the descendants of

Gaetano Coniglio (April 26, 1889 ~ July 4, 1944)
Rosa Alessi Coniglio (September 9, 1893 ~ February 19, 1972)

Note to the wonderful Coniglio "Outlaws":
 This list shows Coniglio Descendants under their "Coniglio" parent's name,
with the other parent's name shown next to the individual.

~ 1982 photos ~
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Back: Connie, Phil, Millie, Mary
Front: Guy, Ange. Tony, Ray
Al Volo, Mary Modica Coniglio, Marion Cappellano Coniglio,
Betty Hinton Coniglio, Frank Sowa Sr.
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                                 GENERATION 2    
                                                     GENERATION 3     
                                                                            GENERATION 4
Gaetano Vincenzo Coniglio 12/21/1913
                                 Guy Coniglio III 8/23/1936 (Mary Modica)
                                                     Lisa Coniglio Hiltebeitel 11/14/1964 (Jackie Beck)
                                                                            Helen Marie Hiltebeitel 11/14/1994 (Nathan Hiltebeitel)
                                                                            Julia Michelle Hiltebeitel 6/23/1998 (Nathan Hiltebeitel)
                                                     Guy Coniglio IV 8/27/1966 (Jackie Beck)
                                 Ronald Carl Coniglio 5/13/1938 (Mary Modica)
                                                     Gregory Coniglio 6/14/1971 (Marilyn Fisher)
                                                                             Eala Florence Coniglio 5/12/2010 (Melissa Mance)
                                                     Michael Coniglio 8/23/1975 (Marilyn Fisher)
                                                                             Ryan Scott Coniglio 4/8/2008~4/8/2008 (Kimberly Davis)
                                                                             Gia Lauren Coniglio 9/6/2010 (Kimberly Davis)
                                 Rosemary Coniglio Childs 12/26/1941(Mary Modica)
                                                     Jeremy Childs 1/15/1979 (Wilbur Childs)
                                                     Heidi Childs 10/12/1982 (Wilbur Childs)
                                 Joan Josephine Coniglio Ketterer10/19/1944 (Mary Modica)
                                                     Stephen Ketterer 1/28/1966  (Bill Ketterer)
                                                     Karen Ketterer Costello 1/19/1968  (Bill Ketterer)
                                                                             Hannah Rose Costello 4/26/2005  (David Costello)
                                                                             Nicholas David Costello  8/1/2008   (David Costello)
                                                    Jeffrey Ketterer 3/18/1969  (Bill Ketterer)
                                                                             Alyssa Ketterer 5/27/1996 (Valerie Costello)
                                                                             Liana Ketterer 4/25/2001 (Valerie Costello)
                                                     Kimberly Ketterer Sedita 8/31/1972 (Bill Ketterer)
                                                                             Hope Marie Sedita 12/31/2004 (Jim Sedita)
                                                                             Richard William Sedita  1/24/2009  (Jim Sedita)
                                                                             Josie Faith Sedita  8/6/2012  (Jim Sedita)
                                                     Kelly Ketterer10/10/1975  (Bill Ketterer)
                                 Carole Coniglio Pedrick 12/25/1945 (Mary Modica)
                                 Brian Richard Coniglio 7/5/1959 (Mary Modica)
             Leonardo Coniglio 1/12/1916
Raimondo Angelo Coniglio 5/23/1918
                                  Raymond Guy Coniglio12/16/1942 (Marion Cappellano)
                                                      Adrienne Sirianni 9/7/1967 (Private)
                                                                   Raymond Guy Coniglio Jr. 4/26/1968 (Kathleen Stoj)
                                                                              Sarah Jane Coniglio 3/21/2007 (Kelly Campesi)
                                                                              Andrew Raymond Coniglio 12/22/2008 (Kelly Campesi)
                                                      Robert Coniglio 5/30/1969 (Kathleen Stoj)
                                                                                            Haley Jee Coniglio 11/29/1999 (Mindy Lamancuso)
                                                                                            Ryan James Coniglio 7/15/2003 (Mindy Lamancuso)
                                                                    Rebecca Coniglio Scherrer 2/5/1973 (Kathleen Stoj)
                                                                                            Catherine Nancy Scherrer 2/14/2003  (Marc Scherrer)
                                                                                            Margaret K. Scherrer 1/24/2004 (Marc Scherrer)
                                               Ronald Andrew Coniglio 2/7/1951  (Marion Cappellano)
                                                        Amanda Jill Skinner 6/29/1991 (Debbi Winer)
                                                        Zachary Michael Skinner 9/12/1993 (Debbi Winer)
Felice Salvatore Coniglio 12/26/1920
                                 John Coniglio 6/24/1955 (Betty Jean Hinton)
                                                       Jeffrey Coniglio 1/2/1985 (Paula Gillies)
                                                                                Thomas Angelo Coniglio 4/24/2012 (Mackenzie Lee)
                                                       Julia Coniglio 11/1/1987 (Paula Gillies)
                                 Jean Coniglio Silvestro 10/24/1956 (Betty Jean Hinton)
                                                       Lauren Michelle Silvestro 9/24/1990 (Ray Silvestro)
                                                       Rachel Rose Silvestro 4/14/1992 (Ray Silvestro)
                                 JoAnn Coniglio Lang 5/20/1958 (Betty Jean Hinton)
                                                       Sarah Elizabeth Lang 9/3/1988 (Bill Lang)
                                                       Gregory Michael Lang 9/24/1990 (Bill Lang)
Carmela Coniglio Volo 5/27/1923
                                 Alfred Michael Volo 2/21/1947 (Alfonso Volo)
                                                       Samuel Volo 10/12/1982 (Sue Cohen)
                                                                    Megan Volo 4/8/1985 (Sue Cohen)
                                 Michael Guy Volo 3/26/1952 (Alfonso Volo)
                                                       Ivan Volo 3/2/1972  (Debbie Reinhardt)
Concetta Coniglio Miller 8/24/1925
                                 Jacquelyn Miller Knight Feingold 8/21/1951 (Don Miller)
                                                       Benjamin Keith Knight 6/11/1976 (John Knight)
                                                                              Kenzi Learnard 4/2/1998 ( ) 
                                                                              Gianna Rae Knight 6/15/2004 (Rollyn Shane Price) 
                                                                              Hayden Nicholas Knight 5/31/2008
(Rollyn Shane Price)
                                                       Jordan Walter Knight 12/28/1980 (John Knight)
Lidia Marie Knight 6/27/2012 (Barbie Quick) 
                                                       Emma Belkin Feingold 4/5/1989 (Jerry Feingold)
                                                                              Henry Tyler Sterrett 7/9/2018 (Tyler Sterrett)
                                 Michele Miller Steht 8/7/1953  (Don Miller)
                                                       Tara Renee Steht Wright 6/7/1972 (Steve Steht)
                                                                              Morgan Michele Wright 2/25/1997 (Clint Wright)
                                                                              Garett Alexander Wright 10/10/2000 (Clint Wright)
                                                       Adrienne Claire Steht 7/12/1978 -7/12/1978 (Steve Steht)
                                                       Nicholas Adam Steht 8/9/1979 (Steve Steht)
                                                                               Aiden Christoffer Steht 9/14/2006 (Marianne Ruud)
                                                                               Zander Matthew Steht 6/2/2009 (Marianne Ruud)
                                                       Adam Michael Steht 5/24/1982 (Steve Steht)
                                                                               Lucy Joy Steht 7/16/2014  (Katherine Gadell)
                                                                               Gwendolyn Mary Steht 2/8/2017  (Katherine Gadell)
                                 Andrew Guy Miller 9/23/1955  (Don Miller)
                                                                    Natasha Lynn Miller 2/19/1977 (Debbie Lucas)
                                                                               Raven Anne Robinson 9/1/1997
                                                                                             Keith Andrew Pattersonn 8/2/2001 (Keith Pattersonn)
                                                       Andrew James Miller 2/4/1978 (Debbie Lucas)
                                                                    Aaron Guy Miller 5/7/1979 (Debbie Lucas)
                                                                                Alyvia Concetta Miller  7/17/2008  (Ann)
                                 Matthew Miller11/2/1961 (Don Miller)
                                                       Amanda Marie Rohl 8/28/1982 (Jenny Brown)
                                                                                Ashton Shadows White 1/8/2003 (White)
                                                                                Sylas Danger Rohl 1/12/2010(Rohl)
                                                       David Wieland 6/1/1984  (Private)
                                                                                Leo Alexander Weiland 12/10/2017 (Candace Lewis)
                                                                                Sutton Sinclair Weiland 12/10/2017 (Candace Lewis)
                                                       Hailey Anne Miller 1/17/1986 (Tina Lamperelli)
                                                                                Kaylin Hedges 8/19/2007 (Jeffrey Hedges)
                                                                                Emalyn Rayne Hedges 11/18/2010 (Jeffrey Hedges)
                                                       Savannah Lee Miller 8/5/1987 (Tina Lamperelli)
Donaven Anthony Wilson-Miller 1/25/2005 (Wilson)
Jaiden Ward (4/13/2007) (Vernon Ward)
Carson Ward (4/3/2009) (Vernon Ward)
Paislee Ward (2013) (Vernon Ward)
                                                       Alessi Jacqueline Miller 2/13/1991(Dana Arbuckle)
                                                       Kylie Valentine Miller 2/24/1999  (Dana Arbuckle)
                                 Roseann Miller 5/30/1963  (Don Miller)
                                                       Shirley Miller 8/26/1986
Maria Coniglio Denisco Sowa 8/24/1925
                                 Dennis Guy Denisco 10/10/1951 (Fiore Denisco)
                                 Denise Marie Denisco Tiranno 8/6/1956 (Fiore Denisco)
                                                                     Phillip Samuel Tiranno 4/18/1980  (Sam Tiranno)
                                                       Samuel Francis Tiranno 3/25/1982 (Sam Tiranno)
                                                                                      Samantha Rosa Tiranno 6/30/2010 (Stacey Stachera)
                                                                                      Tessa Noelle Tiranno 6/6/2012 (Stacey Stachera)
                                                                                      Arya Tiranno 10/28/2015
                                                        Christopher Michael Tiranno 3/31/1986 (Sam Tiranno)
                                 Dean Denisco 5/27/1959 - 5/27/1959  (Fiore Denisco)
                                 Frank Joseph Sowa Jr. 8/27/1964  (Frank Sowa)
                                                        Francesca Marie Sowa 4/14/1995 (Dawn Scinta)
                                                        Gabrielle Angela Sowa 1/27/1997 (Dawn Scinta)
                                 Maria Sowa Valint 9/4/1965 (Frank Sowa)
                                                        Daniel Joseph Valint Jr. 10/16/1990 (Dan Valint)
                                                        Timothy Francis Valint 10/27/1993   (Dan Valint)
                                                        Bailey Orion Valint 8/22/1998  (Dan Valint)
Antonio Frank Coniglio 6/3/1927
                                 Anthony Francis Coniglio Jr. 10/21/1960 (Frances Knickerbocker)
                                 Thomas Harold Coniglio  2/11/1963  (Frances Knickerbocker)
                                                        Thomas Anthony Coniglio  8/14/1997 (Doris Yost)
Giuseppe Coniglio 6/14/1932
Angelo Felice Coniglio 8/21/1936
                                 Angelo Raymond Coniglio 8/9/1962 (Angie Bongiovanni)
                                 Angela Yvonne Coniglio 1/7/1966  (Angie Bongiovanni)


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