Felice Nicola Calabrese

Born: 8 November 1737 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta,  Regno di Sicilia
Died: before 1786 ~ Serradifalco, Caltanisetta,  Regno di Sicilia

Meaning of Calabrese [cah-lah-BRAZE-eh]: of or from the region Calabria

      My paternal great-great-grandfather Felice Nicola (Felix Nicolaus Calabrisi in Latin) Calabrese was born in 1737.    He was listed as deceased on the 10 May 1786 baptism of his son Felix Pius Calabrisi (Felice Pio Calabrese).  During his lifetime Sicily comprised the Spanish Bourbon Regno di Sicilia (Kingdom of Sicily), ruled by King Carlo III, son of King Filippo V of Spain.  Carlo had succeeded to the throne just three years earlier, and was known as Carlo VII of Naples and Carlo V of Sicily!
       In 1737 Thomas Paine was born in Thetford, England.  In North America, it was just two years after John Peter Zenger was acquitted in a libel trial for his attacks on the policies of the New York Colony's governor. He was acquitted on the grounds that his charges were based on fact.  It was the first important victory for freedom of the press in Britain's North American colonies.



Baptismati (Baptisms)

Calabrisi      Die 8 9bris 1737
 Felix Nicolaus filius Antonini et Rosae Ca
 labrisi natus hodie hora nonam
 baptizatus fuit a me d Sac P ~
 ~ cum licentia parochi,
        ~       ~       ~


From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2012918,  1737 Baptisms, Felix Nicolaus Calabrisi   

Calabrese      Day 8 November 1737
 Felice Nicola  son of Antonino and Rosa Ca
labrese born today at hour nine
 was baptized by me Priest Don P ~
 ~ by leave of the parish,
        ~       ~       ~


Matrimonii (Marriages)

The year on the marriage record below is obliterated, but from adjacent records, it is determined to be 1761.


 domini 1761 die 13 Xbris denunciatibus promissis tribus
 diebus ~ ~ continuis quand prima habita ~ ~
 ~ secundus die 29: et tertia 30 ~ : inter ~
 de monia: nulloque detecto sine Canco sine legmo ~
 Ego d: Joseph Guadagnino VC Felice Calabrese filius ~
 to natus Antonini et Rose olim jugbus huius Terrae
 et Maria Bellanca fil: leg: et nate Mo: Antonini et Fran
 ciscae Bellanca jugb: of this ~ ~ in hoc Matrici
 interrogavi, eorum mutuo habito consenzus ~
 ~habita jurus licentiae ~ ~ ~
 ~ eius ~ in matrimonius conjunxi p~
 Mr Cataldus Lima et Mr Raymundus ~ ~
 ~ ~ ~ R:S:R:Ecls: benedixi
From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1761 Marriages, Felice Calabrese and Maria Bellanca 


 of our lord 1761 day 13 December - Banns were published three
 days ~ ~ the first of a series ~ ~
 ~ the second day 29: and the third 30 ~ : between ~ ~
 the contract: with neither Canonical nor legal objections heard,
 I Don Giuseppe Guadagnino joined Felice Calabrese son
 legitimate and natural of Antonino and Rosa once a couple of this Land
 and Maria Bellanca legitimate and natural daughter of
 Master Antonini and Francesca Bellanca, man and wife.  In 
 this Mother Church
 I asked for their mutual consent ~
 ~having the proper license ~ ~ ~
 ~ his ~ in matrimony  joined them in the presence of ~
 Master Cataldo Lima and Master Raimondo Lima
 ~ ~ ~ R:S:R:Church I blessed them.

Felice Nicola Calabrese married Maria Bellanca 13 Dec 1761 in Serradifalco


Giuseppe Calabrese: abt 1770 - 11 Sep 1830

Eugenio Calabrese: abt 1771 - 3 Nov 1827
Antonio Mario Giuseppe Calabrese: 26 Oct 1774 -
Margherita Calabrese: 26 Jan 1779 -
Gaetana Maria Calabrese: Aug 1780 -
Maria Calabrese: Aug 1783 -
Gaetano Calabrese: ~ - died 7 Dec 1830
Felice Pio Calabrese: 10 May 1786 - bef 1862 
(Married Maria Burgio)



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