The Modica Family

Meaning of Modica: modest

This 1915 photo, from Guy Coniglio III, shows:

TANDING: Rosario Modica, Maria Antonia Cordaro Modica,
Giuseppa (Josephine) Cordaro Modica
, and Carmelo Modica
(immigrants from Burgio, Sicily)

The infant is Maria Antonia (Mary) Modica, the girl is her sister Biaggia (Bessie) Modica
(children of
Josephine and Carmelo)

Rosario and Carmelo were brothers.  They married sisters Maria Antonia and Josephine.

Maria Antonia Cordaro Modica was called "Z'Ant", short for "Zia Antonia" (Aunt Antonia).

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Carmelo Modica ~ about 1925




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Rosa Alessi Coniglio and Z'Anto
They were neighbors for twenty years at 309 and 307 Myrtle Avenue.

Mary Modica
First Communion
~ about 1919 ~


Mary ~ about 1929

Rose Munasteri and Chuck Modica
with Joanne Modica

Bessie Modica, Mary, Z'Anto, Mella Modica, Wally Odden
Carole and Joan Coniglio, Wally, Jr.
Carl Paler  ~ about 1949 on Cherry Street


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