Francesca in Bellanca

Born: Unknown

after 1761

Meaning of Bellanca [bell-AHN-kuh]: fair-skinned, fair-haired (from blanca=bianca, white)


        I have not found any records of baptism, marriage or death for my great-great-great-grandmother Francesca, but I know her name from the 6 December 1760 baptism record of her daughter Margarita and the 13 December 1761 marriage record of her daughter Maria, which states that Francesca was still living on that date.   That early record doesn't give Francesca's surname.  A married woman would be called "in" her husband's surname, hence Francesca in Bellanca.
         Although Maragarita Bellanca was not my direct ancestor, her baptism record is shown below, as it confirms Francesca's name. 


Baptismati (Baptisms)

Bellanca 478|die 5 Xbris 176
 _________|Ego d: Joseph Guada
 gnino V:C huius Terre infantem
heri hora 4 noctis gs ex Mo Antonini
et Francesca Bellanca natam solas baptizavi. PP: fuere Mo Francicus Rizzo et Aloysia Rizzo uxor Mo
Jacobi qui nomen Margarita
et Aloysia infanti imposuerit

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2012918,  1760 Baptism, Margarita Bellanca   

Bellanca 478|day 5 December 176
I Don Giuseppe Guada
 gnino V:C of this place: an infant
orn last night 4 AM of Master Antonino and Francesca Bellanca:  I myself
baptized her. Godparents were Master Francesco Rizzo & Aloysia Rizzo wife of Master
Giacomo.  The name Margarita
& Luigia was given to the infant

 Francesca married Antonino Bellanca

Known Children

Maria Bellanca: born about 1745 - died before 1828
(Married Felice Nicola Calabrese)

Margarita Luigia Bellanca: born 5 Dec 1760 - died ?

Gaetano: born about 1745 - born ? - died ?


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