Una chiamata a Serrdifalco
(A Visit to Serradifalco)

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    On November 15, 2004, Aunt Connie Coniglio Miller, Aunt Mary Coniglio Sowa, Jackie Miller Feingold and Dawn Scinta Sowa visited Serradifalco.  They were welcomed by our cousins, children of Rosa Alessi Coniglio's sisters Maria and Concetta.

(Photos by Dawn Sowa.  Click on images to enlarge.)


On the road to Serradifalco Serradifalco ~ Chiesa Madre at center.
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Where Rosa Alessi was born:
Via Prizzi No. 9.

Leonardo Fazio, Mary, Connie

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Massimilano Fazio, Ninetta Fazio, Connie

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Lorenzo and Assunta Salvo, Mary Coniglio, Connie Coniglio,
Carmela Fazio Castellano, Leonardo and Ninetta Fazio

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Jackie, Dawn, Lorenzo, Assunta, Connie, Mary, Carmela, Leonardo, Ninetta, Massimo

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A conversation with the cousins.
 (Turn volume on and click HERE.)

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Lorenzo: Madonna!
Ninetta: She's remembering her mother -
Mary: My mother went to America - 19 years old - 19 - never came again to Italy.
Leonardo:  No, never.
Mary: Left her mother and her father -
Leonardo: Yes, at 19 years old.
Connie: . . and her sisters.
Mary: If she was alive today -
Carmela: And my mother, too, if she were here, she'd be so happy.



Stasera te lascio, ma rimani sempre nel mio cuore.
(Tonight I leave you, but you remain forever in my heart.)

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.More about Serradifalco

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