Pietro Lattuca*

Born: ? ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Sicilia?

Died: between 1804 and 1821

Meaning of Lattuca [luh-TOO-kuh]: lettuce
*The surname was also given as Lattuga.

        No baptism or birth record survives for my GGGG-grandfather Pietro Lattuca.  His existence is known from the death records of his three known daughters.  He was a contadino, a peasant sharecropper who raised crops on another's property and kept a portion as his pay.  It's assumed he was living at the birth of his youngest known daughter Francesca, in about 1804.  On the 1821 record of the death of his daughter Maria, he was listed as deceased.


Pietro Lattuca married Crocifissa Papia

Known Children

Maria Lattuca: abt 1796 - 4 Dec 1821
(Married Leonardo Cumbo)
Concetta Lattuca: abt 1802 - 7 Jan 1823
Francesca Lattuca: abt 1804 - 22 Jun 1878
(Married Libertino lo Guasto)


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