. . . . . talking often of her family and its strong Italian-American traditions and of how much she appreciated their support for everything she did in her career in athletics and in her career in education.

She loved her brother for his talent with computers and was proud of his ability to persevere through his hardships.

She loved her mother for her kindness and care and for instilling her with strong moral values.

She loved her father's vast knowledge of a wide range of topics and especially enjoyed watching Jeopardy and competing with him.

She treasured her childhood memories --- of catching frogs or toads with her brother -- of outdoor activities -- of games and the many sports she played.

. . . . . And this is but a small glimpse of Angela Coniglio with whom we worked, whom we knew. and whom we all loved.


        In conclusion, . . .

        With all the tragedies we've had this year at our school, I sometimes have heard people say, "Nothing good ever happens at Clyde-Savannah!"

        They are wrong! Something very good has happened to Clyde-Savannah this year! Angela Yvonne Coniglio has happened at Clyde-Savannah this year! And we have all been blessed because she has!

        And though her run here was short, the positive influences she has had on us and the strong memories we have of her will always run in the minds and in the hearts of all of us, colleagues and students alike, who loved her very much.

        We will all be richer because she has shared her life with us and because we were able to share ours with her.

                                                                                                                                                  Jim Darnell



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