Luciano Messina

Born: 1 February 1759 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Kingdom of Sicily
Married to Maria Butera: 16 September 1787 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Kingdom of Sicily

Died: 28 Dec 1824 ~ Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Kingdom of The Two Sicilies

Meaning of Messina [meh-SEEN-uh]: the Sicilian city, Messina


        My paternal great-great-grandfather Luciano Messina was born in the first year of the reign of the King of the Two Sicilies, Ferdinando I (also known as Ferdinando III and IV!!), who in turn was a subject of his father King Carlos III (Carlo III in Sicily) of Spain and All its Holdings (including Sicily).   Luciano was a contadino, a peasant sharecropper in the fief of Duke Francesco Leonardo Lo Faso, baron of Serradifalco. Like his predecessors the Duke held the power of life and death over the citizens of Serradifalco, who, since 1640, were not allowed any right to water or to bring their livestock to pasture in “common lands”, or to extract rock, chalk or other minerals.  Any fruits of their labor in the fields were the property of the baron, and they received only a small percentage for their work.

Ferdinando I

      In North America in 1759, the British first captured Fort Niagara and then Quebec from the French in the French and Indian War.  Britain's defeat of the French in 1759 eventually made possible the emergence of the United States.






di Messina

  die 1 Februarii 1759
 Lucianus Josephus Cajeta-
nus Paulinus Pascalis Leo-
nardus et Franciscus Xave-
rius, natum hodie hora 14 ejus
ex Leonardo et Anna Mes
sina jugbus fuit ame d: Joseph
Guadagnino ex E: f: baptizatus.
PPni fuere Paulinus et Maria
Gambino conjuges.             



son of Messina

day 1 of February 1759
 Luciano Giuseppe Gaetano Paolino Pasquale Leonardo and Francescco Saverio, born today hour 14 of Leonardo and Anna Messina, married. He was baptized by me Don Giuseppe Guadagnino by leave of the Church. Godparents were Paolino and Maria Gambino, man and wife.

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiatici Film 2012918, 1759 Baptisms, P. 24, No. 211, Lucianus di Messina 



        Chrismation, or Confirmation, was a sacrament that was given to children anywhere from the age of six to sixteen.  In small towns like Serradifalco, no bishop was seated, so the Bishop from the diocesan capital would make rounds every half-dozen years, and confirm all the eligible children in the town at one time.
       The date of the confirmation was the same for the whole town, and was given at the top of the list of recipients.  The record for Luciano Messina was midway in a list of eleven names on page 45 of the ledger.
        Luciano's mother's name is given as Anna on his baptism record, Maria on his confirmation record, and Anna Maria on his marriage record.

Anno Domini 1771 die 8 Julii
(Year of Our Lord 1771 day 8 of July)

 Cresime (Confirmations)

Messina Lucianus f(ilius) Leonardi et Marie

S(ponsore): Marianus Ferraro

Luciano Messina son of Leonardo and Maria

Sponsor: Mariano Ferraro

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1771 Confirmations, Page 45, Lucianus Messina 



Matrimonii (Marriages)

        The first record below gives the date 16 September 1787.  The second, starred, record is the church marriage record of my paternal great-great grandparents Luciano Messina and Maria Butera, married on that same day.  All the Latin words aren't decipherable, but the critical information is.

Die 16 7bris 787
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~

*Die qua supra 87 Ego Sac D Franciscus Ricotta Cap: Sac: ~ ~
~ premissis denunciationibus trib ~ ~ sollena: trib dieb festivis
2, 8, et 9 ~ ~ ~ nulloque sine legitimo sine canonico detecto
Lucianae Messina f: inn: legimus et natus Leonardi et Anna Ma
rie jug huius
trae et Maria Butera f: inn: legima et nat Antonini et Hono
jug: insemoquis comune: habito ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ consenso cora ~ ~ dn Honophrio Gir . .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ benedixi ~ ~ ~
            ====    ====    ====    ====
From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1787 Marriages, Lucianae Messina and Maria Butera 
Day 16 of September 1787
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
*Day as above '87 I priest Don Francesco Ricotta Holy Chaplain ~ ~ ~ previously posted marriage banns three ~ solemn: three feast days 
2, 8, and 9 of ~ ~ ~ without any  ~ legal or canonical objection found,
Luciano Messina, single, legitimate & natural son of Leonardo and Anna Maria, a married couple in this land; and Maria Butera,
single, legitimate and natural daughter of Antonino and Onofria, man and wife in this same town; having ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ consented before ~ ~ Don Onofrio Gir . .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I blessed them ~ ~ ~ ~

            ====    ====    ====    ====



One hundred eighty-eight
Year one thousand eight hundred twenty-four, day twenty-eight of the month of December at hour three p.m. before us Filippo Lombardo acting Mayor and official of civil records of the town of Serradifalco District of Caltanissetta Val [Region] of Caltanissetta have appeared Giuseppe Giambra, age sixty-one, occupation Sharecropper subject of the realm, living in this town at Piano Palermo number five, and Michele Capizzi, age thirty-seven, occupation Day laborer, subject of the realm, living here at Cortile di Cordaro number five, who have declared that on day twenty-eight of the month of December, year as above, at hour one p.m. has died in the house of Giovanni Signorina, son-in-law of the deceased, at Cortile di Bosco number four, Luciano di Messina, age sixty, husband of Maria Butera ~ ~ ~
he was born in Serradifalco, occupation Sharecropper, lived here at Via del Magazzinaccio number six, son of the late Leonardo, occupation Sharecropper residing here in life and of the late Anna ~ ~ in Messina who resided  here when living
According to the law we went together with the named witnesses to the side of the deceased, and we have acknowledged his actual death. We have today created this document, we have inscribed it on two registers and have read it to the declarants on the day, month and year as above, and it is signed by us alone, the declarants being illiterate, as they have said
Filippo Lombardo
Year one thousand eight hundred twenty-four, day thirty-one of the month of December, we Filippo Lombardo Elected Assistant acting Mayor and official of civil records of the Town of Serradifalco, District of Caltanissetta, Val of Catanissetta, in execution of Act 46 of the Civil Code, have signed this register of deaths from number ninety-four through record number one hundred eighty-eight
 [Signed] Filippo Lombardo

From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1466473,       
1824 Deaths, No. 188, Luciano Messina        

This translation is factually correct.      
To conserve space, it is not a strict literal translation.  


Church Death Record

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1824 Deaths, p. 65, Lucianus Messina    

Messina| Die 28 Dicembris 1824
Luciano vir Mariae Butera, etatis suae ann 60, Sactis Extr . . .
Unctionis, et Penitentie, munitis animam
 Deo reddidit cuius
corpus fuit per me Sacem Petrum Vaccari Capum Sactis sepul
tum in
Animarium purgatorium Oratorium, ibique.
Messina| Day 28 of December 1824
Luciano husband of Maria Butera, his age 60 years, his soul fortified by Holy Extreme Unction and Penitence, was returned to God, his body buried here by me Priest Pietro Vaccari Holy Chaplain, with the prayers of the souls in Purgatory

Luciano Messina married Maria Butera on 16 September, 1787 in Serradifalco


Providenza Messina: 1795 - 26 Aug 1797
Francesco Messina: about 1796 -
Antonia Messina: abt 1805 - 26 Oct 1809
Maria Messina: abt 1807 - 20 Aug 1891
(Married Raimondo Coniglio)


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