Andrew Guy Miller


About 1962

Four generatons: Mary, Natasha, Raven, Connie and Andy
~ 1997 ~

Andy with Aunt Angie
May 2001 ~ at Mystic, CT

Andy at the Coniglio Family Picnic
~ 2001


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Andy's retirement from the US Navy Submarine Service 
~ Groton CT, January 10, 2003 ~


Ron, Ray, Jackie, Dennis, Johnny,
Shelly, Jeannie, Denise, Andy, and Joey
at the 2010 Family Picnic

(Andy was a little late, but we managed to get him into the pcture)


Andy and Tom ~ 2013 Family Picnic




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Gaetano & Rosina

Guy Guy Jr. Ron Ro Joan Carole Brian


Ray Ray Jr. Ronald        
Phil John Jean JoAnn      
Millie Al Michael        
Connie Jackie Shelly Andy Matt Roseann  
Mary Dennis Denise Frank Maria    
Tony Tony Jr. Tom        
Ange Angelo Angela        























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