Emmanuela Ferraro*

Born: 20 December 1802 ~Marianopoli, Caltanisetta, Sicilia 
Died: 15 October 1875 ~Marianopoli, Caltanisetta, Sicilia

Meaning of Ferraro [feh-RRAH-roh]: iron worker, blacksmith, smith


*Her surname was also sometimes given as Ferrara.


      Civil records of births were not kept before 1820.  Below are the 1802 baptismal records of my maternal great-great-grandmother Emmanuela Ferraro, from the Chiesa San Prospero (St. Prosper's Church) in Marianopoli, a few miles north of Serradifalco. 
       The first is the original record No. 289, in Latin, made on the day of her baptism.  That is followed by a transcript made at a later date (probably at the end of the year 1802), also in Latin, saying essentially the same thing.  The birth records of her children state that she was a tessitrice, a weaver.  Her 1875 civil death record states that she was 77 (born about 1798), while her church death record states that she was 68 (born about 1807).  Obviously, both were incorrect, as she was born in 1802 and was actually 74 years and ten months old at her death.


Baptism Records

From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013681, 1802 Baptisms, No. 289, Emanuela Ferrara       


From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013681, Chiesa San Prospero,  1802 Baptism Transcripts, P. 84, No. 20, Emmanuela Ferrara


          No. 20                Day 20 December 1802                

     I Priest Don Giuseppe Maida Holy Chaplain baptized an infant born today of Angelo Ferrara, and of Francesca Alessi, married, to whom was given the name Emmanuela ~ God
father was Leonardo lo Dico




       This is a church record.  Such records were in Latin, with abbreviations.  The original record is followed by a more legible transcription in Latin, including abbreviations, then by a translation into English.  I have shown hyphenation where necessary, although the original does not use hyphens.  Words I could not understand or translate are shown in red. 

Die 30 Junii 1817

    Premissis tribus denunciationibus
tribus diebus festivis nempis die
13* 15* 22: Junii inter missae Paro-
chialis solemnia nullo  detecto
cond: impedimento  desponsatii
Modesto Alessi f: l: et nat Miche-
langeli Alessi et Vincentiae Forti
cu Emmanuela Ferraro f: l: et
natam Angelo Ferraro et Francisca
Alessi jugalibushuius comune inter-
rogavi et habito consensadesponsa-
ti in matrimoni conjunxit de licentia
qui Parochi sui  ~  D. Vittorius Fer-
raro   presentibus    Testibus Mro
Francesco Falzone et MroSanto

Day 30 June 1817

Having had three postings of banns 
on three feast days, namely day
13 . 15. 22: of June in masses in this Parish
solemnized, having found no
objections to the betrothal of
Modesto Alessi legit. and natural son of Michel-
angelo Alessi and Vincenza Forte
with Emmanuela Ferraro legit. & natural dghtr
of Angelo Ferraro and Francesca
Alessi, married, of this town I asked
and received  their consent, the
couple were joined in matrimony by lice-
nse of this, theirPastor~Don Vittorio Fer-

raro in presence of witnesses Master
Francesco Falzone and Master Santo


From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013681,  Chiesa San Prospero, 1817 Marriages, Page 63, Modesto Alessi and Emmanuela Ferraro 


From Marianopoli Registri Stato Civile Film 1963803, 1875 Deaths, No. 94, Emmanuela Ferraro     



Number Ninety-four

~ * ~

Emmanuela Ferraro

   In the year one thousand eight hundred seventy-five  on day fifteen  of October  at hour six p.m. and minutes ____
   Before me Michele Falcone Town Secretary delegated by act of the Mayor on thr irst day of September one thosand eight hundred seventy-one, duly approved
Official of Civil Records of the community of
Marianopoli _____ have appeared Salvatore Leone son of the late Lorenzo, age forty-two,farmer, living in Marianopoli, and Giuseppe Andaloro son of the late Michele,  age thirty-one, Sharecropper,  living in Marianopoli,,  who have declared to me that at the hour five p. m. and minutes thirty of this very day, in the house located at Via Papa at number none has died Emmanuela Ferraro age seventy-seven, weaver, living in Marianopoli,, born in Marianopoli,, daughter of the late Angelo, ___ , who resided in Marianopoli when living, and of the late  Francesca Alessi, ________, who lived in Marianopoli,. [Emmanuela Ferraro was]married to Matteo di Francesco
   At this certification have been present the witnesses Salvatore Grutta d'Auria son of the late Filippo, age thirty-two, farmer, and Francesco Auria son of Gregorio age twenty-five, farmer, both residing in this Town.  The pre-sent record was read to all those assembled, and they have declared they are illiterate
                      The Town Secretary
                                 (Signed by) Michele Falcone

Church Death Record

From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013682,  1875 Deaths, Page 15, No. 96, Emmanuela Ferraro             

N 96                      Die 15 Octobris 1875                  
Emmanuela Ferraro filia defunctorum Angeli et Franciscae
Alessi olim jug huius, uxor Matthei di Francesco ~ an 68, hodie
                hora 19 in domo propria et omnibus Sacramentis munita, obiit ~

    N o.96                      Day 15  of October 1875                  
Emmanuela Ferraro daughter of the late Angelo, and of Francesca
Alessi, a late married couple of this town, wife of Matteo di Francesco ~ age 68, today
at hour 19 in her own house and  armed with all the Sacraments, she died~


Emmanuela Ferraro married Modesto Alessi on 30 June, 1817 in Marianopoli

Known Children
Calogero Alessi: 21 Oct 1818 - 22 Oct 1872
(Married Rosa Giampapa and Angela di Giugno)
Prospero Alessi: 1821 - 1901
Rosa Maria Alessi: 1824 -
Giovanni Alessi: 1826 - 1831
Salvatore Alessi: 1831 - 1890
Michelangelo Alessi: 1835 - 1839
Francesca Alessi: 1837 - 1845

The widowed Emmanuela Ferraro married Matteo Difrancesco on 22 November 1851 in Marianopoli


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