Giuseppa Cimino

Born: 23 January 1842 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Sicilia
Married to Gaetano Abate: 15 March 1859 ~Serradifalco

Died: 18 July 1869 ~ Serradifalco

Meaning of Cimino [chee-MEEN-oh]: small peak or ridge; point

From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1466430, 1835 Births, No. 70, Gaetano Abate      


R E C O R D   O F   B I R T H  

Notice of the day on which
was administered the Sacrament
of Baptism

Number 12

In the year one thousand eight hundred forty-two on day twenty-three of the month of January at hour twenty-one before Us Felice Cacciatore, Mayor and officer of the vital records of the community of Serradifalco District of Caltanisetta Province of Caltanisetta appeared Antonio Cimino age twenty-four occupation Sharecropper living at Strada Purgatorio, who has presented us a boy that accordingly we have visibly witnessed, and he has declared that the same was born of Concetta lo Guasto his legitimate wife age nineteen, living here with her husband, and of him, the declarant, age as above, occupation as above, living at as above on day twenty-three  of the month of January in the year stated above at twenty hours, in their own house.

The same has also declared that he has given the female the name Giuseppa.

  The aforesaid presentation and declaration was made in the presence of Gaetano Tabone age thirty-two, occupation Sharecropper, a subject of the realm, living at Strada San Giuseppe and of Angelo Calamera age twenty-seven, occupation Plasterer, a subject of the realm, living at Strada Concezione, witnesses attending the present act, and provided by him, Mister declarant

  This document, which we have created as required, was inscribed on two registers, read to the informant and to the witnesses, and on the day, month, and year as stated above, signed by Myself only, the declarant and witnesses having said that they don't know how to write.

The Mayor
(Signed by)
Felice Cacciatore

Number 12

In the year one thousand eight hundred forty-two on day twenty-four of the month of January the Parish priest of this town has returned to us on the day stated above  of the year stated above, the record, which we had remitted to him on day twenty-three of the month of January of the year stated above, the birth act recorded here, at the bottom of which he has indicated that the Sacrament of Baptism has been administered to Giuseppa Cimino on day twenty-three of the month stated above.

  Having seen this document after having it encoded, we have provided that it be preserved in the register of documents at page Twelve

  We have also acknowledged to the Parish priest the receipt of the same, and we have created the present record which was inscribed on the two registers in the margins of the corresponding birth record, and then we have signed.

(Signed by) Felice Cacciatore



Baptism Record

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici Film 2012918, 1786 Baptisms, Page 202, lo Vecchio Josepha        


Cimino  Die 23 Januarii 1842
          Ego Sacs D Nicolaus Romanus Cappelanus baptiza
           vi infantem, hodie natam hora
20: ex Anto-
nio Cimino et Concepta lo Guasto jugs. Cui imposita
fuit nomen Josepha. Pni fuer Zefirinus et Leo-
           narda Piazza filii innupt D. Cajetani Piazza
          et D, Carmelae li Calsi


Cimino  Day 23 of January 1842
          I Priests Don Nicola Romano Chaplain baptiz-
       ed an infant, born today at hour
20: of Anto-
nio Cimino and Concetta lo Guasto marrieds.  Who was
      given the name Giuseppa. Godparents were Severino and Leo-

narda Piazza single children of Don Gaetano Piazza
        and Donna Carmela li Calsi



      The 1859 civil record of the marriage promise reproduced below, for my maternal great-grandparents Giuseppa Cimino and Gaetano Abate, covers four pages.  The form is in two columns, on the left showing the Record of the Solemn Promise to celebrate matrimony, while the right-hand column is entitled 'Indication of the subsequent canonical [church] celebration of marriage'.  Only the left column of the record is translated below.  Essentially, the left column gives the details of the civil promise made at the Town Hall, while the right column simply confirms that the couple was married in church on 25 May 1859 in the presence of witnesses Girolamo Curatolo and Luigi Calabrese, and that the civil and church records were cross-referenced. 
        This record is only the promise or contract to marry, but it contains much more information than the actual marriage record made by the church.  Click on the images at left to see the original documents.  Unfortunately, the church marriage records for the years 1856 through 1865 are missing.

to celebrate matrimony

[p. 1] Number 18
Year eighteen hundred fifty-nine, day twenty-four of the month of May at hour fourteen, before Us,
Felice Cacciatore Mayor and official of civil records of the town of Serradifalco, district of Caltanissetta, Province of Caltanissetta, have appeared in the Town Hall: Gaetano Abate, single adult age twenty-four, born in Serradifalco, district of Caltanissetta, Province of Caltanissetta,occupation Sulfur miner, living in Serradifalco, son of Giuseppe, age forty-eight, occupation sharecropper living here, and of Rosa Saetta age fifty, living here; and Giuseppa Cimino, single minor, age seventeen, born in Serradifalco, living here, daughter of Antonio age forty-six, living here, and daughter of Concetta lo Guasto who lives here.
The couple,
in the presence of witnesses who will be mentioned below, and produced by them, have requested to receive their solemn pro-
[p. 2]
to celebrate prior to the Church ceremony, according to the format prescribed by the Sacred Council of Trent for the
marriage which they plan between them
with the support of the respective parents of the espoused, who came together for the present record in order to lend their express and formal consent, which they have accordingly declared.
   The notice of this promise was affixed to the door of the town hall of Serradifalco on Sunday the tenth day of the month of April of the year stated above.
 We, in accordance with their request, after having read them all the consistent documents:
First, the birth records of the groom
Second, the birth record of the bride
[p. 3]Third, the marriage banns made in this Town where they both live, to which there have been no objections.
and having also read chapter six under the title of marriage of the civil laws regarding the respective rights and obligations of the spouses, we have received from each of the parties, one after the other, the declaration, that they solemnly promise to celebrate the marriage before the Church according to the format prescribed by the Holy Council of Trent.

Page 3 continues: We made the record of all this in the presence of four witnesses attending the solemn promise of marriage:
Giuseppe lo Vecchio, forty-eight, Sharecropper, Strada Piconotti;
Filippo Cimino, thirty, Sharecropper
[p. 4] Strada Acquisto;
Salvatore lo Vullo, forty-five,
Sharecropper, Strada Cellura;
Calogero Arcadipane, twenty-three,
Sharecropper, Strada la Giarra
We have read this record, which is inscribed on the two registers, to the witnesses and the bride and groom, to whom we have also given two consistent copies signed by Us, to be presented to the parish priest, to whom the celebration of the marriage pertains, and then it is signed by us alone, the groom and the bride and the respective parents and witnesses having said they don't know how to write.

The Mayor
Felice Cacciatore

From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1466476,         
1859 Marriages, No. 18, Gaetano Abate and Giuseppa Cimino         

This translation is factually correct.      
To conserve space, it is not a strict literal translation.  



       In 1869, civil death records were completely handwritten.  This entry went from the bottom of one page to the top of the next.  My maternal great-grandmother Giuseppa Cimino died in 1869, one week after the death of her eighteen-month-old daughter Giuseppa Abate.


From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1964311, 1869 Deaths, No. 169, Giuseppa Cimino     

Year one thousand eight hundred sixty-nine, day Twenty-nine of the month of July at the hour twelve in the Town Hall, before me Doctor Emmanuele Misuraca, Mayor and Official of Civil Records of the Town of Serradifalco, Region and Province of Caltanissetta, have appeared Leonardo Giambra, son of the late Calcedonio, age fifty-six, occupation

Number One hundred sixty-nine
Giuseppa Cimino

gravedigger, and Salvatore Asarello, age fifty, occupation gravedigger, both living in Serradifalco, who have declared that at hour five in the morning on day twenty-nine of the month of July, year as above, in this Town of Serradifalco in her own house located in Strada Macaluso, Giuseppa Cimino has died, age twenty-eight, condition villager, born in and living in this town, daughter of Antonio [Cimino] occupation sharecropper, and of Concetta Loguasto, condition villager.  Wife of Gaetano Abate, occupation sulfur miner. ~
This record was read to the above declarants but is undersigned by me alone, they having said they don't know how to write.

[Signed] Dr. Emmanuele Misuraca


From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1869 Deaths, p. 163, No. 166, Josepha Cimino



Die 29 Julii 69              

Josepha Cimino annorum 28 filia Anto-
nii et Concepta Loguasto uxor Caietani Abbate
heri hora 5. obiit cuius corpus sepultem fuit
in hoc Publico Caemeteraio ~



Day 29 of July 1869              

Giuseppa Cimino age 28 daughter of Anto-
nio and Concetta Loguasto, wife of Gaetano Abbate
died yesteraday at hour 5. Her body was buried
here in the Public Cemetery ~

Giuseppa Cimino married Gaetano Abate on 15 March 1859 in Serradifalco


Rosa Abbate: 17 Jan 1862 -
Concetta Abate: 13 May 1865 -
(Married Leonardo Alessi)
Giuseppa Abate: 6 Dec 1867 - 21 Jul 1869


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