Maria Burgio

Born: about 1802 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Sicilia
Died: 19 April 1875 ~ Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Sicilia

Meaning of Burgio [BOOR-ju]: the Sicilian town Burgio; from the German Burg, fortified town

From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1964312, 1875 Deaths, No. 54, Maria Burgio     


R E C O R D S   O F   D E A T H  

Number 54

~ * ~

Maria Burgio
 1. Indicate occupation or standing
 2. Note the deceased's age in years, months,
       days and hours if applicable
 3. If husband or widower, wife or widow, or if
   In the year one thousand eight hundred seventy-five on day nineteen  of April 
at houreight forty-eight Ante  Meridian
   Before me Doctor Tiburzio Piazza Mayor  
Official of Civil Records of the community of
Serradifalco _____ have appeared Leonardo Scarciotta ________, age twenty-one, 1 laborer living in Serradifalco _, and Onorio Nicastro, age sixty-eight,
1 laborer
,  living in Serradifalco ______________,  who have declared to me that at the hour Post Meridian five and minutes thirty_________
yesterday ____, in the house located at via Migliore___ number twelve has died Maria Burgio, 2 seventy-three years,
commoner ___, living in Serradifalco  __, born in Serradifalco ____, daughter of the late  Giovanni, 1 coachman, who lived in Serradifalco when living __, and of the late  Luigia Miraglia, 1 commoner, who lived in Serradifalco when living.
3 widow of Felice Calabrese.
At this certification have been present the witnesses Giuseppe Tumminello,
sixty-five, 1 laborer, and Gaetano Migliore, age forty-four,
1 [illegible], both residing in this Town.  The present record was read to all those assembled, but it is signed by me alone, the same having said they don't know how to write
(Signed by)
~ Dr. Tiburzio Piazza

Church Death Record

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010, 1875 Deaths, p. 311, No. 54, Maria Burgio



 Die 19. April 1875~
 Maria Burgio ann 73 Filia defunctorum J0annis, et
 Aloysiae Miraglia Vidova defuncti Feliis Calabrese, Eo-
 die hora 22 obiit cuius corpus sepultum fuit in hoc
 Pubco Caemeterio ~



 Day 19 of Aprilis 75~
 Maria Burgio age 73 Daughter of the late Giovanni and
 Luiggia Miraglia Widow of the late Felice Calabrese, To-
 day at hour 22 died. Her body was buried in this town's
 Public Cemetery ~

Maria Burgio married Felice Calabrese in about 1818 in Serradifalco


Luigi Calabrese: abt 1819 - 18 Sep 1889
(Married Concetta di Giugno)
Rosa Calabrese: 6 Dec 1820 -
Maria Calabrese: 23 Sep 1823 -
Pietro Calabrese: 14 May 1827 - 18 Feb 1829
Gaetana Calabrese: 4 Feb 1830 - 7 Dec 1830
Gaetano Calabrese: abt 1827 - 16 Jan 1833
Luigia Calabrese: 9 Oct 1831
Giuseppe Calabrese: abt 1835 - 7 Mar 1907 
(Married Grazia Arena)
Gaetano Calabrese: 17 Nov 1837 -
Maria Carmela Calabrese: 11 Apr 1843 - 2 Feb 1909
(Married Gaetano Coniglio)


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