Calogero Alessi

Born: 21 October 1818 ~Marianopoli, Caltanisetta, Regnu di Sicilia
Married Rosa Giampapa: 17 Feb 1841 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Regnu di li Dui Sicilji
Married Angela di Giugno: 18 April 1853 ~Serradifalco, Caltanisetta, Regnu di li Dui Sicilji
Died: 22 October 1875 ~ Serradifalco

Meaning of Alessi [uh-LACE-ee]: from the Greek, Alex, Alexander

        In 1818, the year my maternal great-grandfather Calogero Alessi was born, Sicily, with Naples and the southern Italian peninsula, formed the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, ruled by Bourbon Spain.   Calogero's family owed allegiance to the King of the Two Sicilies, Ferdinando III (Fernando I of Spain, at right), who in turn was a subject of his cousin Isabella II, Queen of Spain and All its Holdings (including Sicily).  

        The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies extended over the Mezzogiorno (the southern part of mainland Italy) from Naples to the island of Sicily.  This was the same territory that formed the original Kingdom of Sicily, which was the world's first "nation".  Its coat of arms was shown on this 1835 "Two Sicilies" coin. 
      In 1818 in England, Mary Shelley published her novel Frankenstein.  In the United States, Illinois was admitted to the Union, during President James Monroe's first term.

      Civil records of births were not kept before 1820.  Below are the baptismal records of my maternal great-grandfather Calogero Alessi, from the Chiesa San Prospero (St. Prosper's Church) in Marianopoli, a few miles north of Serradifalco. 
       The first is the original record No. 195, in Latin, made on the day of his baptism.  That is followed by a transcript made at a later date (probably at the end of the year 1818), also in Latin, saying essentially the same thing.  The original record names the midwife as Ninfa Abbate, the transcript leaves out that information.  
My great-grandfather Calogero Alessi was not born in Italy, which did not exist as a nation in 1818.  He was born in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, and was a subject of Ferdinando III.

From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013681, 1818 Baptisms, Number 195, Calogerus Alessi


From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013681,  1818 Baptism transcripts, Page 184, No. 51, Calogerus Alessi


No. 51             Day 21 October 1818                

   Calogero Alessi, son of Modesto [Alessi] and Emmanuela Ferrara, man and wife, ~~ baptized at home~~ by Priest Carmelo Restivo ~ Godparents were Michael Agr and his wife Catalda Vullo.

      The 1853 civil record of the marriage promise reproduced below, for Angela di Giugno and Calogero Alessi, covers four pages.  To the right is a summary.  The form is in two columns, on the left showing the Record of the Solemn Promise to celebrate matrimony, while the right-hand column is entitled 'Indication of the subsequent canonical [church] celebration of marriage'.  Essentially, the left column gives the details of the civil promise made at the Town Hall. The right column, not translated below, simply confirms that the couple was in fact married in church on 18 August 1853, and that civil and church records were cross-referenced.  Click on the images at left to see the original documents.  This record is only the promise to marry, but it contains much more information than the actual marriage record made by the church, which follows.
       This was Calogero's second marriage, the one which led to the line of my mother Rosa Alessi.  His first marriage was in his birthplace, Marianopoli, to Rosa Giampapa, who died sometime after the death of their son Salvatore in 1852 and prior to Calogero's marriage to Angela di Giugno in Serradifalco, in 1853.


to celebrate matrimony

[p. 1] Number 20
Year eighteen hundred fifty-three, day eighteen of the month of August at hour twenty-three, before Us,
Giuseppe Maida elected assistant functionary of the Mayor and official of civil records of the town of Serradifalco, District of Caltanissetta, Province of Caltanissetta, have appeared in the Town Hall: Calogero Alessi adult widower age thirty-four, born in Marianopoli, District of Caltanissetta, Province of Caltanissetta, occupation sharecropper, living in Serradifalco, son of the late Modesto,  - - and Emmanuela Ferraro age sixty, living in Marianopoli; and Angela di Giugno single adult, age twenty-two, born in Serradifalco, living here, daughter of the late Leonardo - - and daughter of the late Michela Vella - -
The couple,
in the presence of witnesses who will be mentioned below, and produced by them, [p. 2] have requested to receive their solemn promise to celebrate prior to the Church ceremony, according to the format prescribed by the Sacred Council of Trent for the marriage which they plan between them and with the support of the mother of the groom and the paternal grandfather of the bride, who came together for the present record in order to lend their express and formal consent, which they have accordingly declared.
   The notice of this promise was affixed to the door of the town hall of Serradifalco on Sunday the twentieth of the month of March
 We, in accordance with their request, after having read them all the consistent documents:
1st the birth record of the groom
2nd the birth record of the bride
3rd the banns as noted above at the town hall, regarding which there have been no objections
[p. 3]4th the death records of the father of the groom
5th the death record of the paternal grandfather of the groom
6th the death record of Rosa Giampapa first wife of Calogero Alessi
7th the death record of the father of the bride
8th the death record of the mother of the bride

     The bottom of page 3 continues: and having also read chapter six under the title of marriage of the civil laws regarding the respective rights and obligations of the spouses, we have received from each of the parties, one after the other, the declaration, that they solemnly promise to celebrate the marriage before the Church according to the format prescribed by the Holy Council of Trent.We made the record of all this in the presence of four witnesses attending the solemn promise of marriage:
Giuseppe Aronica, twenty-four, a Carter, Strada Purgatorio; Filippo Micciche, twenty-four, a Carter,
[p. 4] Strada Micciche; Lorenzo Ricotta, twenty-six, - - Strada Accurzio; Andrea di Francesco, twenty-six, Sulfur miner, Strada Macaluso
     We have read this record, which is inscribed on the two registers, to the witnesses
and the bride and groom, to whom we have also given two consistent copies signed by Us, to be presented to the parish priest, to whom the celebration of the marriage pertains, and then it is signed by us alone, the bride and groom, the mother of the groom, the paternal grandfather of the bride and the witnesses having said they don't know how to write.

[Signed] The Elected Assistant
Giuseppe Maida

From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1466475,         
1853 Marriages, No. 20, Calogero Alessi and Angela di Giugno        

This translation is factually correct.      
To conserve space, it is not a strict literal translation.  



From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1853 Marriages, No. 20, Calogerus Alessi and Angelam Di Giugno  

Calogero Alessi

Day 18 April 1853              

I, Rev. Archpriest Don Orazio Sferrazza posted marriage banns at masses on three consecutive feast days, the 4th, 10th and 17th of  April 1853. No one offering objections, Calogero Alessi, widower of the late Rosa his former wife in the Town of Marianopoli, and Angela Di Giugno legit. and natural dtr. of Leonardo, and of Michela Vella his late wife were joined in matrimony in this church.  Witnesses were T. Curatolo and Don Francesco Sferrazza.  This was performed in holy Mass.

      The 1872 civil record reproduced below of the death of my maternal great-grandfather Calogero Alessi erroneously gives his father's name as Amodeo and his mother's as Emmanuela Furca.  His church death record, also shown below, gives the same names.  However, Calogero's baptismal record  and marriage record gives them correctly as Modesto Alessi and Emmanuela Ferrara.  The incorrect information on the death records was probably given by Calogero's surviving widow, my great-grandmother Angela di Giugno.  He was a widower when he married her, and was from another town, Marianopoli.  His father was dead when Angela married Calogero, so she never knew him.  Her mother-in-law Emmanuela Ferrara lived in another town, and evidently Angela was not familiar with her surname.
        Two versions of the record are shown below.  One is from the microfilm of the record on extended loan at the LDS FamilySearch Center at 1424 Maple Road, Williamsville, New York; the other is from the on-line Italian government site


From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1964312, 1872 Deaths, No. 175, Calogero Alessi     


From Serradifalco Registri Stato Civile Film 1964312, 1872 Deaths, No. 175, Calogero Alessi,    
as shown on Italian 'Antenati' Portal at 1872 Deaths, Image 96     

Year one thousand eight hundred seventy-two, day Twenty-two of the month of October at the hour twenty-one Italian Time in the Town Hall, before me Notary Gaetano Crucill, Mayor and Official of Civil Records of the Town of Serradifalco, Region and Province of Caltanissetta, have appeared Leonardo Giambra, son of the late Calcedonio, age fifty-eight, and Salvatore Asarello, son of an unknown father, age fifty-two occupation gravedigger, both residing in Serradifalco, who have declared  to me that at hour seventeen Italian Time today, in this town of Serradifalco, in the house where he lived at Strada San Giuseppe, has died Calogero Alessi, age fifty, occupation sharecropper, born in Marianopoli and residing here, son of the Amodeo and of Emmanuela Furca, a commoner, and husband of Angela Giugno, occupation commoner.
[Signed] Notary Gaetano Crucill

No.  One hundred seventy-five
Calogero Alessi


From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2013010,  1872 Deaths, No. 168, Calogerus Alessi

Calogero Alessi

Day 22 October 1872               

Calogero Alessi, age 50, son of Amodeo and of Emmanuela Furca, husband of Angela Giugno died today at hour 17.  His body was buried in this church's Cemetery.

Calogero Alessi married Rosa Giampapa on 17 February, 1841 in Marianopoli

Known Children
Vincenzo Alessi: 1842
Calogera Alessi: 1844 - 1845
Modesto Alessi: 1846 - 1847
Modesto Alessi: 1847 - 1902
(ancestor of Robert Alessi)
Salvatore Alessi: 1851 - 1852

Rosa Giampapa died in about 1852

Calogero Alessi, a widower, married Angela di Giugno on 15 April, 1853 in Serradifalco

Known Children
Leonardo Alessi: 1854
Leonardo Alessi: 4 November 1855 - after 1914
(Married Concetta Abate)
Emmanuela Alessi: 1858
Giuseppa Alessi: 1867
Maria Alessi: 1896 - 1897
Angelo Alessi: 1869 - 1908
Calogera Alessi: 1871


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