Rosa in Calabrese

Born: Unknown

Died: before 17

Meaning of Calabrese [cah-lah-BRAZE-eh]: of or from the region Calabria


        I have not found any records of baptism, marriage or death for my great-great-great-grandmother Rosa, but I know her first name from the birth records of her sons Giuseppe, Michelangelo and Felice Nicola, and the 13 December 1761 marriage record of her son Felice Nicola Calabrese, which states that Rosa had died before that date. That early record doesn't give Rosa's surname.  A married woman would be called "in" her husband's surname, hence Rosa in Calabrese.


 Rosa married Antonino Calabrese

Known Children

Giuseppe Calabrese: 27 Sep 1725 - ?
Michelangelo Calabrese: 22 April 1728 - ?
Felice Nicola Calabrese: 8 Nov 1737 - 1786 (Married Maria Bellanca)


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