In April 2001, Angela's mom and I finally got the courage to scatter some of her ashes at Amherst Central High School. The new running track was being built, and Angela is now part of the track. Fittingly, a month later Jennifer Koeppel, a track all-star, was named as the recipient of the Amherst scholarship in Angela's memory. An excellent student as well as an outstanding, three-season athlete, Jennifer attended the University of Buffalo on a Division One athletic scholarship.

               Jennifer sent us the following in a note: "Your daughter was a very talented and beautiful person. I am very honored to be able to accept this award and to be a part, in a program that honors and remembers your daughter. I am very proud to be able to say that I will be attending the University at Buffalo next year and keeping part of Angela with me as I study Elementary Education.

            "It also amazed me to hear that Angela's ashes were scattered at the Amherst High School Track. I will now be able to run with Angela as I too continue to participate in sports at a Collegiate level, and plan to one day coach. Thank you again, for keeping Angela's memory alive and allowing me to pursue some of the same dreams that Angela once followed."

            In the summer of 2001, both Jennifer and Amherst High's 2000 recipient of the Angela Coniglio Memorial Scholarship, Laura Mallia, participated in the Empire State Games. Both won Gold medals, Jennifer in the 10,000 meter run, and Laura with the Western Womens' Open Soccer team.

            The 2002 recipient of Amherst’s Angela Coniglio Memorial Scholarship is Kelly Parkot, a three-sport athlete who has excelled in Field Hockey, Basketball, and Softball. Kelly will pursue a career in Physical Education, and after considering Edinboro College and Springfield University, chose Niagara Community College.   Kelly wrote:

            "I  plan on going to NCCC in the fall majoring in Physical Education. I also want to minor in sign language. I hope by being a Physical Education teacher, I can advance women's athletics and some day be involved in professional women's sports. When I go to school in the fall I am going to play basketball and softball on a partial athletic scholarship. I also plan on making a difference in many children's lives when I start teaching, because Angela did."

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