Giovanni Burgio

about 1772 ~
Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Kingdom of Sicily
11 October 1838 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

Meaning of Burgio [BOOR-ju]: the Sicilian town Burgio; from the German Burg, fortified town


        I have not found any records of baptism or marriage for my great-great-grandfather Giovanni Burgio, but I know his name and approximate birth year, and the names of his parents, from his death records.  On his canonical (church) death record, his name is given in Latin, as Joannes.  The civil record was made on 12 October 1838, and lists the day of his death as 11 October.  The canonical (church) death record was also made on 12 October, but lists no date of death.



Year one thousand eight hundred thirty-eight day twelve of the month of October        at hour fourteen                                before Us Fran-
cesco Antonio Gambuto Mayor
                               and official of the public record of the town of
Serradifalco district of Caltanissetta       Val of Caltanissetta have appeared Leonar- do Avenia                        age thirty-three              occupation                          Somiglione                               subject of the realm living here on Strada

Luigi Bellanca                age fifty    
Barber   subject of the realm living here on Plaza San

                                                                                                             who have
declared that on day
eleven                  of the month of October       
stated above    at hourfive of the night                          has died in

his own house Master Giovanni Burgio age
sixty-six husband of Luiggia Smiraglia

he was born in Serradifalco                   occupation

ulfur miner                                            living here on Strada Nuova
son of the late Gaetano              occupation ~ ~
                                      and of
 Elisabetta                                                                  living in ~ ~

    According to the law we went together with the named witnesses to the side of the deceased, and we have acknowledged his actual death. We have today created this document, we have inscribed it on two registers and have read it to the declarants on the day, month and year as above, and it is signed by Us alone,
the witnesses having stated that they don't know how to write.
                                     The Mayor
Francesco Gambuto
From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1466474, 1838 Deaths, No. 84, Giovanni Burgio


From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1838 Death Records, P. 66, No. 84, Joannes Burgio 
        Die 12:  Octobris      1838               N 84                 
Joannes Burgio f. defunctorum Caetani et Elisabe-
tta Marino, Vir Aloysiae Smiraglia anm 66: extremis munit-
us Sacrametis obiit cuius corpus per Rm D: Josephum
. . .
Capm, delatum fuit in Oratorium Animarium Purgam
sepultum ~                                                          
     Day 12  of October    1838
             No. 84                 
Giovanni Burgio, son of the late Gaetano and of the late Elisabe-
tta Marino, husband of Luiggia Smiraglia. His age 66: at the last, arm- ed with the Sacraments, he died.  His body, by me, Rev Don Giuseppe
. . . Chapln,
was brought to the Oratory of the Souls in Purgatory
and buried. ~                                                             

 Giovanni Burgio married Luiggia Smiraglia

Known Children

Michela Burgio: abt 1799 - 21 Sep 1879 (Married Luigi Bellanca)

Maria Burgio: abt 1802 - 19 Apr 1875 (Married Felice Pio Calabrese)


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