Anthony Francis Coniglio


Tony with Grandma Rosa ~ 1961

Tony  ~ 1986

Ray, Ray Jr. and Tony ~ March 2011


The ball that drops every New Years Eve, from the Electric Tower in downtown Buffalo, was designed by Tony.  He managed the ball-drop production for fifteen years, 1985 through 2000, and he designed the currently-used ball, shown above, for the Millennium drop of 1999>2000.


Tony, Tony Sr., and Tommy
~ 2006 ~

Connie, Giuseppe
Antonina, Tony, Mary and Vito

Tony recently posted the following on Jeff Mikulski's facebook page:

"Jeffrey, I've been thinking about that time when I was 15yrs old and you were mom was sleeping and we had decided that it would be the perfect time to take her car out for a spin...we made a quick trip down to the short corner and came right back and put the car safely back into the garage...that went so well that we decided to try a quick trip to the long corner and back again putting the car back where we had found it...that also worked out well so we went out a third time and drove around the neighborhood for a was great! ...especially when some of our friends (Cindy and Judy) saw what we were up to...we even went to the church parking lot and did some donuts! ...energized by the success of our endeavor we drove to the Open House Restaurant where we would likely make a real name for ourselves...I remember pulling up the hill into the parking lot...I went inside to see who was around and you stayed in the car because we had left your wheelchair back at my house...I was so excited as I ran into the Open House but sadly our friends weren't there...I turned around to head for the door and I noticed that everyone in the place was gathered at the windows...I worked my way through the crowd to the window to see my mom's car with the driver's side door wide open, rolling backward down the hill, crossing the street and bouncing off the guardrail and back into the street...I ran out, got back in the car, peeled out on the sidewalk, and got home ASAP! ...I remember you saying that all you knew was that 'the Open House Restaurant seemed to be getting smaller and smaller'...we got that car back to the garage hitting the back wall and creating a slight bow in the studs...we were quite proud of the rubber that we'd left on the sidewalk across the street from the Open House...we'd visit that spot from time to time to reminisce about our amazing experience and to see that the mark hadn't washed away...we never got caught in spite of Chuck's expectation that my dad would likely come home from work and notice that the car was warm...fortunately he parked in the driveway and never went into the garage...he never asked about the bow in the garage wall either...and my mom never woke up, she slept through the whole thing though she was in her recliner in the living room on the other side of the garage wall just a few feet away from her parking spot. We had many crazy experiences as we were growing up Jeff but this one has to be the most noteworthy...I can only make this story public now because my dad is safely passed away...I know that you've been able to share these details with your parents but that's just because they are a lot less Sicilian then my dad was!"




Tony with Sam Tiranno ~ 1993

Tony  the Sound Man ~ 1996


Flyleaf of the DCB album, which Tony
co-produced, edited and mixed

Dave Costantino Band's Bump in the Road,
mixed and recorded by


Sound Man ~ 2014

Who's blessing who? ~ 2014


March 2015







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