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Danville family displays racing talent at VCS
By: Marvin Holman

Danville's Jordan Knight (75P) races between riders Andrew Miller (95P) and Michael Evilsizer (54F) in an AMA-sanctioned event Wednesday night at the Vermilion County Speedway.

OAKWOOD — June 11, 2003: Wednesday's AMA motorcycle show at Vermilion County Speedway was a show-case for Ben and Jordan Knight.

It was a chance for the Danville racers to show what they can do against some of the best in the Midwest for their hometown fans.

The family has been racing for about 50 years.

"My grandfather, Don Miller, started out in the 1950s and then he passed it on to my uncles Andy and Matt," Ben Knight said. "After my father passed away, my grand-father got us started with motor-cycles to get us out of trouble."

Ben Knight was 15 and Jordan Knight was 10 when John Knight died, but Don Miller, along with Andrew Miller, kept the brothers focused on racing.

"I started when I was 16 and in the past year, I got enough na-tional points to go to the Grand National Series next year," Ben Knight said. "We're making a 750 cc (cubic centimeter) bike for the series and we hope to get some sponsors and get the bike ready so we can come back here next year."

"It takes a lot of time," Jordan Knight said. "During the week, I put in 30 hours just working on the bike. ... It gives you a chance to show camaraderie with other racers and responsibility.

"When you start, it's for fun and then you start winning some races and it gets in your blood," Jordan Knight added.

Andrew Miller races with the brothers and also helps them with the cycles.

"I started racing in 1971 and I've been off and on for a lot of years," Miller said. "I usually get the bike that they are not racing that night. ... It's a little strange for me because I used to beat them all the time and now it's hard for me to catch up with them."

Ben Knight took ninth in the 505 cc expert feature. Miller was sixth and Jordan Knight finished eighth in the 505 pro sport race.

"I actually tore the bike up," Miller said. "But that's a part of the game and I'll be fixing that along with the other cycles."

Miller started in a time where motorcycle racing was thriving in the area and hopes it can be again.

"There used to be motorcycle racing here and in Georgetown," Miller said. "We need more promoters to run more events around in the area."

"The last time I was here, it was in 1994 and I raced at 250 cc," Ben Knight said. "A lot of racers didn't know that the show was going on tonight and some had to work. ... Next year, we hope to have some more publicity about the event and get some more racers here."

Jordan Knight said there is a sense of family among the racers.

"Before the expert race, (Nicholas) Williams' chain fell off of his bike and everyone came down to help and another team offered him the part," he said. "That shows how much everyone don't want anyone not to finish."

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