rummy" at Aunt Mary Sowa's.  Doing the TV Guide crossword puzzle, holding the pen that funny way.  Rough-housing with me, until I had to remind her that I was getting old. Sitting on me, or lifting me from behind, to "crack my back".

         Bruised shins. Sparkling bluish-greenish-grayish eyes.  Freckles. Frizzy hair.  No hips.  Competing in the Empire State Games as one of the best athletes in New York State for 13 straight years: hair flying, legs churning, going for the net.


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