Arcangela in di Forte

Born: ? 
Died: before 1790 ~ Marianopoli, Caltanisseta, Sicilia?

Meaning of di Forte [dee-FOUR-tay]: (daughter of) the strong


        No primary records of my fourth-great-grandmother Arcangela's birth have been found, but I know her first name from the 1790 marriage record of her daughter Vincenza di Forte, which shows that Arcangela had died before 1790.  Arcangela's surname is not known, so her name is shown here in the Italian style as Arcangela in di Forte, meaning her husband's surname was di Forte. 


 Arcangela  married Giovanni di Forte

Known Children
Vincenza di Forte: between 1776 and 1784 - after 1817
(Married Michelangelo Alessi)


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Gaetano & Rosina


















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