Angela Yvonne Bongiovanni
Ange Coniglio

Meaning of Bongiovanni (bohn-joe-VAH-nee): John the good



Angie Bongiovanni's first step
~ 1938 ~

 ~ 1942 ~

Mary & Angela Yvonne Bongiovanni
1944 ~


Mary Lanza Bongiovanni
& Sam Bongiovanni ~ 1944

Mary  Angie and Sam
1944 ~


Angela with Tom Sapienza (lower right) ~ 1943
3rd grade School 18 class visits Bob Wells (left)

Angela Yvonne Bongiovanni
about 1944


Angela Yvonne
about 194

Sam & Angie Bongiovanni
~ 194
5 ~


Angie Bongiovanni is eighth from left in the second row from bottom.



Angie and her Lafayette High School sisters of Sigma Alpha Rho Sorority ~ 1953


Women Pioneers of Buffalo

In the fall of 1942, two little Sicilian American girls first met, as fellow kindergartners at Buffalo’s brand-new Public School Number 18, on West Avenue and Hampshire.  They were my future wife Angela Yvonne Bongiovanni, daughter of Sicilians from Montalbano di Elicona and Mussomeli; and JoAnn Giambelluca, the child of parents descended from the towns of Serradifalco and Vallelunga Pratameno.
Angie and JoAnn grew to be fast friends through their nine years at School 18, where their future successes were foreshadowed by their youthful accomplishments, Angie as an essayist and Vice-President of the 1951 graduating class, and JoAnn as its Valedictorian and Jesse Ketchum Medal winner. 

Their friendship was interrupted when the Giambelluca’s moved to Cheektowaga, where JoAnn’s father Ludi (Loreto), a pharmacist, opened Larry’s Pharmacy on Dick Road, while Angie enrolled at Lafayette High School, from which her favorite cousin Tom Lo Presti had prepared himself to attend pharmacy school at Union College.

Not surprisingly, both Angie and JoAnn chose pharmacy for their careers, and they were reunited as freshmen  at the University of Buffalo Pharmacy School in the fall of 1956.   At the time, women pharmacists were a rarity in Buffalo, but Angie and JoAnn comprised a group of pioneering women at UB in the late 1950’s, including the freshman pharmacy class of 1956, which welcomed the largest enrollment of women in the department’s history. 

They included Angie and JoAnn; Maria Tomaselli; Jean Manta, Rose Marie Mastrantonio; Mary Ferruzza; Rose Quagliana; and Margaret Crimaldi, whose sister Rose Marie had started there in 1955.  Margaret Crimaldi Quinn completed her pharmacy baccalaureate and went on to finish law school.  Rose Marie Crimaldi Madejski became a community pharmacist and later was a Clinical Assistant Professor at UB.

Rose married Dr. Jan Madejski and they raised two children who became physicians.   Marge and Rose are descendants of the town of San Pier Niceto, Sicily.

Angie Bongiovanni Coniglio and JoAnn Giambelluca Skaros became pharmacists: Angie at Miller Drugs on the West Side, and JoAnn at Larry’s Pharmacy in Cheektowaga. 

As Community Pharmacists, they carried out their duties in an era in which pharmacists considered their patrons not as ‘customers’, but as patients and human beings.  Together, along with the other UB women pioneers, they served generations of Western New Yorkers with competence and caring.  Angie and JoAnn, and their families, are still dear friends to this day.


Junior photo, Lafayette HS
1954 ~

Lafayette HS Grduation
1955 ~



Cousins (and fellow pharmacists) Tom LoPresti & Angie
at her UB graduation ~ June 1960

Angie and her dear friends
Dorothy and Guy Stacey



At Miller drugs shortly after receiving her Pharmacy degree at UB, a customer asked to speak to a pharmacist.
Angie told him "What do you think
I am, a barber?"



July 1961


October 28, 1961


Sam Bongiovanni
Angela Yvonne Bongiovanni

                                             Ange,    Rosa C., Joe P., John G.,    Sam B., Mickey F.

Denise Denisco

            Angie Bongiovanni Coniglio

Jean Manta


Joe Polito, June Farinech, Sam Liotta, Jean Manta, Angie, Ange, Mickey Fiorella, John Gugino

 October 28, 1961


Our honeymoon ~ Penn Hills Lodge, Analomink, PA ~ November 1961



With Charlie, the Penn Hills Lodge
Social & Events Director

With fellow newlyweds, Jo & John DeBlasio, Jr.
from Hackensack, New Jersey




Angie ~ 1962


Angela (Angie) Yvonne Bongiovanni Coniglio

1961, at Miller Drugs

Halloween 1965
(first female member of the AFL Hall of Fame)

1969, at Crystal Beach


Angela and Angelo look on as
Angie attacks a 5-pounder ~ 1974, Cape Cod



Family Picnic 1980




Angela, Angie Cannon,
and Angie ~ 1981

Mary Lanza Bongiovanni, Angie, Ange, Angela  and Angelo
~ 1990 ~

AngelaAngie, Angie Cernuto Cannon, and
 Mary Lanza Bongiovanni ~ 1994



Not sisters, but "Sisters"
Angie Bongiovanni Coniglio
 Millie Coniglio Volo ~ about 1995

Aunt Angie
and Francesca Sowa
~ 1999 ~

Angie and Ange
at Mary's card game
~ 1999 ~



 Angie and Ange ~ 2006

Angie and Ange in Vancouver, BC ~ 2007 ~

Angie and Ange ~ 2009 ~


Fourth of July, 2012 ~ The Lobster House, Cape May, New Jersey


Angie's 60th anniversary of her 20th birthday
~ June 2017 ~

Angie with kindergarten and UB pharmacy classmates
Myra Boyer
and JoAnn Giambelluca Skaros


In 2018, Angie donated her pharmacy memorabilia to the University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy


April 2019 ~ Lake Tahoe


In 2021, we celebrated our 60th Wedding Anniversary at the Wurlitzer Events Center.  To see the slide show, CLICK HERE.



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