Anna Maria in Messina

Born: Unknown

between 1787 and 1832

Meaning of Messina [meh-SEEN-uh]: the Sicilian city, Messina


        I have not found any records of baptism, marriage or death for my great-great-great-grandmother  Anna Maria, but I know her given name from the baptism, confirmation marriage, and death records of her offspring.  Her death was after the 1787 marriage of her son Luciano Messina and before the 1832 death of her daughter Francesca Messina.  Her name is given on the records of her son Luciano Messina as Anna on his baptism record, Maria on his confirmation record, as Anna Maria on his marriage record, and as Anna on his death record.  These early records don't give Anna Maria's birth surname.  A married woman would be called "in" her husband's surname, hence Anna Maria in Messina.


Anna Maria married Leonardo Messina

Known Children

Luciano Messina: 17 Feb 1759 - 28 Dec 1824  (Married Maria Butera)
Francesca Messina: abt 1762 - 2 Jan 1832
(Married Santo Mancione)
Ignazia Messina: abt 1782 - 18 Jul 1832
(Married Angelo Cordaro)


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