Antonio Cimino

Born: about 1750 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Sicilia??

Married to Anna dell'Aria: 11 September 1774 ~Serradifalco, Caltanissetta, Kingdom of Sicily

Died: before January 1824 ??

Meaning of Cimino [chee-MEEN-oh]: small peak or ridge; point


        Civil birth records weren't made in Sicily before 1820.  Church baptism records are missing for 1743 - 1756.  Antonio's birth year is estimated from the date of his marriage and the dates of the baptisms of his children.   
        Antonio was born during the reign of
Carlo V (Charles V) King of Spain and All its Holdings, who also ruled the Kingdom of Sicily (Il Regno di Sicilia, or simply Il Regno).   Antonio was not an Italian, because no nation called Italy existed at the time of his birth, nor at his death.  He was probably born in Serradifalco and he died in the same town, by then a part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (I Due Sicilie), ruled by Carlo's son Ferdinando I.  Antonio Cimino was a Sicilian.


From Matrimonii Ecclesiastici (Canonical [church] marriage records)

       To understand my paternal gggg-grandfather Antonio Cimino's church marriage record, in Latin, several documents are required.  The first is the multi-year index of marriages for  Serradifalco's Chiesa Madre for the years 1756 through 1859, which is tabulated roughly alphabetically by the first letter of the groom's first name, Antonio.  The Chiesa Madre, the "Mother" or Main Church in those years was the Chiesa San Francesco.  Note that the bride's surname is given as dell'Aria, a variation of the original, dell'Aiera.

A portion of the index:








Antonius Cimino et An-
na dell'Aria----------- f 72

"Antonio Cimino & An-
na dell'Aria----------- page 72"


       The page with the actual record is folded over, and the date of the marriage is not legible.  But the last record on the previous page, and the record following Antonio and Anna's, each gives the date as 11 September 1774.

Previous page:










Anno dom 1774 die 11 7bris

"1774 AD day 11 of September"


The page is folded over at the left.  Extrapolated portions of the record are in red.

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici Film 2013010,
1774 Marriages, Antonio Cimino and Anna dell'Aria

  Anno dom 1774 die 11 7bris premiss denunciato tribus festibus con
tinuus die 24; 28
Augusti; et 4 7bris, nulloque dioca impedimento, Ego
Sac. Antoninus
Arnone ex Parochi licentia Antonium Cimino
filius legitim
us et nat  Petri, et Gratiae jug huius Terrae; et Anna
a - - fil: leg et nat Raphaelis et Rosae jug huius Terrae
- - - hoc Francesci Ecclesia interrogavi eorum et Parentis habito con-
- - - cor testibus d: Michaele Cimino, et d: Felice Giardina
- - - - - benedixi: - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - Ann Dom 1774, 11 Septbris                                   

  Year 1774 AD day 11 of September announced at Mass three con-
secutive feast days 24; 28
of August; and 4 of September, with no objection, I Priest Antonino Arnone with Parochial permission: Antonio Cimino,
son, legitim
ate & natural of Pietro & Grazia, a couple from this Place; & Anna
a - - daughter: legit & nat of Raffaele & Rosa, a couple from this Place
- - - here in the Church of S. Francesco I asked them and their Parents and - - -
- - - before
witnesses Don Michele Cimino and Don Felice Giardina
- - - - - I blessed them: - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - 1774 AD, 11 September                                        


Antonio Cimino married Anna dell'Aria on 11 Sep 1774 in Serradifalco


Pietro Vincenzo Cimino: 18 Dec 1775 - 15 Jan 1824
(Married Giuseppa lo Vecchio)
Vincenza Concetta Cimino: 14 Jan 1778 -
Giuseppe Biagio Pietro Cimino: 5 Nov 1779 -
Raffaele Cimino: abt 1788 - aft 1825 (Married Maristella Tabone)



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