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29 Apr 2004
Uncle Ange,
Out of all the pages I never seem to come to is the message board. Reading all of these nice messages from our Coniglio's and ones from all over the world, I must say for them to somehow find the site and recognize what a wonderful one it is to visit truly shows what a GREAT job you do to preserve our heritage.
Thank you for all you do and for updating Frankie's and Gabrielle's pages.
We Love You!!!
Frank, Dawn, Francesca & Gabrielle
5/1/2004 12:22:11 AM EDT
Hey uncle Ange,
How are you?  Thank you for sending me all the info on the family web-site.    I love showing and telling Marianne all about our family and family history.    We are desperately trying to make it up to the picnic this year. It has been a while since I have attended but it has been really hectic the last three/four years, with finishing up baseball, school, and now trying to earn some vacation time at work Anyway, I am attaching a picture of Marianne and my new house.  We purchased the house two weeks ago and are really excited about it. Looks like we will be calling Olive Branch, MS our home.   Anyway, tell everyone I said hello and I miss and love them sooo much. By the way, I have a close buddy playing baseball for the Buffalo Bisons.   We grew up playing ball together and we always new that he would be the one to make it big.  His name is Jason Anderson and he went through the New York Yankee minor league system before making his debut in the majors two years ago.  Last year he was traded to the New York Mets before getting traded to the Cleveland Indian organization this year.   Anyway, talk to you later.
Fairfax, Virginia
02 May 2004
I learned about the website by meeting Tony Coniglio in Toronto at the Annual Conference of the Council on Foundations last week.  My husband's paternal grandfather came from Sicily, and settled in Oswego, NY.  They are now in and around the Syracuse area.   My husband's grandfather was Giacomo Coniglio, and he had eight children: Vincent, Sebastian, Joseph, Stephen, Salvatore, Lucy, Phyllis and Rose.  Sebastian lives in Fulton, NY; Salvatore (Sam), my husband's dad, lives in Syracuse.  Aunts Lucy and Phyllis live in Baldwinsville, NY.  Giacomo Coniglio ran a grocery store and bakery (bread) in Syracuse.  We have a story of Grandpa Coniglio's life that is written in Sicilian dialect...are there any translators out there?? It was fun to meet Tony and see all the wonderful pictures on the website...especially all the rabbits!  Take good care and thanks again.
Jamie and Peter (yes, really) Coniglio
02 May 2004
Uncle Angelo,
Just want to thank you for all the time and effort you have taken in making our family website such a wonderful place to visit. Although I am sure there are a lot more memories here for some than me, I so enjoy coming here to read the history of our family and see the new pictures.
I am looking forward to the picnic again this year, and spending some time on the beach.
Love you all,
Michele (Shelly)
25 May 2004
Hello from a "family" member, matter of fact I purchased my domain from a Coniglio in Italy. I'm from Ohio, second generation American Coniglio.
19 Jul 2004
My name is Jackie Coniglio.  I am married to Albert Coniglio from the Bronx, NY.   We now live in PA. and we're retired.
03 Aug 2004
Dear Uncle Ange,
Great updates with the AWESOME pictures Greg and Melissa took on their honeymoon. They deserve a great deal of thanks for them they are really wonderful!
The family picnic pics are also great. I really want to know who was keeping score at the baseball game!
We Love You!
Frank, Dawn, Francesca & Gabrielle
16 Aug 2004
My name is Denise Coniglio. My grandfather was from Sicily and my grandmother was from Trento, Italy.   When my family first came to America they were stone masons that helped to build Princeton University, in exchange for land.   Much of my family lives in NJ.   I currently reside in Fairfax, VA.   I am third generation and it warms my heart to visit a Coniglio family website.
19 Aug 2004
Hi "Uncle" Ange:
You did a nice job with the web site.  See <>.  My in-laws
were from Sicily, my family are from Cornwall England.
"Cousin" Jack Clifton in sunny Florida, where Mickey Mouse lives!
03 Sep 2004
Hello, my name is Lauren Cattolico and my mom was a Coniglio from Pittsburg, California. My grandfather is Michael Peter Coniglio and my great grand father was Giuseppe Coniglio, both of Isola Delle Femmine, Sicily.  I'm 20 years old and a junior at Chico State in California.  Just thought i'd say hi to potential cousins..and i think this site is great!
20 Sep 2004
My name is Salvatore M. Coniglio (Salvi).   I'm a 1st generation Coniglio, and live in Pittsburg Ca.   My father, Salvatore N. Coniglio, is the 4th born of 9 children from Isola Della Femmine, Sicily.  My father was 19 years old when he came to Pittsburg Ca. in 196
(Looks like my cousin Lauren Cattolico found this site before me.   Hi Lauren.)

From Frank Coniglio:
01 Oct 2004
     Hi my name is Frank Coniglio and I live in NYC.   I am a first generation Italian American.   My parents came from Sicily in the 1950s.   They are from a small town named Canicatti.    Unfortunately my grandfather died during WWII and my father does not know how many relatives he really has.   Any way it is nice to know that there are a lot of Coniglio's out there who are proud of their Italian heritage.
I have a 9 month old son who is named Angelo after my dad. I hope I can instill some of my Italian upbringing in him.
Bye...... Frank Coniglio

[ The grandparents of my father Gaetano Vincenzo Coniglio were Raimondo Coniglio (born 1805) and Maria Messina of Canicatti! . . . Uncle Ange ]
10/5/2004 12:32:09 EDT

Complimenti per il sito!

Io sono Calcedonio Vaccari e ho 21 anni. Vivo a Serradifalco. Sono pronipote di quel segretario delegato che registrÚ la nascita di Gaetano Vincenzo Coniglio come avete riportato nel sito.  Pasquale Vaccari era il padre di mio nonno Calcedonio.

Voglio complimentarmi per il sito creato e per le notizie inserite su Serradifalco, il nostro amato paese.  Anche io mi sto interessando di ricercare documenti storici che mi facciano sapere di piý sulla mia famiglia che ha sempre vissuto a Serradifalco.

Io non so se avete ancora parenti a Serradifalco ma apprendo dal sito che la vostra famiglia Ť emigrata negli USA ma del resto parecchie famiglie serradifalchesi. Mi piacerebbe scambiare con voi foto antiche e notizie storiche.

Nella speranza che questa mail vi arrivi e che qualcuno di voi sappia ancora leggere l'italiano, la lingua dei vostri padri e nella speranza che mi rispondiate vi invio cordiali saluti e vi faccio i miei migliori auguri.

                                                                                                                                                    Calcedonio Vaccari

Congratulations on the web site!

I am Calcedonio Vaccari and I am 21 years old. I live in Serradifalco. I am the great-grandson of the delegated secretary who recorded the birth of Gaetano Vincenzo Coniglio, as you reported on the website.   Pasquale Vaccari was the father of my grandfather Calcedonio.

I want to compliment you on the site you created and for the news you included about Serradifalco, our beloved village. Also, I am interested in searching historical documents so I may know more about my own family that has always lived in Serradifalco.

I do not know if you still have relatives in Serradifalco, but I learned from the site that your family emigrated to the USA from several Serradifalchese families. I ask that you exchange photos and historical information with me.

In the hope that you receive this mail, and that one of you still reads Italian, the language of your fathers, and that you answer me, I send you cordial greetings and give you my best wishes.

                                                                                                                                                    Calcedonio Vaccari

From Brian Coniglio:
05 Oct 2004

uncle angelo,

nice page.

it is great that you are getting responses from everywhere.


cincinnati ohio

11:47:28 AM EDT
Hello, my name is Salvatore-Cyril Lo Guasto.   I am living in Saint-Etienne, France.  I'm 31 years old.   My father’s name is Pascal Lo Guasto.   My grandfather Salvatore Lo Guasto came from Serradifalco, Caltanissetta, Sicily.   He was born in 1907, my grandmother Pasqualina GIUNTA was born in 1913.

I've seen on your site that there were many Lo Guasto’s in your ancestors.   And I am very interested by my origins.
Your site is very complete, have you more information about the Lo Guasto family?
I hope you are able to respond.

From Timothy Alessi:
06 Nov 2004
         My father was Anthony Vincent Alessi, his mother was Carmela Alessi.   His mom and dad both came from somewhere in Italy.     My father had a brother called Joe.   They were both born in Hoboken N.J. I thank there fathers name was Antonio Alessi.    My sister middle name is Angelina I seen some alessi woman with that name when I was trying to find something out about my family name.    I love to meet someone that was kin to my father.... in arkansas alessi name is not common      i sometimes get ask if i am in the mob......
22 Nov 2004
Angelo, this is Laurie from your fellow "Tuesday Nighters" at LDS
(Church of Latter Day Saints Family History Center). Thank you for showing us your beautiful website!  Your ancestors would be proud of your website!  I am coming back until I have seen every last page and photo of this site.  It takes dedication and commitment and a heart full of love and respect to create such a beautiful place to honour your ancestors.   See ya on Tuesday!
A fellow beachcomber from a beach further up Hwy #3!!!!

25 Nov 2004

       PerchŤ inserite la mail senza chiedere il permesso? No che io sia contrario a quello che fate ma vi sembra giusto inserire il mio indirizzo e-mail ad uso a abuso di chiunque ne venga a conoscenza tramite il vostro guestbook? Prego gentilmente il Gentilissimo Sig. Coniglio di far in modo di eliminare il mio indirizzo. Nella speranza che questa mia richiesta non venga fraintesa e che ci si continui a scrivere, invio un caloroso saluto da Serradifalco.

From Unknown:
      Why did you include my e-address without permission?   I'm not against your work, but it seems wrong to use my e-mail when anyone using your guestbook can use it.  I pray the gentleman Mr. Coniglio to find a way to eliminate my e-address.  In the hope that you don't misinterpret this request, and that you continue to write, I send a warm salute from Serradifalco.

TO THE AUTHOR OF THE ABOVE:  Please e-mail me at and IDENTIFY YOURSELF, and I'll remove your e-mail address from the guestbook.    "Uncle Ange"

ALL'AUTORE DEL SUDDETTO: Prego E-mail a me a e SI IDENTIFICA  e rimuoverÚ il vostro indirizzo di E-mail dal guestbook. "Zio Angelo"
16 Dec 2004
       I live in London and my Grandad's name was also Ciro Coniglio, from a little village near Palermo.   Contact me and tell me if there's any connection.
25 Dec 2004
Ms.Coniglio - even though she wasn’t there too long, she was one of the best teachers we could of ever asked for. We miss u and love you.                                     Raedean Hughes (Clyde-Savannah Student)
03 Jan 2005
My name is Nicholas Coniglio, the son of Stephen and Anna Coniglio.   My grandfather Francesco came from Palermo, Sicily in 1911.   He opened a Barber Shop in Georgetown, Wash. D. C.   I never knew that there were so many Coniglio's.   I have a brother Frank Coniglio in Palm Beach, FL.
10 Jan 2005
Hello, My name is Karen Coniglio Gorka. My family is from Fredonia N.Y.   My grandparents were Carl and Mary Manzella Coniglio.  They had 6 children,Vincent, Joesph, Jesse Sam, Carl, Grace and Angeline.
It was interesting to find your family web site and view pictures of possible ancestors.
[Karen's grandparents emigrated from Valledolmo in 1892.]

From Anna Barca:
26 Jan 2005
     Bongiorno a tutta la Famiglia Coniglio.

Abbiamo riconosciuto le fotografie sul vostro sito Web. Mi chiamo Anna Barca sono la nipote di Antonio Coniglio (fratello di Giuseppe et Gaetano).  Mia madre e Antonina Coniglio (figlia di Antonio e di Verdone Giuseppina). Paolo e Raimondo Coniglio sono i miei zii ma non sono i figli di Giuseppe ma quelli di Antonio e di Iandolino Antonina.  Raimondo Coniglio e la sua famiglia abitano ancora a Serradifalco (Sicilia). Paolo non c’Ť piu e morto. E noi siamo in Belgio.

Ci farebbe molto piacere avere una risposta. Potremo mandarvi Ie nostre fotografie. Ci ha fatto molto piacere sapere che ci sta ancora la nostra famiglia in America.  A presto.

     Goodday to all the Coniglio Family.

I recognized the photos on your website.   My name is Anna Barca, I am the granddaughter of Antonio Coniglio (brother of Giuseppe and Gaetano).  My mother is Antonina Coniglio (daughter of Antonio, and Giuseppina Verdone).  Paolo and Raimondo Coniglio are my uncles, but they are not sons of Giuseppe, but of Antonio and Antonina Landolino.  Raimondo Coniglio and his family still live in Serradifalco (Sicily).  Paolo is there no more, he died.   And we are in Belgium.

It would give me much pleasure to have a response.  We could send you our photos.  It has made me very happy to know that our family is now in America.  I hope to hear from you soon.
15 Jul 2005

Fantastic website Ange - love it all. Your hard work and dedication come shining through.   My name is Gloria Raver and I am a greatgranddaughter of Giuseppa Callari and Antonio Greco.  They married in Serradifalco, immigrating first to Pittston, PA and then to Rochester, NY.  Please feel free to contact me.

    [Thank you for the message!  You are the first descendant of my great-great aunt Maria di Giugno to contact me.  She married Antonio Callari and was the sister of my great-grandmother Angela di Giugno.  Maria and Angela were daughters of my great-great-grandparents Leonardo di Giugno and Michela Vella, on my mother's side.     According to that, your grandparents were my third cousins, and you and I are "third cousins, twice removed".  You can see the di Giugno line at GenCirclescom.]

From Salvatore Luigi Avarello:

Guardando il vostro sito ho potuto notare l'amore smisurato nei confronti del nostro paese, questo mi fa' immensamente piacere, nonostante sono passati molti anni da quando i vostri genitori sono arrivati in America.

Con sincera stima Salvatore Luigi Avarello   
Serradifalco Li 01/

Viewing your site, I have been able to see the immeasurable love for our village, which gives me immense pleasure, notwithstanding the fact that many years have passed since your parents arrived in America.

With sincere esteem, Salvatore Luigi Avarello  
Serradifalco, the first of August, 2005.

Finora non avevo mai visto questo sito eppure ho ricercato molte volte la parola Serradifalco tramite i motori di ricerca. Vuol dire che adesso avete maggiore visibilitŗ oppure state diventanto importanti ;-) Ammiro e mi compiaccio del Vostro lavoro per realizzare il sito e del Vostro orgoglio di essere originari di Serradifalco. Bravi davvero e saluti dal paese. Ciao

Until now I had not ever seen this site, even though I have searched for the word Serradifalco many times with search engines. That means that now you have greater visibility or have become important.  ; -)   I admire and am pleased with your work to set up the site and with your pride of origin in Serradifalco.   Good work, indeed, and greetings from the village. Ciao.
04 Sep 2005
Hello, my name is Lee Coniglio.  I am 5th generation Coniglio.  I live in Seattle, WA.  I grew up in Chicago.  I have no idea where my family tree is nor do I know where to begin.  My wife is a flight attendant for United Airlines and we plan on going to Italy next year in our quest to find where my roots are.  Who knows,maybe we are related.  Nice web site. Take care.

Hello, Lee:
       Thanks for the message. You say you're 5th generation Coniglio. Do you know the name of your ancestor of 5 generations ago? If you can tell me the earliest name you know of, and approximately when he lived and/or died, I may be able to find some information.  I tried to e-mail you, but your system didn't accept mail from my account.
       Let me know.
       Angelo Coniglio

Hi Angelo,
I knew your site.  I read it a few months ago.  Sorry for my bad english.  I'm 31 years old.
My family name is ALESSI...I was born in France in 1974.  My father ROSARIO ALESSI was born in SERRADIFALCO.  He lives in Germany for 15 years.  I'm leaving in France.  My mother was born in Sicily too in Calascibetta (Provincia di Enna).
My Grand-Father was GAETANO ALESSI and my Grand-Mother Giovanna Giunta.  They lived in San Cataldo.  My Grand-Father was born circa 1917 I would say.
It would be nice and so fascinating to know all the details about our stories.
DAVIDE ALESSI (04-16-1974)


my name is Simone (03/12/1977), Iím the son of Giuseppa Coniglio, daughter of Giuseppe Coniglio (1879) born in Serradifalco 10/08/1946.  My grandpa was married with Anna Fazio (she died in 1993) and they had 9 kids, one died young, but some of them are still alive in Italy.

Carmela (wife of Giuseppe Difrancesco and they live in Serradifalco with three kids, Luigi, Maria Concetta, Sergio)
Angelo (dead, was married with Carmela Fazio with two daughters Anna and Giuseppina)
Gaetano (married w/ Anna, they have two kids, Gaetano and Raimondo)
Raimondo (married twice w/ three kids, Anna Maria, Daniela and a boy)
Giovanni (married with Adriana, they have two kids, Sergio and Stefano)
Rosa (she is dead and she has three boys, Alessandro, Pino and Tommaso)
Giuseppa (married w/ Tiziano Belloi, they have two kids Simone and Massimiliano)
Maria ( she has two kids, Daniela and Andrea)

I have lots of pictures of my Grandma and my momís family, unfortunately I have never met my grandpa but my mom told me lots of stories about him. I actually work and live in US, I recently moved to Los Angeles but I used to live in Chattanooga, TN.  Iíd love to get in touch with you people and my mom would love to met her cousins, Iím getting married next year and my parents will come over.  If you have any questions, please write me back soon Ö I canít wait to hear from you.

The letter on your newsletter is from my aunt Carmela, my momís sister in Serradifalco, I havenít seen them in years and I hope Iíll get the chance to go back to sicily soon.
I hope you have a great day!

Simone Belloi

Hello:  I am (sort of) new at this, but I am having a great time researching my ancestors from Sicily and I came upon your website.  We loved seeing it, you must be so proud that you did it - it's such a wonderful family keepsake to have.  Our grandparents are from a very very small town in Sicily (Giuliana), which today has only a population of 2, 200.  We will be visiting there in September and I thought I'd start doing my research now.  Thank you again for a beautiful family tribute, I only pray that our trip goes so well also and that we can take pictures with our long lost relatives.  (We found out recently that apparently our grandmother and grandfather were the only siblings that came to NY) so the rest of them and their families are still there!
Thanks again, Be well,
Julia Bruno and Sandra Delzotti

I just wanted to comment on your Robertsdale page.  My grandfather was a Chilcote from Rockhill/Orbisonia.  As a young married adult, he was a coalminer (Welsh) and my mother remembers that he joined the Klan because they told him and the other miners that all those "foreigners" trying to take their jobs were sent by the Pope!  My grandmother found his robes and had a public burning of her own.  Allegedly his membership lasted a whopping 3 days!

I don't know what he would think now.  I married a good Polish Catholic girl and converted about 6 years ago.  He was a good man though.  Hard worker.  Just uneducated and scared that someone might take his job.  Lived to be 99 and didn't slow down until he fell out of an apple tree at 87 and broke his hip.

Don Numer
Mill PA
    Thank you for sharing that with me.  I guess there were victims on both sides of the fence in those days.  It wasn't uncommon for immigrants (from wherever) to be used by the establishment for their own purposes.  Sounds like your grandmother was quite a pistol, herself!
    Thanks again, and I hope you have the long life of your granddad.  ~  Ange Coniglio 
24 Jul 2006
Hello fellow Coniglio's!

          I stumbled across this site while I was "googling" my dad's name, Frank Coniglio.  My name is Krystal Coniglio.  I am from Murphysboro, IL, but my father, Frank, is originally from Oak Lawn, IL....near (or in) Chicago.  I don't know a whole lot about my sicilian ancestry, but I do know of my great-grandfather Francisco Coniglio, who did in fact live in Sicily. 
          I just wanted to say hello, and would like to know if maybe any of us are related. My grandparents were Florence May Elizabeth Wralings-Coniglio and Christopher Phillip Coniglio. Anyone out there know us? Would be great to hear from you!

26 Jul 2006
Hello Coniglio Family
          I accidentally found your website while surfing the net.  My mother is Dorothy Coniglio living in Streetsboro, Ohio near Kent State University where I live.  Mom is 74 years old Her father Joseph Coniglio was an immigrant at age 18 from Calabria Italy who settled in North Braddock Pa, married an American Italian girl and lived his entire life there.  My grandfather was from a well known family (Coniglio) of Cabinet Makers and Woodcrafters in a small coastal town across the channel from Sicily.  I am amazed at the resemblance of your family members to some of my family members especially Antonio.  I know most likely it is coincidence but it could be possible that we have some distant connection.  I have a good number of living Coniglio family members in the Pittsburgh Pa area that look like your family. 
          About 10 years ago mom went to her fathers home town in Calabria Italy and met many members of her family and visited homes still owned by the family which were built by my grandfather and his brothers. My grandfathers many brothers traveled to the USA about the same time he did but all returned except him.  As a young boy my grandfather would tell about life in his homeland and his values leaned there.  I still remember his lessons and I have tried to live my 52 years accordingly.  Even though I have a German-Hungarian father I have always been proud of my Italian heritage and I am sure that my mind, heart and soul are Italian from my mother trapped in a 6' 2' 255 pound German-Hungarian body from my father.  It has been an interesting mix which has made my life exciting. I just love your website and really enjoyed the music. 
          I can not wait to show this to my mother.  I will continue to visit your site just to hear the music.  It has brought back wonderful memories of my grandfather and grandmother to me.
          God Bless

Edward C. Bargerstock

15 Jun 2007
         I also stumbled on this website, and it has all become so interesting. I am married into the Coniglio family, we live in Sydney Australia, my husbands name is Frank (Francesco) he was named after his father, and both grandfathers, we have kept the Italian tradition and have a son also named Frank and a son Anthony.
         It appears that the "Coniglio" name's origin is from Sicily, but my husbands family comes from Calabria. One of his cousins has started a family tree and even written a book about their family and she is not aware of there being ancestory in Sicily.
         My husband's family have been in Australia for many many years, we have always been told that there were not many Coniglios around but now after coming across your website it appears that this is incorrect.
         We will keep reading with great interest!! thanks for starting the site.  ~ Rose Coniglio

24 Jun 2007
Cari Coniglio

Mio cugino, in Italia, ha trovato il vostro sito e me lo ha girato.
Secondo lui, voi non dovreste essere parenti nostri perÚ guardando le facce direi proprio il contrario.

Avete saputo di Pietro Coniglio, nato a Palermo nel 1899 che aveva una cugina di nome Francesca Coniglio che emigrÚ agli stati Uniti?

Giovanni Coniglio nato a Bagheria sposato con Rosalia Foresta.  Ebbero il figlio Pietro Coniglio nato a Palermo nel 1899.  Pietro Coniglio sposÚ Anna Lupo nata nel 1900. Ebbero 5 figli. Una figlia si chiama Francesca che sposÚ Ermanno Ducceschi e emigrarono per il Brasile nel 1947.

In attesa di notizie invio cordiali saluti
Iara Coniglio Ducceschi

Dear Coniglios:

My cousin, in Italy, has found your site and sent me to it.
According to him, you could not be our relatives, but seeing your faces, it seems just the contrary.

Do you know of Pietro Coniglio, born at Palermo in 1899, who had a cousin named Francesca Coniglio that emigrated to the United States?

Giovanni Coniglio was born at Bagheria and married Rosalia Foresta. They had a son Pietro Coniglio born at Palermo in 1899.  Pietro Coniglio married Anna Lupo, who was born in 1900. They had 5 sons. One daughter called Francesca married Ermanno Ducceschi and they emigrated to Brazil in 1947.

In anticipation of news I send cordial greetings,
Iara Coniglio Ducceschi

26 Jun 2007
Uncle Ange,

I'd like to thank you for the wonderful eulogy for my dad.  You are certainly the one most qualified for the job and I am forever grateful.  The advice and support that I received from both you and Aunt Angie prior to and during the services was invaluable as well.  It would not have been the same without your input.

Also, I'd like to thank my cousins John Coniglio, Ronald Coniglio, Al Volo and Pat McGowan (my mom's nephew) for serving as pallbearer.  Your help is much appreciated. I'd like to thank my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who attended the wake, funeral and/or breakfast, and those who sent the many great cards.  We had a nice time honoring my dad's life and I know that he would have been pleased.

Lastly I'd like to thank my brother Tom for the magnificent effort in taking good care of my dad in the time that he struggled with Alzheimer's Decease.  From the many years of handling his finances to the total care he gave my dad during his final weeks and days, Tom did an outstanding job.  This was a most difficult time and Tom showed his true colors, as well as his incredible patience, courage and stamina.  My dad was truly fortunate to have him as his son and I am sure he will eventually thank him directly.

Tony Coniglio, Jr.

24 Jan 2009

cara famiglia Coniglio,
voglio complimentarvi con tutti voi per la realizzazione del sito, ricco di notizie e curato minuziosamente, guardandolo e seguendo il percorso di vita di mio nonno
Giuseppe Coniglio (fratello di Gaetano) fin dall'approdo in America e con il successivo ritorno in Italia, Ť sorprendente ed emozionante vedere i documenti dell'epoca riguardante la lista dei passeggeri di quelle navi ( che per molti rappresentavano una speranza di vita migliore).
io mi chiamo Pietro Latona e sono il figlio maggiore di Gino (Luigi) Latona e di Antonia Coniglio (figlia di Giuseppe Coniglio e Anna Fazio , sorella di Angelo, Gaetano, Carmela, Maria, Giuseppina, Rosa, Giovanni, Raimondo) ; sono nato a Serradifalco il 13/10/1964 e vivo a Caltanissetta dal 1988, ho 2 sorelle , Maria Cinzia di 42 anni e Monica di 34; ed ho anche 2 figlie Sandra di 21 anni e Simona di 17.
un caloroso abbraccio dal vostro lontano cugino.
Pietro Latona

Beloved Coniglio family:
            I want to compliment all of you for the creation of the web site, rich with news and edited meticulously. Viewing it and vicariously following the life of my grandfather
Giuseppe Coniglio (brother of Gaetano) from his entry point in America to his eventual return to Italy, it is amazing and moving to see documents of the era regarding the list of passengers of those ships (that for many represented hope of a better life).
           I am called Peter Latona and I am the eldest son of Gino (Luigi) Latona and Antonia Coniglio (daughter of Giuseppe Coniglio and Anna Fazio, sister of Angelo, Gaetano, Carmela, Maria, Giuseppina, Rose, Giovanni, and Raimondo); I was born on 13 October 1964 in Serradifalco, and live in Caltanissetta since 1988.
           I have 2 sisters, Cinzia Maria of 42 years and Monica of 34; and I have also 2 daughters Sandra of 21 years and Simona of 17.

           A warm embrace from your far-away cousin. ~ Pietro Latona

5 giugno 2009
Grazie della foto. Ci ha fatto piacere vederla inserita nel suo sito Web.
Ammiriamo il suo attaccamento alla nostra cara terra.
Auguriamo ogni bene a Lei e alla sua famiglia.
Un caloroso abbraccio da Mussomeli.

Anna Maria e Pinuccia.

June 5, 2009
Thank you for the photo.  It made us happy to see it on your Web site.

We admire your attachment to our beloved land.

We wish everything good for You and your family.
A warm embrace from
Anna Maria and Pinuccia.

27 November 2009

        My name is Francesco Coniglio, son of Francesco Coniglio and grandson of Calogero Coniglio.  We all reside in Ozone Park, NY and originate from Palermo, Sicily.  I came across your website and was thrilled to see all the Coniglio's and their family heritage.  Keep me updated as further information is available.
        Francesco Coniglio

7 December 20111
         My name is Francesco Coniglio, son of Francesco Coniglio, grandson of Calogero and Giuseppa Coniglio (Buttacavalo) who came from Palermo Sicily in 1951 to the US.  We lived in Ozone park NY.  I now am married to Kristine Coniglio (Nappo). We also have a son Francesco Vincent Coniglio and reside in Levittown NY.

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