Francesco Ferraro

Born: estimated  1715 ~Marianopoli, Caltanisetta, Sicilia ??
Died: ??

Meaning of Ferraro [feh-RRAH-roh]: iron worker, blacksmith, smith


        No primary records of my fifth-great-grandfather Francesco's birth have been found.    His name is given on the 1838 marriage record of his grandson Angelo Ferraro.  No other information is known for certain, not even his wife's name.  Since his grandson Angelo was born in about in about 1767, it's assumed that Francesco Ferraro was born in about 1715 or earlier.


Francesco Ferraro married ??

Known Children
Mariano Ferraro: ? - before 1838
(Married Grazia Burgio)


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Gaetano & Rosina


















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