In May of 1999, Amherst Central High School senior Lindsay Sornberger received the school's Angela Y. Coniglio Memorial Scholarship. Lindsay starred in Volleyball and Lacrosse at ACHS, and went on to an education in guidance counseling at Buffalo State College and later Mercyhurst College. At Clyde-Savannah, the recipient of an award in Angela's name was Megan DiSanto, a class officer and AAU basketball star who went on to study Physical Therapy at Angela's Alma Mater, Nazareth College.

            In the spring of 1999, the Buffalo Sabres played in the NHL Eastern Conference finals against the Toronto Maple Leafs. They defeated the Leafs in the fifth game of the series, on a game-winning goal by a player who attended the University of Minnesota (another of Angela's favorites.) The former "Golden Gopher" who scored was rookie Eric Rasmussen, wearing number 9. The Sabres went on to the Stanley Cup finals, where their opponents were the Dallas Stars (once the Minnesota North Stars, Angela's first "favorite team"). After an exciting series, in the third overtime of the sixth game, the Sabres lost and the Stars won the Stanley Cup, on a goal scored when Brett Hull was in the Sabres' crease, the most controversial goal in Stanley Cup history. The NHL applied a rule that had to be rationalized by twelve "clarifications". To justify the goal, giving the Stars the Stanley Cup, the league cited "Clarification Number Nine".

            The tournament for the 1999 Women's World Cup of Soccer was held in the United States. Women's sports were in the headlines for two weeks, and the final game between Team USA and China was played in the Rose Bowl on July 11, before over 90,000 fans, the most ever to attend a women's sporting event. The USA women won in a shoot-out, the game televised nationally and world-wide by ABC. As the broadcast ended, the network showed a shot of the fans, including thousands of young girls who attended to watch their heroes, and to dream of reaching such a goal themselves. The camera zoomed in on one girl, stars in her eyes, overjoyed at the US victory. The final shot was a close-up of her, in a soccer shirt, emblazoned with the number nine.

            "Angela's Cousin's Scholarship" has been made into a trust fund that will carry on into the future, and is now called The Scholarship for the Cousins of Angela Coniglio. Jordan Knight, Aunt Connie Miller's grandson (Jackie's son) received the award in the Fall of 1999.

            September 9 was Angela's grandmother Rosa Alessi Coniglio's birthday. When the Nazareth women's soccer team played Brockport on September 9, 1999 which was "quadruple 9", or 9/9/99; Angela's single-game assist record was broken. The feat was accomplished on four assists by Michelle Urbanski. Michelle's uniform number? 9 .

            In December, 1999, $15,000 was endowed to Amherst Central High School to perpetuate the Angela Y. Coniglio Memorial Scholarship. In May of the year 2000, the award of $750 was received by Laura Mallia, an excellent athlete who lettered in Soccer, Basketball and Lacrosse, and attended West Virginia University, studying Elementary Education and playing Womens' Soccer. Laura was coached in the US Olympic Development Program by Nazareth coach Gail Mann. In July 2000, she played (as Angela had) in the Empire State Games. One of her Western Open Womens' team-mates was Angela's friend Erin Jacobs. Laura scored four goals at the Games, and "Western" won the bronze.  Laura later transferred from West Virginia University to Nazareth, where she helped the team win the Empire 8 Conference title. Her penalty kick goal helped Nazareth defeat Grove City in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

            Angela's cousin Jackie Miller Feingold received the "Cousin's Scholarship" in the Fall of 2000, when at age forty-nine, she returned to college to study Engineering. In May, 2003, Jackie received her degree in Industrial Technology from Southern Illinois University's College of Engineering.  Jackie's niece and nephew (Aunt Connie's grandchildren) Natasha Miller and Adam Steht also received the award in 2000, as did Aunt Mary's grandson Sam Tiranno.  Adam graduated Magna Cum Laude from Southern Illinois University in May, 2004.


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