Luigi Saetta

about 1771
9 February 1824. Serradifalco, Caltanissetta, Sicilia

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        I have not found any record of baptism for my great-great-great-grandfather Luigi Saetta, but I know his name and approximate birth year, and the names of his parents, from his marriage and death records.  On his canonical (church) death record, his name is given in Latin, as Aloysius




Number thirty-four
Year eighteen hundred twenty four ~ day
ten of the month of February
               at hour
eight AM  __________ before Us Filippo Lombardo
First Vice-Mayor and official of civil records of the Town of Serradifalco district of Caltanissetta Val of Caltanissetta have appeared Salvadore
Marino __________ age twenty-four  __________, occupation
_______ subject of the realm, living in Serradifalco at Strada Mintina number twenty-seven _____
and Leonardo di Piazza age thirty-two, ____________
occupation Farmer, subject of the realm, living here at Strada Vir-
ciglio number eighteen
_______________________________who have declared that on day nine of the month of February ~
year current, at hour eight AM ______________________has died in
his own house Luigi Saetta, age fifty-three
[b. about 1803], husband
of the late
Leonarda Prizzi
~ he was born in Serradifalco, occupation Sharecropper __________________ he lived here
son of the late Nicol
  ____ of occupation Sharecropper ___
                                      residing here in life ___________  and of the late Leonarda in Saetta ____ residing here in life _____________
    According to the law we went together with the named
to the side of the deceased, and we have acknowledged his
death. We have today created this document, which
we have
inscribed on the two registers, and have read it to the decla-
rants on
the day, month and year as above, and it is signed by us

  alone, the declarants being illiter-
  ate as they have stated

Filippo Lombardo
From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1466473, 1824 Deaths, No. 34, Luigi Saetta

Church Death Record

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1824 Deaths, Aloysius Saetta    

Saetta/ Die 10: Februarii: 1824         
Aloysius Saetta vir qm Leonardae etatis suae ann: 53: Ss omni-
. .  Ecclesiae Sacramentis refectus obiit: cuius corpus fuit p
me Sactus Petram Arnone Capm Sacum delatum ad Ecclesiam
. . m Rosarii ibique sepultum.
Saetta/ Day 10 of February 1824         
Luigi Saetta husband of the late Leonarda, his age 53 years: . . .
. . refreshed
by all the Sacraments
of the Church, he died. His body was by me, Priest Pietro Arnone Holy Chaplain, Taken to the Church
[of the] Rosary.  There he was buried.

 Luigi Saetta married Leonarda Prizzi

Known Children

Stanislao Saetta: abt 1794 - 24 Jan 1877 (Married Gaetana Polizzi)
Salvatore Saetta: abt 1799 - 25 Nov 1869 (Married Vincenza di Francesco)
Maria Saetta: abt 1801 - 14 Jul 1841
Angela Saetta: abt 1804 - 10 Sep 1849 (Married Onofrio Vella)
Rosa Saetta: abt 1808 - 16 Sep 1877 (Married Giuseppe Abate)
Leonarda Saetta: abt 1813 - 20 May 1839 (Married Pietro Lombardo)


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