Generation Two

Gaetano passed on in 1944, but Rosa lived to welcome and revel in the birth of all twenty-seven grandchildren. 

Ron Coniglio
& Guy Coniglio III

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Brian Coniglio

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Ray G. Coniglio

Ron A. Coniglio, Jackie Miller,
Dennis Denisco, John Coniglio

Shelly Miller, Jean Coniglio,
Denise Denisco, Andy Miller,
JoAnn Coniglio

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Coniglio Family Picnic ~ 1961

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Mike Volo
Al Volo Jr.
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Matt Miller


Roseann Miller


Frank Sowa Jr.
Maria Sowa

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Tony Coniglio Jr.

Angela Yvonne Coniglio
Angelo Raymond Coniglio

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Tom Coniglio

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2 the persons in a  Group  are siblings, the others are  First Cousins 3 4 5

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Gaetano & Rosina

Guy Guy Jr. Ron Ro Joan Carole Brian  
Ray Ray Jr. Ronald        
Phil John Jean JoAnn      
Millie Al Michael        
Connie Jackie Shelly Andy Matt Roseann  
Mary Dennis Denise Frank Maria    
Tony Tony Jr. Tom        
Ange Angelo Angela        
















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