On May 26, 2005, Ashley Yantomasi became the 9th recipient of Amherst’s Angela Y. Coniglio Memorial Scholarship.  At Amherst, in Field Hockey, Ashley played goal and had a record 41 shutouts as she received numerous honors including first team All-WNY, All-State, and team MVP.  She also excelled in Ice Hockey and Lacrosse, and won several other awards, including the Town of Amherst Avenue of Athletes Award.   She attended SUNY Cortland and majored in Physical Education.

             Jim Darnell, Angela's colleague at Clyde-Savannah Junior-Senior High School, sent us an article from the
Finger Lakes Times dated August 28, 2005.  It was an interview with Angela's former student, Cathy Winter, now a practicing pharmacist in Central New York.  In the interview, Cathy was asked to name the person she most admired.  Her response:

       "I had a biology teacher, Miss Angela Coniglio [of Amherst].  She was taken from this earth way too soon.  She got me through school and college just thinking of her.  She touched a lot of people."

             2005 was also the year in which Eileen Collins became the first woman to command an American Space Shuttle mission, on the Columbia in July; and Liz Johnson became the first woman to qualify for a PBA bowling championship round in March, and later to win a PBA Championship event, the East Region Kingpin Lanes Open, on August 21st.   Also in August First Lady Barbara Bush appointed the first woman ever to be the Executive Chef of the White House, Cristeta Comerford.  On November 22, 2005, Germany installed its first-ever female Chancellor. Her name is Angela Merkel.  Though she never knew them, these women represent the drive and determination that was Angela's trademark.

             At its annual Awards Assembly on May 25, 2006, Amherst Central High School presented the Angela Y. Coniglio Memorial Scholarship to Emily Warren. Emily was a Field Hockey star and set goal-scoring records at Amherst.   A four year starter and  the Field Hockey teamís leading scorer for four years, she also lettered in Softball.  As a Senior, she received the Masonic Lodge Scholarship; the Education Association Scholarship for leadership, character, and promise in Education; the Charles Engasser Memorial Award; and the Outstanding Athletic Achievement Award for Field Hockey.  Emily also played forward on a local ice hockey travel team.  She received a Field Hockey scholarship to Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania, where she majored in in Elementary Education.

             Just after the Amherst awards ceremony, members of our family left on a trip to Europe.  My wife Angie and I; my sisters Connie Miller, Mary Sowa; my nieces Jackie Feingold, Michele Steht, and Dawn Sowa; and my great-nieces Tara Steht and Emma Feingold.  There were 9 of us.  We went to Brussels and were welcomed by our cousins Vito and Antonina Coniglio Barca, their children and grandchildren.  Among other sights, they took us to Brussels' Atomium, a huge model of an atom that has a globe for each of Belgium's provinces, 9 in all.  After Belgium, we visited my parents' birthplace, Sicily, which also has 9 provinces, and in my mother's home town of Serradifalco, I saw my mother's birthplace, at Via Prizzi Number 9.

             In June, 2006, we received a note from our friend Judy Shanahan Suhr's daughter Sharon Suhr Ryan.  Sharon and her husband Mike live in Mississippi with their children Jacob, Molly, and Gavin KendrickJacob attended a science camp of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.  At the camp, Jacob enjoyed the teaching of Angel Rohnke.  Sharon struck up a conversation with Angel, and it turns out her maiden name was Angel Engman, she attended Clyde-Savannah Junior-Senior High School, and her biology teacher and track coach was Angela!
             And Jacob's mom Sharon is a great teacher in her own right. Click here to read about her accomplishments.

Jacob Ryan


        Angel sent this note: "Knowing your daughter even for such a short time really got me into biology; the dissecting of the pig: i think i was almost the only girl that would do it.  I always thought I was too short for hurdles ~ she taught me :).  

I wonder if i could still do it today
:) "

       Angel married Adam Rohnke and they both have earned Masters degrees.

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