2020 saw the first woman, Kamala Harris, elected as Vice-President of the United States, and when newly elected President Joe Biden gave his first speech before a Joint Session of Congress, for the first time in history, the next two persons in the succession to the Presidency were women: Vice President Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Our beloved nephew, Mary and Fiore Denisco’s son Dennis passed away at age 68 on November 10th, 2019 under the care of Hospice Buffalo.  The family had a memorial marker placed on the Memory Walk at Hospice, and in June of 2021 Dan and Maria Valint and Denise Tiranno came with us to Hospice to view the marker.  It’s in Section NINE West.

In 2021, Catherine Nancy Scherrer, Angela’s ‘first cousin, twice removed’, great-granddaughter of Raymond, granddaughter of Ray Jr., and daughter of Rebecca Coniglio and Marc Scherrer, became the twenty-ninth of Angela’s cousins to receive the ‘Cousin’s Scholarship’.

Catherine has received a merit scholarship from the University of Tampa, where she will major in Marine Biology. 

She sent a beautiful letter that is reproduced in the
Appendix.  In it, Catharine wrote Although I never was able to meet her, I am proud to say I have such a successful and hard-working cousin. It is great that this scholarship is available to keep her memory alive, and I would be very honored to receive it.”

Also in 2021, the thirtieth recipient of the Cousins’ Scholarship is Catherine’s first cousin, Ryan Coniglio, another grandchild of Ray Jr. and the son of Bob and Mindy Coniglio

Ryan played travel league and high school soccer and changed his number to 9 in remembrance of Angela.  He will be attending Fredonia State College, where he’ll major in Early Childhood Education or Exercise Science.  His application letter is also in the Appendix. 

Ryan’s sister Haley Coniglio received the scholarship in 2017.


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