Winning the Empires' silver medal, the first year she made the Western team, in 1984. A beautiful action photo of her in the Empires' yearbook, heading the ball away from players a foot taller than her. Twelve "Games" later, in 1995, winning the bronze medal with the Central Womens' Open soccer team.

         Watching her play in soccer games for Nazareth College, at the Nazareth campus, at U. of R., at Elmira ... Her anticipation of where her teammates would be. Her speed. Her legs going like wheels. Her brother calling her "the flea". Drawing yellow cards now and then. Her aggressiveness on the soccer field, actually charging the center kick, or getting in the keeper's face when the ball was free. Setting the all-time assist record at Nazareth.

         Her number, nine. Her refusal to lose.

         The teams she coached:

                                        Port Byron High School    Girls' JV and Varsity Basketball

                                                                             Girls' Varsity Track

                                                                             JV Field Hockey

                                                                             Girls' Volley Ball

                                        Notre Dame High School     Girls' Varsity Softball

                                                                                Modified Girls' Basketball

                                        Clyde-Savannah High School    Girls' Varsity Track

        Her love for all sports, and her intense interest. Rooting for the Yankees, Notre Dame, and the Minnesota Vikings. When she'd watch a game on TV, she'd "put a curse" on the opposition, or if that didn't work, she'd wave a sweatsock (preferably soiled) at the offending team. When the NCAA basketball championships were being played, she'd make her picks and agonize when one of her teams was eliminated, or celebrate when one advanced.

        The way she swung a golf club, steady and smooth, every shot straight down the middle.

        Sleep-driving. Once, she fell asleep cramming for an exam. She woke up at nine PM, thought it was the next day, and frantically headed out the door. She had "that look" on her face, so I didn't get in her way when she drove off. At a red light, she asked another driver the date, and "woke up".

         Going with her mom, Angelo and I to see "Cats" at Shea's Buffalo. Seeing Diana Ross with me at the Aud. Seeing Barry Manilow with me at the Aud. Asking us (or us asking her), "Who wrote that song?" Stock answer: "Carole King".

        Her love of food, and her appetite, so disproportionate to her size. Eating the "king cut" prime rib, at the Red Osier Inn, the only girl to do so in the memory of the staff. Eating turkey drumsticks at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and licking her chops. Not eating anything with "seeds". Hates to drink water. Loves candied apple slices. When she'd come home around St. Joseph's day, she'd search out the stuffed artichokes her mom had made, and she'd savor every leaf, smacking her lips and rolling her eyes. She loved Trudi Aronica's corned beef, every St. Patrick's day.

         Sleep-walking. Waking up in the middle of the night and yelling "Angelo escaped!"

         Checking pay phones for change. Cadbury eggs. Candy fruit slices. Jelly Bellies. Sponge Candy. Her "Pepsi" can collection. Her "Crush" can collection. Glass doorknobs and little sports cars. Goofy, fuzzy slippers with animal's heads.


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