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       If you visit the family website regularly, you know that over the past several months, many more relatives have been identified.  These include the nephews and nieces of Rosa Alessi who are still in Serradifalco; a large number of lo Guasto relatives as well as some di Giugno descendants on the Alessi side, and cousins on Gaetano Coniglio's side, now living in Belgium.

       When their numbers were relatively few, I began including them in family lists elsewhere on this site.  But many have sent me photos, and there are now so many that it's getting unwieldy to try and show them all in a "family tree" format.  So this is what I'm going to do:  below you'll find photos of these "new" relatives.  They are identified by two things:

        1) their relationship to Gaetano Vincenzo Coniglio or to Rosa Alessi Coniglio, and
        2) the common ancestor they share with Gaetano or Rosa.

(If names have the same color, they are in the same generation.)

          If you're a descendant of Gaetano or Rosa: since the folks below are related to either of them, they're also related to you; and if you're one of the "new" relatives shown below, you're related to all one hundred of the descendants of Gaetano and Rosa shown on the Coniglio Family List.   Some of these photos are shown elsewhere, some are new to this site.  Most of the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.  I hope you enjoy "meeting" these "new" members of the family.


(Pittston & Florida)

Wendy Loquasto
, third cousin once removed
of Rosa Alessi.

Common ancestors: Rosa's GG-grandparents 
Libertino lo Guasto
and Francesca Lattuca
were Wendy's GGG-grandparents.

(click here for more lo Guasto photos)


Carmela Fazio Castellano
, niece
of Rosa Alessi, with her husband Michele.

Common ancestors: Rosa's parents
Leonardo Alessi and Concetta Abate
were Carmela's grandparents.

(click here for more Alessi photos)

(Serradifalco and Belgium)

Antonina Coniglio Barca
, niece
of Gaetano Coniglio, with her husband Vito.

Common ancestors: Gaetano's parents
Gaetano Coniglio and Maria Carmela Calabrese
were Antonina's grandparents.

(click here for more Coniglio photos)


Lena Greco Falzone
, second cousin once removed
of Rosa Alessi, with her husband Giovanni Luigi.

Common ancestors: Rosa's G-grandparents
Leonardo di Giugno and Michela Vella
were Lena's GG-grandparents.

Lena's sister
Stefana (Stella)
Greco Nicolosi

Lena's daughter
Josie Falzone Brown

Josie Falzone Brown  
and her daughter Gloria Brown Raver
with Ange Coniglio ~ 2005


Gloria's children Heather Marie Raver
and Ryan Edward Raver

Ryan's daughter Michela Raver


Sheila Mikula Bucci,
, Matthew, & Bob Bucci

Fedele (Phil) Giambra & Sheila

Carmella Bucci Uter
with Colin Uter &
 Giovanna (Jenny)
 Giambra Champi 

  (Robertsdale and Pittston)

and Giovanna are siblings, the children of
Vincenzo Giambra
and Antonia lo Guasto

and Carm are children of Fedele and Giovanna's sister,
Margherita Giambra
, and Anthony Bucci.

and Carm are third cousins of Rosa Coniglio.

Common ancestors:
Rosa's GG grandparents
Libertino lo Guasto and Francesca Lattuca 
were also Bob and Carm's GG grandparents.


Deborah (Deb) Folweiler LoQuasto and
Michael (Mike) Charles LoQuasto, Sr.

  (Easton, PA and State College, PA)

is the  third cousin of Rosa Coniglio.

Common ancestors:
Rosa's GGG grandparents
Pietro Lattuca and Crocefissa Papia 
were also Mike's GGG grandparents.

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