Garett Alexander Wright

Clinton Wright, Garett Wright, Alessi Miller
and Morgan Wright ~ 2001

Gramma Connie, Morgan and Garett
~ 2003 ~


Garett ~ 2004

Garett and Bailey ~ 2005

Garett ~ 2005


Garett's note ~ 2005



Garett and Morgan ~ July 2009

Garett's sand sculpture

Garett, Frank Sowa and Emma


Garett sat in for Andy at the 2010 Coniglio Family Picnic



The Danville Commercial-News

October 9, 2010

Golden birthday truly unique

Boy turns 10 on 10-10-10

Sat Oct 09, 2010

WESTVILLE — Garett Wright, of Westville, will be turning 10 years-old tomorrow, which is special for any child, breaking that birthday ceiling into double digit numbers.

For Wright, his birthday will truly be exceptional — or at least out of the ordinary.

Wright will celebrate his golden birthday, turning 10 on Oct. 10. Also on this birthday, he’ll be turning 10 on 10-10-10, Oct. 10, 2010.

Garett’s mom, Tara Wright, said she didn’t realize the coincidence until about six months ago, but Garett contends he did two years ago. His dad is Clinton Wright.
“I just thought it was really cool and I immediately went to someone and told them,” Garett said.

His mother said he’s been talking about his big day for quite some time and if anyone asks him about it, he doesn’t hesitate to offer up that he’ll be 10 on 10-10-10.

“It’s a true, golden birthday,” Tara Wright said.

Garett seems to be the first one in the family with such a unique birthday. He plans to celebrate it today, with a big party and lots of out-of-town family in attendance.

He says it’s his biggest birthday yet. The next one he’s looking forward to is his 13th.

“Because then I’ll be older and be able to do more things with my friends,” Garett said.

Garett said his friends think it’s “really cool” to have a friend with a birthday like his and he doesn’t know anyone else with such a unique one.

His mom said while he’s excited for his party, he also thinks it’s great to have a four-day weekend off from school, which just fell in his favor.

All in all, everyone who hears about the special birthday thinks it’s just really neat.

“It’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing,” Tara Wright said.


          In March, 2011, Garett's friend Flat Stanley went with Uncle Angelo to see Uncle Ray in Sebastian, Florida.  When they left, there was snow on the ground in Buffalo, and ice in the lake at Crystal Beach, Canada.
        Stanley was a good companion, but he upset the pilot when he rode on the engine!  When we got to Florida, Cousin Ray helped Stanley call home, and then Stanley helped prepare supper.
          Cousin Ray and Uncle Ray helped Stanley get in the "Florida mood" with sunglasses and trunks.  Then, Stanley relaxed by the pool and got a good tan.


Garett in 2013



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