Arcangela in di Forte

Born: ? 
Died: before 1790 ~ Marianopoli, Caltanisseta, Regnu di Sicilia?

Meaning of di Forte [dee-FOUR-tay]: (son of) the strong


      No primary records of my fourth-great-grandmother Arcangela's birth have been found, but I know her first name from the 1790 marriage record of her daughter Vincenza di Forte, which shows that Arcangela had died before 1790.  Arcangela's surname is not known, so her name is shown here in the Italian style as Arcangela in di Forte, meaning her husband's surname was di Forte. 

Matrimonii (Marriages)

       This is a church record.  Such records were ostensibly in Latin, but here, some Italian is mixed in.  For example, "fu" is Italian for "the late", while the correct Latin would be "defuncta".  There are also many Latin abbreviations.  The original record is followed by a more legible transcription in Latin, including abbreviations, then by a lengthier Latin transcription with abbreviations expanded, and finally by a translation into English.  I have shown hyphenation where necessary, although the original does not use hyphens.  Words I could not understand or translate are shown in red.  The "informed consent" referred to was given by the parents of the bride for her to be married.

Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013681Chiesa San Prospero, 1790 Marriages, No. 46, Michelangelo Alessi and Vincenza Di Forte
   46               Die Decimanona Januarii AD 1790
initis et firmatis sponsalibus inter Michelangelo, filius legitimus et naturalis di Calogero et Grazia Alessi jugalibus huius ville, sponsum parte ex una, et Vincenza di Forte, filia legitimus et naturalis di Giovanni et Arcangela di Forte jugalibus huius ville itante consensa prescito corae Reverendo Cappellano Sacris, duorum sponsum et sponsa, ac denuncianonibus premisis tribus continuis diebus festivis, de precepto ultima 7 Nonebris, 14, 21 nulloque legitimo impedimento detecto, ego Sacerdos Don Damasus Pupillo Cappellanus Sacris eiusdem ville, de licentia Remi Archvis docvis Don Dominici Aloysi Prono apostolici parochi, in capite dicte Marianopolis in matrimonio consensa abito presentibus pro testibus magister Antoninus Judici, et Petrus Agro, ac in celebratione missa eus benedixi.
                                   Day Nineteenth of January 1790 AD
Commencing and confirming the marriage between Michelangelo, one of the betrothed, legitimate and natural son of Calogero and Grazia Alessi, a married couple of this town; to Vincenza di Forte, legitimate and natural daughter of Giovanni and Anna di Forte, a married couple of this town, who gave informed consent before the Reverend Holy Chaplain.   The two, bride and groom, announced the marriage banns in advance on three successive feast days, the first on last November 7th, and on the 14th and 21st  No lawful impediment to the marriage was detected I Priest Don Tommaso Pupillo, Chaplain of the town, with the permission of Remi Archvis docvis Don Domenico Luigi Prono , Apostolic pastor in charge of Marianopoli, have presented as witnesses Master Antonio Giudice and Pietro Agro, and in celebrating the mass I blessed the betrothed.

Arcangela  married Giovanni di Forte

Known Children
Vincenza di Forte: between 1776 and 1784 - after 1817
(Married Michelangelo Alessi)

Andrea di Forte
(Married Giuseppa Iacuzzo)

Antonina di Forte
(Married Vincenzo Lodico)
ancestors of Libby Butera, Leonard Baglia, and Sandra Fiorella


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