Maria Carmela Calabrese

Born: 11 April 1843 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
Married to Gaetano Coniglio: 6 October 1861 ~Serradifalco
, Sicily, Kingdom of Italy
Died: 14 February 1909 ~ Serradifalco, Sicily, Kingdom of Italy 

Meaning of Calabrese [cah-lah-BRAZE-eh]: of or from the region Calabria

       My paternal grandmother's birth, baptism and marriage records give her name as Maria Carmela Calabrese.  Records of her childrens' births and her death give her first name as "Carmela", which was the name she commonly used. Her eldest granddaughters, by  her sons Antonio, Giuseppe and Gaetano, were named Carmela, after her.   In 1843, the year Maria Carmela was born, Sicily, with Naples and the southern Appennine peninsula, formed the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, ruled by Bourbon Spain.   Carmela's family owed allegiance to the King of the Two Sicilies, Ferdinando II.  My grandmother was not born in Italy, which did not exist as a nation in 1843.  She was born in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

       The 120 grana coin reads 'Ferdinando II, King by the Grace of God', and the obverse reads 'Ruler of both Sicily and Jerusalem'.  

      In the United States in 1843, John Tyler was in the middle of his term as President.   American preacher William Miller predicted that the world would end on March 21, 1843, but it didn't!  In July of that year, Ulysses S. Grant was graduated from West Point.


        From about 1820 through 1860, civil birth records in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies reported the details of all births on the left side of a two-page form, reproduced below.  The right side of the record refers to Gaetano's baptism.  It is not a baptism certificate.  It names no priest or godparents, but simply states that the birth was reported to the church and the church confirmed that the child had been baptized. 
      The translation below, following the image of the actual record, has been condensed to one page.  The church baptism record follows.  It gives the priest's name as Orazio Sferaza, and the godparents as Maria Carmela's maternal aunt Michela Burgio, and her first cousin Salvatore Bellanca, son of Michela Burgio and Luigi Bellanca.

From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1466430, 1843 Births, No. 98, Maria Carmela Calabrese      


R E C O R D   O F   B I R T H  

Notice of the day on which
was administered the Sacrament
of Baptism

Number 98

In the year one thousand eight hundred forty-three on day twelve of the month of April at hour
 before Us Francesco
Mastrosimoneassistant functionary of the Mayor and officer of civil records of the community of Serradifalco district of Caltanissetta Province of Caltanissetta,
Felice Calabrese
age fifty-six  occupation Sharecropper living at Strada Migliore,                                                                who has presented to us a girl  that accordingly we have visibly witnessed, and he has declared that the same was born of Maria Burgio, his legitimate wife
of age
forty-two living here with her husband,
and of
him, the declarant
as above  occupation as
  living at as above
on day
eleven  of the month of April
in the year
stated above
at the hour one AM in their own house.

The same has also declared that he has given the
infant the name
Maria Carmela

  The aforesaid presentation and declaration were made in the presence of Luigi Bellanca age fifty occupation barber, a subject of the realm, living at Strada Mintina, and of Carmelo Schifano age forty occupation Sharecropper, a subject of the realm, living at Strada Nuova, witnesses attending the present act, and provided by him, Mister declarant

  This document, which we have created as required, was inscribed on two registers, read to the informant and to the witnesses, and on the day, month, and year as stated above, signed by Myself only, the declarant and witnesses having said that they don't know how to write.

The Mayor
(Signed by)
Gaetano Piazza

Number 98

In the year one thousand eight hundred forty-three on day twelve of the month of April the Parish priest of this town has returned to us on the day stated above of the year stated above the record, which we had remitted to him on day stated above of the month of April of the year stated above the here-written birth act, at the bottom of which he has indicated that the Sacrament of Baptism has been administered to Maria Carmela Calabrese on day twelve of the month stated above.

  Having seen this document after having it encoded, we have provided that it be preserved in the register of documents at page Ninety-eight

  We have also acknowledged to the Parish priest the receipt of the same, and we have created the present record which was inscribed on the two registers in the margins of the corresponding birth record, and then we have signed.

(Signed by) Gaetano Piazza


Baptism Record

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici Film 2012918, 1843 Baptisms, No. 98, Calabrese Maria Carmela       

Calabrese |  die 12. Aprilis 1843: -----     -----     -----     -----     -----  No.98:
                   Ego Rev s Archipresbiter d. Horatius Sferaza sollemnito baptizavi Infantem
                  hora 11: natam ex Felice Calabrese et Maria Burgio jugs  Cui impositum
                  fuit nomen Maria Carmela. Patrini fuere Michela Burgio uxor Magister Aloysii
                 Bellanca, et Salvator eorandem filius innuptis   --------      -------

Calabrese |  day 12. of April 1843: -----     -----     -----     -----     -----  No.98:
               I, Rev .. Archpriest Don Orazio Sferaza solemnly baptiized an Infant
              born yesterday at hour 11 of Felice Calabrese and Maria Burgio, married, on whom was
              imposed the name Maria Carmela.  Godparents were Michela Burgio wife of Master Luigi
              Bellanca, and Salvatore, their unmarried son   ----------      -------


      The 1861 civil record of the marriage promise reproduced below, for my paternal great-grandparents Gaetano Coniglio and Maria Carmela Calabrese, covers four pages.  The form is in two columns, on the left showing the Record of the Solemn Promise to celebrate matrimony, while the right-hand column is entitled 'Indication of the subsequent canonical [church] celebration of marriage'.  Only the left column of the record is translated below.  Essentially, the left column gives the details of the civil promise made at the Town Hall, while the right column simply confirms that the couple was married in church on 25 May 1859 in the presence of witnesses Girolamo Curatolo and Giuseppe Sferanza, and that the civil and church records were cross-referenced. 
        This record is only the promise or contract to marry, but it contains much more information than the actual marriage record made by the church.  Click on the images at left to see the original documents.  Unfortunately, the church marriage records for the years 1856 through 1865 are missing.

to celebrate matrimony

[p. 1] Number 5
Year eighteen hundred sixty-one, day six of the month of October at hour fourteen, before Us, Notary Antonino LicalsiSenior Councilman and Assistant to the Mayor and official of the Public Recod of the town of Serradifalco, district of
Caltanissetta, Province of Caltanissetta, have appeared in the Town Hall: Gaetano Coniglio, single adult age twenty-five, born in Serradifalco, district of Caltanissetta, Province of Caltanissetta,occupation Sulfur miner, living in Serradifalco, son of the late Raimondo, age ______ occupation ______ living ____, and of Maria Messina age forty-nine, living here; and Maria Carmela Calabrese, single minor, age eighteen, born in Serradifalco, living here, daughter of the late Felice age ___, occupation ___ living ____, and daughter of Maria Burgio age sixty-one, who lives here.
The couple,
in the presence of witnesses who will be mentioned below, and produced by them, have requested to receive their solemn pro-
[p. 2]
to celebrate prior to the Church ceremony, according to the format prescribed by the Sacred Council of Trent for the
marriage which they plan between them
with the support of the respective mothers of the espoused, who came together for the present record in order to lend their express and formal consent, which they have accordingly declared.
   The notice of this promise was affixed to the door of the town hall of Serradifalco on Sunday the eighteenth day of the month of August of the year stated above.
 We, in accordance with their request, after having read them all the consistent documents:
First, the birth records of the groom
Second, the birth record of the bride
[p. 3]Third, the marriage banns made in this Town where they both live, to which there have been no objections
Fourth, the death record of the father of the groom
Fifth, the death record of the paternal grandfather of the groom
Sixth, the death record of the father of the bride
Seventh, the death record of the paternal grandfather of the bride.


Page 3 continues: and having also read chapter six under the title of marriage of the civil laws regarding the respective rights and obligations of the spouses, we have received from each of the parties, one after the other, the declaration, that they solemnly promise to celebrate the marriage before the Church according to the format prescribed by the Holy Council of Trent.
      We made the record of all this
in the presence of four witnesses attending the solemn promise of marriage:
Luigi Giardina,
age thirty-three, occupation Sharecrpper subject of the Realm, living at Strada Cagnina;
Domenico Difrancesco,
age sixty-seven, occupation Sharecrpper
[p. 4] subject of the Realm, living at Strada Mintina;
Pasquale Giumento,
age thirty-three, occupation Sulfur miner subject of the Realm, living at Strada Vullotti;
Leonardo Avenia,
age fifty-three, occupation Courier subject of the Realm, living at Strada Piconotti;
We have read this record, which is inscribed on the two registers, to the witnesses and the bride and groom, to whom we have also given two consistent copies signed by Us, to be presented to the parish priest, to whom the celebration of the marriage pertains, and then it is signed by us alone, the betrothed, the mothers of the betrothed and the witnesses having said they don't know how to write.

The Senior Councilman of the Mayor
Antonino Licalsi

From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1466476,
1861 Marriages, No. 5 Gaetano Coniglio and Maria Carmela Calabrese


From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1964373, 1909 Deaths, No. 57, Carmela Calabrese       


R E C O R D S   O F   D E A T H  

Number 57

~ * ~

Carmela Calabrese
   In the year one thousand nine hundred nine on day fifteen  of February  
at hour twelve  
 Before me Crescenzio Guttlilla, Councilman delegated by act of the Mayor dated nineteen November 1863, duly approved
Officer of Civil Records of the community of Serradifalco
________ have appeared Michelangelo Sferrazza, age twenty-eight , cabinetmaker, living in Serradifalco  and Gaetano Narese, age sixty -
two, sulfur miner
, living in Serradifalco __________________ who have de-clared to me that at the hour seventeen ____ and minutes ___ of yesterday __,
in the house located at
Via Migliore ___at number ten ___ has died
Carmela Calabrese __, of age sixty-six __, housewife ___, living
 in Serradifalco
___, born in Serradifalco _______, daughter of the late Felice_, a sulfur miner _, who lived in Serradifalco _, and of the late Maria Burgio, ______________ a housewife _______, who lived in Serradifalco __________,
[Carmela Calabrese was]married to Gaetano Coniglio
   At this certification have been present the witnesses Calogero Narese ___,
of age
twenty-two __, a sulfur miner _, and Leonardo Buscemi _, of age thirty-eight _, a sulfur miner _, both residing in this Town.  The pre-sent record was read to all those assembled, and they have, with me, signed below(Signed by) ~Michelangelo Sferrazza    ~Calogero Narese
~Gaetano Narese
                                       ~Leonardo Buscemi

VicoloMigliore.jpg (114763 bytes)

ViaMiglioreDoors.jpg (122121 bytes)

NumeroDiece.jpg (134753 bytes)

The street and house where Maria Carmela died in 1910.
Vicolo Migliore Numero diece (Number 10 Migliore Alley).

Serradifalco, July 2004 ~ Photos by Greg and Melissa Coniglio


Maria Carmela Calabrese married Gaetano Coniglio on 6 October, 1861 in Serradifalco

Raimondo Coniglio: 1862 - 1863
Raimondo Coniglio: 1864 - 1910
Maria Coniglio: 1867 - 1868
Felice Coniglio: 1869 - 1933
(Married Salvatrice D'Amico)
Antonio Coniglio 11 May 1873 - 3 Mar 1944
(Married Antonina Andolina, then Giuseppa Verdone)
Giuseppe Coniglio: 1879 - 1964
(Married Angela Alessi, then Anna Fazio)
Maria Coniglio: abt 1874 - abt 1950
Leonardo Coniglio: 1885 - 1886
Gaetano Coniglio: 26 April 1889 - 4 July 1944
(Married Rosa Alessi)



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