Crocifissa Giuseppa Maria Papia

Born: 28 April 1774 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Sicilia
Married: about 1796 ~ Serradifalcco, Caltanissetta, Sicilia

22 August 1832 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Sicilia

Meaning of Papia [PAH-pee-uh]: possibly Pavia, a town in northern Italy

        My GGGG-grandmother's name was given on her 1774 baptism record as Crucifissa Giuseppa Maria Papia.   Her father's name was given as Joseph (Giuseppe) Papia, and her mother was identified as Felicia, no surname given.




Papia/ die 28: Aplis 1774~
Ego Sac D Balthr. Biondi
baptizavi in~
fantis nata hac nocte horae 6 ivi ex Jo
, et Felicia Papia huius Terre
Cui impta
fuit nomen
Crucifixa, et Josepha
Maria. Patrini fuere
Blasius Salamone
Anna uxor~
Papia/ day 28 of April 1774~
I Priest Don
Baldasarre. Biondi
baptized an infant born here this night at hour 6, of Joseph and Felicia Papia of this land.  She was given the name Crocifissa, and Giuseppa Maria.   Godparents were Biagio Salamone and Anna his wife~

Church Death Record

       Civil death records are missing for 1831 and 1832.  Church records exist, but are frayed and damaged.  Both the index of deaths and the actual record was used to confirm the information for Crucifissa Papia.  Her first name is given here as Crucifixa, and her surname is shown as Papio.

 . . pio Crucifixa Uxor qm Leonardi ---- fo 183 ~

[Pa]pio Crocifissa Wife of the late Leonardo - Pg 183

       The death record has an omission, in that it says she was the daughter of the late Pietro, but she was actually the wife of the late Pietro Lattuca and of the late Leonardo Marino.  Her father, as shown on her baptism, was Giuseppe Papia.  With her second husband Leonardo, she had a daughter Gaetana who married Calogero Territo.   Vincenzo Territo (Jimmy Treat) of Robertsdale, Pennsylvania is Crocifissa's great-great grandson.

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1832 Deaths, p. 183, Crucifixa Papio    

Papio Die 22 Augusti 1832.          No 279
Crocifissa Papio filia defunctorum Petri, et Felicia uxor qm Le . . . .
di Marino ann 60 extremis munita Sacramentis obbiit . . . . . . .
corpus deletatam fuit in Oratoriae Animarae Purgatoriae . . . . .
de Petix ibique sepultae
Papio Day 22 of August 1832.       No 279
Crocifissa Papio dghter of the late Pietro [sic] & Felicia, wife of the lateLe .
do Marino.  Age 60, at the end, armed with the Sacraments, died . . .
her body was taken to the Prayer C
hapel for the Souls in Purgatory .
[by Priest] . . Petix.  There she was buried.

Crocifissa Papia married Pietro Lattuca before about 1796

Known Children

Maria Lattuca: abt 1796 - 4 Dec 1821
(Married Leonardo Cumbo)
Concetta Lattuca: abt 1802 - 7 Jan 1823
Francesca Lattuca: abt 1804 - 22 Jun 1878
(Married Libertino lo Guasto)

Pietro Lattuca died in about 1804
Crocifissa Papia married Leonardo Giuseppe Giralomo Marino

Known Children

Gaetana Marino: abt 1804 -
(Married Calogero Territo)
Angelo Marino: about 1813 - ?
 Giuseppe Marino: Jul 1819 - 5 Jul 1820
Giuseppa: about 1828 - 10 Oct 1868 -
(Married Leonardo Vaccaro)



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