Felice Pio Calabrese

Born: 10 May 1786 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Sicilia
Died: before 1862 ~ Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Sicilia 

Meaning of Calabrese [cah-lah-BRAZE-eh]: of or from the region Calabria


      My paternal great-grandfather Felice Pio Calabrese was born in 1786. 
       Sicily at that time was ruled by King Ferdinando I, the son and subject of King Carlos III of Spain, the first Spanish Bourbon king, who was also King Carlo V of Sicily prior to granting his son Ferdinando the throne in 1759.  The coin at the right of the image of King Carlo is the fabled Spanish Dubloon, which in 1786 was still the currency of Spain's holdings in the new world, and also in Sicily.
       In 1786 in the United States, frontiersman Davy Crockett was born.  It would be three years before the US elected its first President.

      Civil records of births were not kept before 1820.  Below is the baptismal records, in Latin of my paternal great-grandfather Felice Pio Calabrese (Felix Pius Calabrisi, in Latin), from the Chiesa San Leonardo Abate (Church of St. Leonard the Abbott) in Serradifalco.  This was the town's 'Chiesa Madre', or main church.  From the Latin word 'qounda' before the name of Felice's father (also named Felice) it can be noted that the father died before the child was born.  Sons were not usually named after their own fathers, except in cases like this, where the father died after the child was conceived, and before he was born.

From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013681, 1757 Baptisms, Page 184, Felix Pius Calabrese



Day 11 May 1786 :            

 I Priest Francesco Benedetto Lio, by authority of the Parish, baptized an infant born yesterday at about the fourth hour, of the late Felice and the living Maria Calabrese, man and wife.  The name given to the child was Felice Pio. Godparents were Priest Don Cataldo di Palermo and Maria di Palermo, brother and sister.

Felice Calabrese married Maria Burgio in about 1818 in Serradifalco


Luigi Calabrese: abt 1819 - 18 Sep 1889
(Married Concetta di Giugno)
Rosa Calabrese: 6 Dec 1820 -
Maria Calabrese: 23 Sep 1823 -
Pietro Calabrese: 14 May 1827 - 18 Feb 1829
Gaetana Calabrese: 4 Feb 1830 - 7 Dec 1830
Gaetano Calabrese: abt 1827 - 16 Jan 1833
Luigia Calabrese: 9 Oct 1831
Giuseppe Calabrese: abt 1835 - 7 Mar 1907 
(Married Grazia Arena)
Gaetano Calabrese: 17 Nov 1837 -
Maria Carmela Calabrese: 11 Apr 1843 - 2 Feb 1909
(Married Gaetano Coniglio)


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