Modesto Alessi

Born: 8 February 1795 ~Marianopoli, Caltanisetta, Regnu di Sicilia
Died: 24 September 1837 ~Marianopoli, Caltanisetta, Sicilia

Meaning of Alessi [uh-LACE-ee]: from the Greek, Alex, Alexander


      Civil records of births were not kept before 1820.  Below are the baptismal records of my maternal great-great-grandfather Modesto Alessi, from the Chiesa San Prospero (St. Prosper's Church) in Marianopoli, a few miles north of Serradifalco. 
       The first is the original record No. 51, in Latin, made on the day of his baptism.  That is followed by a transcript made at a later date (probably at the end of the year 1795), also in Latin, saying essentially the same thing. 

From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013681Chiesa San Prospero, 1795 Baptisms, No. 51, Modestus Alessi


From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013681, Chiesa San Prospero,  1795 Baptism Transcripts, P. 54, No. 9, Modestus Alessi


         No. 9    Day 8 February 1795                

   I Priest Don Michele Castiglione Holy Chaplain yoday baptized an infant born today at 20 hours of Michele Angelo Alessi and of Vincenza di Forte, married, to whom was given the name Modesto ~ Godparents were Modesto Vullo and his wife Leonarda.




       This is a church record.  Such records were in Latin, with abbreviations.  The original record is followed by a more legible transcription in Latin, including abbreviations, then by a translation into English.  I have shown hyphenation where necessary, although the original does not use hyphens.  Words I could not understand or translate are shown in red. 

Die 30 Junii 1817

Premissis tribus denunciationibus
tribus diebus festivis nempis die
13* 15* 22: Junii inter missae Paro-
chialis solemnia nullo  detecto
cond: impedimento  desponsatii
Modesto Alessi f: l: et nat Miche-
langeli Alessi et Vincentiae Forti
cu Emmanuela Ferraro f: l: et
natam Angelo Ferraro et Francisca
Alessi jugalibus huius comune inter-
rogavi et habito consensa desponsa-
ti in matrimoni conjunxit de licentia
qui Parochi sui ~ D. Vittorius Fer-
raro   presentibus    Testibus Mro
Francesco Falzone et MroSanto

Day 30 June 1817

Having had three  postings of banns 
on three feast days, namely day
13 . 15. 22: of June in masses in this Par
ish solemnized, having found no
objections to the betrothal of
Modesto Alessi legit. and nat. son of Miche
langelo Alessi and Vincenza Forte
with Emmanuela Ferraro legit. and
natural dghtr of Angelo Ferraro & Francesca
Alessi, married, of this town I asked
and received  their consent, the
couple were joined in matrimony by lice-
nse of this, theirPastor~Don Vittorio Fer-

raro in presence of witnesses Master
Francesco Falzone and Master Santo

From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013681,  Chiesa San Prospero, 1817 Marriages, Page 63, Modesto Alessi and Emmanuela Ferraro 

      Modesto's civil and church death records were both found.  The civil record gives the decedent's name, age, occupation and father, while the church record gives his age and his widow's name.  Death records for this period rarely gave a cause of death.  However, notice that this one states that Modesto was buried in the Public Cemetery 'by law, for fear of Cholera.'  For centuries, burials had been in churchyards inside the towns.  As knowledge of sanitation and epidemics increased, laws were passed that each town must have a "Holy Ground" or cemetery outside the city limits, and that burials could no longer be made in churchyards.



Number forty-two
Year one thousand eight hundred thirty-seven day twenty-five of the month of September        at hour thirteen                                before Us Rosolino

Butera Mayor
           and official of civil records of the town of Marianopoli district of Caltanissetta       Val of Caltanissetta have appeared Pietro di Maria                         age fifty-four                                                 occupation builder                                 subject of the realm living here

Giuseppe Bellavia                age twenty-six    
Sharecropper   subject of the realm living here
                                                                                                             who have

declared that on day
yesterday                  of the month of September        year current                                                                                     has died in the house where he lived Modesto Alessi age forty-two

he was born in Marianopoli                    occupation
Sharecropper                                                    living here
son of the late Michelangelo              occupation ~ ~
here in life                                      and of
 ~ ~                                                                  living in ~ ~

    According to the law we went together with the named witnesses to the side of the deceased, and we have acknowledged his actual death. We have today created this document, we have inscribed it on two registers and have read it to the declarants on the day, month and year as above, and it is signed by Us alone, the witnesses having stated that they don't know how to write.
                                     The Mayor
Rosolino Butera
From Marianopoli Registri Stato Civile Film 138620, 1837 Deaths, No. 42, Modesto Alessi

 Church Death Record

Die vigesima quinta Septembris 1837  Modestus Alessi ann. quadraginta
duorum vir Emmanuele Ferraro he
ri hora tertia noctis in domo sua, et
in C.S.M.E animam repente Deo red-
didit cadaver ejus aqua benedicta asper
sum Capus
Sacte D. Joseph Lodico ad Campus Sanctum delatum juris for-midine morti Choleris ibi tumulatum

['in C.S.M.E.' means 'in Communionem Sancta Mater Ecclesia']

Day twenty-fifth of September 1837 Modesto Alessi age forty-two years, husband of Emmanuela Ferraro.  Yes
terday at the
3rd hour in his home, and
in C.H.M.C. his soul returned to God. His body sprinkled with holy water by Holy Chaplain Don Giuseppe Lodico, by law, for fear of Cholera, he was buried in the Holy Ground (Public Cemetery)--------

['in C.H.M.C.' means 'in Communion with Holy Mother Church']

From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013682, Chiesa San Prospero,  1837 Deaths, No. 42, Modestus Alessi 

Modesto Alessi married Emmanuela Ferraro on 30 June, 1817 in Marianopoli

Known Children
Calogero Alessi: 21 Oct 1818 - 22 Oct 1872
(Married Angela di Giugno)
Prospero Alessi: 1821 - 1901
Rosa Maria Alessi: 1824 -
Giovanni Alessi: 1826 - 1831
Salvatore Alessi: 1831 - 1890
Michelangelo Alessi: 1835 - 1839
Francesca Alessi: 1837 - 1845


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