'There was never a time when I did not exist, nor you.  Nor will there be any future in which we cease to be.'

Sri Krishna, in the Bhagavad-Gita


             Tim Valint, Angela’s first cousin once removed (Maria Sowa Valint's son), became eligible for her Cousins’ Scholarship in 2011. Tim wrote the following letter:
Dear Aunt Angie and Uncle Angelo,

           I am writing to you for your consideration for the Angela Coniglio Cousins Scholarship. I am the second – and middle – son of Maria (Sowa) Valint, who was Angela’s first cousin. Like my older brother, I was too young to ever get to know Angela for myself, but from what I hear, I think we would have enjoyed each other’s company. My mother has many fond memories of her childhood growing up with Angela, much the way I do with my cousins. I often hear stories from her about Angela, and every story has something in common with the others: Angela’s propensity to make everyone smile.

          I find that Angela and I would have many things in common. I am a soccer player and an overall fit person. From what I hear, Angela was an incredible athlete, good enough to hold her own on the guys’ teams! I can only imagine how much fun it must’ve been to play with her.

          Another thing I have in common with Angela is that we both have played the violin. I have played my violin in 5 different countries for countless different people. I have also taught many young children in the Buffalo Suzuki Strings program the beginning steps of learning how to play the violin. As a teacher, herself, I can only think that Angela would approve.

          My mom has told me Angela was a great Biology teacher. Seeing as that I am attending the University at Buffalo in the fall majoring in Chemical Engineering with a Biology track, I think we could have had quite a few interesting intellectual discussions. This shared love of science will help me to discover and achieve the goals I set for myself in the future. I think that Angela would require only one thing out of my education, that I follow my heart and choose a career that I will love and enjoy.

          In the process of writing this letter, I am glad to say that I learned a lot about a really special person! In memory of my cousin Angela, I would be very much honored to receive the Cousins Scholarship. This gift from her is a way to keep Angela’s memory alive.


             Tim received the 2011 Cousins Scholarship, and attended the University of Buffalo, earning a Bachelor of Science Engineering degree in 2015.

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