Francesca Lattuca*

Born: about 1804 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Regnu di Sicilia

Died: 22 June 1878 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Sicilia

Meaning of Lattuca [luh-TOO-kuh]: lettuce
*Her surname was also given as Lattuga or Lettuca, and also as Saetta

        No baptism or birth record survives for my maternal GGG-grandmother Francesca Lattuca, but her civil and church death records indicate the names of her parents, and give her surname as either Lattuca or Lattuga.  Her 1878 death records state that she was seventy-four years old, so she was born in about 1804, in Serradifalco as stated on the civil death record.  The 1821 civil birth record of her daughter Concetta lo Guasto gives Francesca's age as seventeen (born in about 1804), and the 1834 birth record of her son Salvatore lo Guasto gives her age as twenty-six (born about 1808).  It's likely the earlier dates are closest to correct.  Concetta and Salvatore's civil birth records may be seen by clicking HERE.

        On both the civil and church records of the death of Bertino lo Guasto, his widow's name is given as Francesca Saetta.  However, the birth records of their children give her surname as Lattuca (or Lattuga, or Lettuca) [see Concetta lo Guasto].  Sicilians often use "n'ciurii", or nicknames, in place of surnames.  'Saetta' means 'arrow', and it may have been given to Francesca Lattuca because of her thinness.  On the other hand, her actual surname may have been Saetta, and the family may have been given the nickname 'Lattuca', meaning 'lettuce', if her father was a vegetable farmer or a greengrocer.  Francesca's 1878 death records state that she was the widow of Bertino Loguasto, and give her surname as Lattuga.  Pick the version you like best.


        1804 was a turbulent time in southern Italy, when Napoleonic forces claimed the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, from Naples to the island of Sicily, formerly ruled by a son of King Carlo of Spain.  That son, Ferdinando, was variously known as Ferdinando I, III or IV.  He was forced to flee to Palermo on the island, where British forces helped secure his hold there.  This split of the two countries was later 'resolved' by the 'unification' of Italy.
      The face of the coin below shows Ferdinando with the inscription 'Ferdinando IV, through the grace of God, King.'  The back of the coin shows the coat of arms of Bourbon Spain, to whom Ferdinando owed allegiance.

      In the United States in 1804, Thomas Jefferson was elected to his second term as President. There were fifteen states, as Lewis and Clark left Illinois for their expedition to the Pacific northwest.


From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1964312, 1878 Deaths, No. 184, Francesca Lattuga     



   In the year one thousand eight hundred seventy-eight on day twenty-three  of June  at houreight-fifteen a. m.
   Before me Doctor Vincenzo Sesta, Counsilman delegated by the Mayor  
Official of Civil Records of the community of
Serradifalco ________ have appeared Salvatore Baiera , age thirty-five, villager, living in Serradifalco _, and Paolino Sillitto, age fifty-six,
,  living in said location  _  who have declared to me that at the hour p. m. nine and minutes ____of yesterday ____, in the house located at
via Misuraca  number twenty-five  has died Francesca Lattuga,
2 seventy-four years old, 1 commoner __, living in Serradifalco , born in said location , daughter of the late  Pietro, 1 villager, residing in Serradifalco in life, and of the late  Crocifissa Papia, 1 commoner, who resided in this town when living , [Francesca was the]3 widow of the late Bertino Loguasto
   At this certification were present the witnesses Leonardo Miccich,
forty-two, villager__, and Vincenzo Giarratano, age thirty-four_, sillager __both residing in this Town.  The present record was read to all those assembled, but it is signed by me alone, the same having said they don't know how to write
(Signed by)
~ Dr. Vincenzo Sesta

Number 184

~ * ~

Francesca Lattuga
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 2. Note the deceased's age in years, months,
      days and hours if applicable
 3. If husband or widower, wife or widow, or if

Church Death Record

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1878 Deaths, p. 423, No. 183, Francisca Lattuga


Die 23 Junii 1878              

Francisca Lattuga ann.74 filia defuntorumPetri et Cru-
cifixe Papia vidua Bertini Loguasto heri hora 20
obiit. Cuius corpus sepultum fuit in hoc pubco Caemeterio



Day 23 of June1878              

Francesca Lattuga age74 daughter of the late Pietro, and of Cru-
cifissa Papia; widow of Bertino Loguasto, yesterday at hour
she died. Her body was buried in the Public Cemetery.

Francesca Lattuca married Libertino lo Guasto before 1821


Concetta lo Guasto: 17 Sep 1821 - after 1869
(Married Antonio Cimino)
Antonia lo Guasto: 10 Jan 1824 -
Maria Anna lo Guasto: 6 Oct 1826 - 15 Dec 1830
Vincenzo lo Guasto: 10 Dec 1829 - 14 Jan 1857
Salvatore lo Guasto: 28 Feb 1837 - 23 Aug 1838 (Married Serafina Nicosia)
Fedele lo Guasto: 13 Mar 1840 - after 1901


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