In 1912, at the age of twenty-three, Gaetano Coniglio married Rosa Alessi, then nineteen years old, in Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Sicily. They lived in a region of Sicily where Gaetano had been a sulfur miner and a soldier in the Italian army. Dreaming of a new life and new opportunities in America, Gaetano followed his brother Giuseppe to the "new world" in 1913.   Rosa (he called her "Rosina") had their first child, Gaetano (Guy) in Serradifalco in December 1913, and a year later she and the baby joined Gaetano in Pennsylvania.

        In America, the family grew, and eventually settled in Buffalo. In addition to Guy, their children were: Leonard, Raymond, Felice (Phil), Carmela (Millie), Concetta, (Connie), Maria (Mary), Anthony (Tony), and Angelo. Through Gaetano's and Rosa's hard work, they became home-owners and saw their family flourish. Gaetano passed on in 1944, but Rosa lived to welcome and revel in the birth of all twenty-seven of her grandchildren.schol.1.jpg (3730 bytes)

       Angelo married Angie Bongiovanni, and they had two kids; Angelo, and Angela, the youngest grandchild of     Gaetano and Rosa. Angela was a vibrant child who grew into a young woman with many passions: sports of all kinds;   competition; coaching; science and biology; and teaching.   

         For years Angela played goalie on boys' hockey teams; she played hockey and lettered in several other sports at   Amherst Central High School; she played soccer for thirteen summers in the Empire State Games; and she starred in    womens' soccer at Nazareth College, where she set school records for single game assists and career assists. She's a  member of the Athletic Hall of Fame at Amherst High . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . and at Nazareth College.  schol.3.jpg (4046 bytes)

        After college, Angela taught junior and senior high school Science and Biology courses, refereed girls' soccer, and coached girls' track, softball, basketball and field hockey. She was an advocate for women and minorities throughout her career. She loved teaching, and her students enjoyed her classes immensely. One student told a story about how Angela once stood on her head and swallowed gummy-worms in front of a biology class, to demonstrate the process of peristalsis.

        This scholarship uses funds that Angela left on her passing, and is intended to help her cousins achieve a goal she cherished: education. It is both a memorial to and a gift from your cousin Angela.

         If you want to apply for this scholarship, please contact Uncle Ange, Aunt Angie, Denise Denisco Tiranno, or Maria Sowa Valint, and submit a letter or a-message that states your relationship to Angela and the name of the college or program to which you have been accepted.

          Eligible for this scholarship are any of Angela's cousins descended from Gaetano Coniglio and Rosa Coniglio; and the children and grandchildren, etc. of those cousins.

            The original funds from this award were from Angela's estate.  That amount has been augmented by contributions from Angela's relatives, and twenty-seven scholarships have been awarded in the past twenty-one  years.  In that time, fund growth and contributions have enabled the award to be increased from $200 to the present $1,200.



1997 Nicholas Steht, first cousin once removed 1998 Phil Tiranno, first cousin once removed
1998 Aaron Miller, first cousin once removed 2000 Jordan Knight, first cousin once removed
2000 Sammy Tiranno, first cousin, once removed 2000 Adam Steht, first cousin once removed
2000 Natasha Miller, first cousin once removed 2000 Jackie Miller, first cousin
2004 Julia Coniglio, first cousin once removed 2005 Chris Tiranno, first cousin once removed
2006 Sarah Lang, first cousin once removed 2006 Bob Coniglio, first cousin once removed
2007 Emma Feingold, first cousin once removed 2008 Greg Lang, first cousin once removed
2008 DJ Valint, first cousin once removed 2009 Lauren Silvestro, first cousin once removed
2009 Alessi Miller, first cousin once removed 2009 Amanda Skinner, first cousin once removed
2010 Rachel Silvestro, first cousin once removed 2011 Tim Valint, first cousin once removed
2012 Zach Skinner, first cousin once removed 2013 Francesca Sowa, first cousin once removed
2015 Morgan Wright, first cousin, twice removed 2016 Raven Robinson, first cousin, twice removed
2016 Bailey Valint, first cousin once removed 2017 Kylie Miller, first cousin once removed
2017 Haley Jee Coniglio, first cousin twice removed 2018 Thomas Anthony Coniglio, first cousin once removed
2021 Catherine Nancy Scherrer, first cousin twice removed 2022 Margaret Kathleen Scherrer, first cousin twice removed

2023 Hope Marie Sedita, first cousin twice removed


Contributions to future scholarships
For the Cousins of Angela C
may be made to
Denise Denisco Tiranno
or Maria Sowa Valint



Below are letters submitted by Tim Valint and Tommy Coniglio, typical of the applications received.


Dear Aunt Angie and Uncle Angelo,

              I am writing to you for your consideration for the Angela Coniglio Cousins Scholarship. I am the second Ė and middle Ė son of Maria (Sowa) Valint, who was Angelaís first cousin. Like my older brother, I was too young to ever get to know Angela for myself, but from what I hear, I think we would have enjoyed each otherís company. My mother has many fond memories of her childhood growing up with Angela, much the way I do with my cousins. I often hear stories from her about Angela, and every story has something in common with the others: Angelaís propensity to make everyone smile.

             I find that Angela and I would have many things in common. I am a soccer player and an overall fit person. From what I hear, Angela was an incredible athlete, good enough to hold her own on the guysí teams! I can only imagine how much fun it mustíve been to play with her.

             Another thing I have in common with Angela is that we both have played the violin. I have played my violin in 5 different countries for countless different people. I have also taught many young children in the Buffalo Suzuki Strings program the beginning steps of learning how to play the violin. As a teacher, herself, I can only think that Angela would approve.

              My mom has told me Angela was a great Biology teacher. Seeing as that I am attending the University at Buffalo in the fall majoring in Chemical Engineering with a Biology track, I think we could have had quite a few interesting intellectual discussions. This shared love of science will help me to discover and achieve the goals I set for myself in the future. I think that Angela would require only one thing out of my education, that I follow my heart and choose a career that I will love and enjoy.

               In the process of writing this letter, I am glad to say that I learned a lot about a really special person! In memory of my cousin Angela, I would be very much honored to receive the Cousins Scholarship. This gift from her is a way to keep Angelaís memory alive.



Dear Aunt Angie and Uncle Angelo,

In honor of the memory of Angela Coniglio, and the opportunity Angela left the young scholars of the Coniglio Family, I am submitting this letter to you. Iím submitting it in hope of your consideration to be a recipient of the Angela Coniglio Cousins Scholarship. My Grandfather Tony Coniglio was the brother of Angelaís father Angelo Coniglio. My father Thomas Harold Coniglio is the first cousin of Angela. This would make me, Thomas Anthony Coniglio, Angela's first cousin once removed. Like many of the young members of the Coniglio Family Iím not old enough to have known Angela. Luckily, through the stories told through those that did know her in fife, I can still appreciate the accomplishments she had achieved.

I am currently attending the University at Buffalo for Accounting. Iím at the end of my Junior year. I will graduate with a Master of Business Administration {MBA} in Accounting by the end of 2019. Following that year, Iíll pursue a career in my field while jointly finishing a fifth year in the graduate program.  Following my fifth year, Iíll apply to become a Certified Public Accountant {CPA}.

            It is important to recognize members of our family no longer with us, and marvel at their accomplishments in life. If we, the younger members. of the Coniglio family can adopt the same passion and determination that our cousin Angela had, then it will motivate us to accomplish our own goals and aspirations during our own journey.

            I would like to thank you, the loving parents of Angela Coniglio for your time in reviewing my application for the Angela Coniglio Cousins Scholarship. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to receive such a scholarship. This grant will aid me in the pursuit of my own academic goals at the University at Buffalo.

 I would also like to take the time to thank Angela herself for leaving her family this wonderful opportunity, while I also write a few words of sentiment.


Thank you for leaving your family this wonderful gift. I wasnít able to meet you in this life, but through those that did I learned so many wonderful things about vou. Though your bother I learned how funny, athletic, loving and determined you were.  Through your parents I learned how inrtelligent, generous and thoughtful you were, Through your cousins that knew you, I learned how sweet, durable, and strong you were. These characteristics lead me to believe that we would have grown very close, I wish I could have had the joy of meeting you.                                                                      

                                                                                                               With love,

                                                                                                                        Thomas Coniglio

Uncle Angelo and Aunt Angie, thank you for reviewing my submission. I look forward to hearing your decision about the Angela Coniglio Cousins Scholarship.

                                                                                                                            Gratefully Yours,  

                                                                                                                        Thomas Coniglio


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