Francesca Alessi

Born: about 1777 ~Villalba, Caltanisetta, Sicilia? 
Died: 7 January 1834 ~Marianopoli, Caltanisetta, Sicilia

Meaning of Alessi [uh-LACE-ee]: from the Greek, Alex, Alexander


      Civil birth records were not made in Sicily before 1820, and no church baptism record has been found for my GGG-grandmother Francesca Alessi.  Her birth year is estimated from her age given on her civil death record, and the birth records of her children.  I have not found the record of her marriage to Angelo Ferraro, however the record of his second marriage names him as her widower.
        Her civil death record states that she died at twenty-one hours on 7 January 1834, and her church death record made on 8 January states that her death was at hour twenty of the previous night.
       Her occupation is given as filandiera, a spinner of thread, and her birthplace is given as Villalba.  However, I visited Villalba in 2006
(click here), and viewed their excellent civil records, and evidently Francesca Alessi was not born there, but may have lived there at one time.





Number first
Year one thousand eight hundred thirty-four, day seven of the month of

at hour twenty-two        before Us Salvadore Ferraro
Elected Assistant to the Mayor

         and Official of the Public Record of the Town of
district of
Caltanissetta  Val of Caltanissetta have appeared Felice di Marco                                      age fifty occupation Sharecropper                      subject of the realm, living here

and Don Giuseppe Schillaci                        age sixty-two occupation civil servant,  subject of the realm, living here
                                                                                    who have declared, that on day today of the month of
year current ___ at hour
twenty-one                         has died in the house where she lived, Francesca Alessi, age fifty-six


she was born in Villalba, occupation Spinner of thread _______     lived
daughter of Arcangelo                            occupation                                  residing in
                                                            and of                                                                          who resided in

      According to the law
we went together with the named witnesses to
the side of the deceased, and we have acknowledged his actual death. We have today created this document, we have inscribed it on two registers
have read it to the declarants on the day, month and year as above, and
it is signed by Us
and the Witness Schillaci, the others having
declared that they don't know how to write

                                                     Elected Assistant toThe Mayor
                                    [Signed] Salvadore Ferraro
Schillaci Witness



From Marianopoli Registri Stato Civile Film 1438621, 1862 Deaths, No. 44, Angelo Ferraro        

This translation is factually correct.  To conserve space, it is not a strict literal translation.       


Church Death Record

Die Octava Januarii
Millesimi octiacentisimi Tri-
gesemi quarti  =  1834 .

Francisca Alessi annorum quin-
quaginta sex uxor Angeli Ferraro
uius Communi confessa Sac Parochi
Carmelo lo Porto, ssmo Eucharisti
Sacramento munita, Sanctis olei
unctione roborata heri hora vig-
esima per me in domo sua, et in

C. S. M. Eccbsiac anima Deo red-
idit cadaver es cuius delatum


ad hanc Ecclesiam matrice toto
clerae post horas viginti quatuor
tumulatum fuit in forea huius
predictae Ecclesiae ------

From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013682,  1834 Deaths, Pages 243-244, Francisca Alessi 

Day Eighth of January
One thousand eight hundred thir-
ty-four =  1834 .

Francesca Alessi age fif-
ty-six wife of Angelo Ferraro
of this Town
confessed by the Priest of the Parish
Carmelo lo Porto, by the Holy Eucharistic

Sacrament fortified, by the Holy oil
anointed and strengthened yesterday at hour twen-
ty by me in her home, and in

C. S. M. of the Church her soul to God was
returned.  Her body
was transferred


to this Mother Church
and by the priests, after twenty-four hours,
was buried outside
the aforesaid Church ------


Francesca Alessi married Angelo Ferraro

Known Children
Lucia Maria Ferraro: 14 December 1794 - ?
Mariano Ferraro: 18 April 1797 ~ 1851-1856
(Married Calogera Andaloro, ancestors of Elizabeth Enserro)
Calogero Ferraro: December 1799 - ?
Emmanuela Ferraro: 20 Dec 1802 - 15 Oct 1875
(Married Modesto Alessi, ancestors of Angelo Felice Coniglio)
Antonia Ferraro: 5 December 1805 - ? (Married Prospero Lo Vullo)
Giuseppe Ferraro: about 1815 - ?
(Married Carmela Romano)
Agostina Ferraro: about 1818 - ?
(Married Calogero Giglio)
Maria Carmela Ferraro: 3 November 1821 - ?

As a widower, Angelo Ferraro married Crocifissa
Agr on 2 June 1838 in Marianopoli


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