Nicolo Saetta (Saitta)

.Born: about 1740
Married: 26 November 1763
, Serradifalco, Caltanissetta, Regnu di Sicilia
30 September 1798, Serradifalco, Caltanissetta, Regnu di Sicilia

Meaning of Saetta [sigh-ATE-tuh]: arrow

        I have not found any record of baptism for my great-great-great-great-grandfather Nicoḷ Saetta, but I know his name and approximate birth year, and the names of his parents, from his church marriage and death record, and the records of his children.  On his canonical (church) records, his name is given in Latin, as Nicolaus


       My paternal gggg-grandfather Nicoḷ's marriage record, in Latin, is difficult to read.  The names are confirmed in the index to the early Serradifalco marriage records  (right), which reads 'Nicolas Sajetta cu Leonda Migliore f 27" meaning "Nicoḷ Saitta with Leonarda Migliore, Page 27"

From Matrimonii Ecclesiastici (Canonical [church] marriage records)

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici Film 2013010
1763 Marriages, page 27, Nicolaus Saitta et Leonarda Migliore

Anno domi 1763 die 26: Novembris tribus diebus
Year of Our Lord 1763 day 26 November banns posted three continuous
    Feast days

Church Death Record

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1798 Deaths, Page 73, Nicolaus Saetta

Saetta/          Die 30 7bris 1798
                 Nicolaus Fs: Aloysii et
 Leonarda ani 51 cirr obiit diem

cuius cadaver sepul-
 tum fuit in Ec. S. Franciscus Sote
 Sac. D. Josepho Volpe      
Saetta/         Day 30 September 1798
̣ son of: Luigi and
Leonarda,age about 51 years died on the day

written above, whose body was
buried in the Church of San Francesco -
Priest Don Giuseppe Volpe      

 Nicoḷ Saetta married Leonarda Migliore

Known Children

Stanislao Saetta: abt 1794 - 24 Jan 1877 (Married Gaetana Polizzi)
Salvatore Saetta: abt 1799 - 25 Nov 1869 (Married Vincenza di Francesco)
Maria Saetta: abt 1801 - 14 Jul 1841
Angela Saetta: abt 1804 - 10 Sep 1849 (Married Onofrio Vella)
Rosa Saetta: abt 1808 - 16 Sep 1877 (Married Giuseppe Abate)
Leonarda Saetta: abt 1813 - 20 May 1839 (Married Pietro Lombardo)


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