Emma Belkin Feingold
Tyler Sterrett

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Lauren Parr and Emma ~ July 2004

Lauren at bat

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Emma ~ 2005


Kylie Knee and Emma at their High School Graduation ~ 2007  
(Click on photo for newspaper article.)

da Bear!


Emma and Tyler Sterrett

Emma receiving the award for Outstanding Junior Athletic Training Student at the U. of Indianapolis ~ 2012

Emma and Tyler, engaged October 2012


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2 3 the persons in a row are siblings and first cousins, the others are Second Cousins 4

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Guy Lisa Guy Greg Mike Jeremy Heidi Steve Karen Jeff Kimberly Kelly Ellen          
Ray Adrienne Ray Bob Becky Amanda Zachary                      
Phil Jeff Julia Lauren Rachel Sarah Greg                      
Millie Sam Megan Ivan
Connie Ben Jordan Emma .Tara. Adrienne Nicholas Adam Natasha Andrew Aaron Amanda David Hailey Savannah Alessi Kylie Shirley
Mary The Tirannos: Phil   Sam   Chris Francesca Gabrielle DJ Tim Bailey
Tony Tommy





















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