Onofria Porto

Married to Antonino Butera: 16 September 1759 ~Serradifalco, Caltanissetta, Kingdom of Sicily  

Died: 9 March 1817 ~ Serradifalco, Caltanissetta, Kingdom of The Two Sicilies

Meaning of Porto: Gate, door, or port


        No birth or baptism records have been found for my paternal great-great-great-grandmother Onofria Porto.  On the baptismal records of her children and on her death record, her birth surname is not given, however her marriage record identifies her as Onofria Porto.  Her age is given as 65 on her 1817 death record.  This would indicate that she was born in about 1752; however, since her marriage date is known to be 1759, her age on the death record must be considered only roughly approximated by her survivors.  Her husband Antonio Butera's surname was sometimes also given as Botera.



Matrimonii (Marriages)



domi 1759 die 16 7bris denunciatibus premissis
 tribus diebus festivis continuis quarum prima habita
 fuit die 2: secundus die 8: et ultimo die 9
 eodeme, nulloque sine legitimo sine Canonico detecto im
 pedimento Ego d: Joseph Guadagnino V:C: hieri in
 Serrafalci Antoninum Butera f: l: et N: qnd Petri et
 viventis Leonarda Butera jugalibus huius predicta Terae
 et Honufriam Porto f: l: et N. qnd Angeli et viventis Carm
 ine Porto olim jugalibus huius
Terae in hoc Matrici
 Ecclesia interrogavi, eorum
habito mutuo consenzus ~
 in faciem Ecclesiae solemnis per verba ~ ~ ~ ma
 trimonio conjunxi presentibus testibus mihi notis
 Mr Carolo Anuara et Mario Anuara et possea benedixi
From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1759 Mariages, Page 8, Antoninum Butera and Honuphria Porto 


of our lord 1759 day 16 September -Banns published
 three consecutive feast days where the first
 was on the 2nd: the second was on the 8th: and the last on the 9th
 same month, neither legal nor Canonical objection was
 heard.  I Don Giuseppe Guadagnino conjoined yesterday in
 Serradifalco Antonino Butera legitimate and natural son of the late Pietro 
the living Leonarda Butera, once married, of this Land
 and Onofria Porto legitimate and natural daughter of the late Angelo and
 living Carmela Porto, once married, of this Land   In Holy Mother
 Church I asked for their mutual consent ~
 before the Church by their solemn word ~ ~ ~ they were joined in 
 matrimony in the presence of witnesses acknowledged by me:
 Master Carlo Anuara and Mario Anuara. May they be blessed.



Butera| Die 9-Martii 1817-
Onufria uxor qm Antonini etatis
sue an-65- ~ Ecca Sacramentis
munita reddidit animam Deo, cuius
corpus fuit a me Sac D, Leonar-dum Rizzo Cap. delatatum in Or
arium Animarum Purgatorium
ibique seputorum
Butera| Day 9-March 1817-
Onofria wife of the late Antonino her age-65- ~ Strengthened by the Church's Sacraments returned her soul to God, her body was taken by me Priest Don Leonardo Rizzo Chaplain, with prayers for the souls in Puragtory and buried here

Antonino Butera married Onofria Porto on 16 September, 1759 in Serradifalco

Known Children

Calogero Butera: before Jul 1771* ~
Francesco Butera: before Jul 1771* ~
Giuseppa Maria Butera: 13 Sep 1776 ~ 
(Married Luciano Messina) [ancestors of Angelo Felice Coniglio]
Diega Butera: abt 1777 ~ 22 Jul 1857
(Married Giuseppe Palmeri) [ancestors of Thomas Palmeri, and Josie & San Cardullo]
Margherita Leonarda Filippa Butera: 1 May 1780 - ~
Anna Caterina Butera: 1 Jan 1783 - ~
Concetta Butera: ~ - abt Oct 1803

       * Only the July 1771 confirmation records were found for Calogero and Francesco.

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