Carole Patricia Coniglio


Fine Arts Palace
Mexico City


A Rose by Any Other Name

The Women of Meghwal

Bridge of Sighs


Girl from Sierra Leone


Carole, Joan and Rosemary ~ 1947

Carole and Joan ~ 1946

Joan, Rosemary and Carole~ 1947


Carole, Mary and Guy
Carole received her B.S. in Business Administration from Empire State College ~ 1991


Carole & Lee Pedrick's wedding ~ 1994


Mary and Carole

Mary and Guy


Lee and Carole ~ 2004


Carole and Lee by the Niagara River, 2005


December 2011

Spring 2012


Carole's paintings of scenes captured by family when they were in Sicily.

The beach at Cefal, Sicily
 from uncle Ange's photo.

Via Migliore No. 10, Serradifalco,
her grandfather's birthplace.





2 (First Cousins) 3 4 5

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Gaetano & Rosina

Guy Guy Jr. Ron Ro Joan Carole Brian


Ray Ray Jr. Ronald        
Phil John Jean JoAnn      
Millie Al Michael        
Connie Jackie Shelly Andy Matt Roseann  
Mary Dennis Denise Frank Maria    
Tony Tony Jr. Tom        
Ange Angelo Angela        




























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