This page is to promote the University of BUFFALO and its graduates.  Its first goal is to have the University REVERSE its decision to maximize the words "NEW YORK" in the new Alumni Arena floor logo, at the expense of the word "Buffalo".

       And the UB football team wears jerseys on which "NEW YORK" is emblazoned on the front, while "Buffalo" is illegible!
       Please write to the UB Alumni Association at

      I have sent the following message to the Association:  "I strongly object to the Alumni Arena floor logo with 'NEW YORK' many times larger than 'Buffalo'. We're the University at BUFFALO, not just another New York college.  The minimization of Buffalo in the floor logo degrades my BS and MS from the University of BUFFALO, and implies that the university does not want to be associated with the City for which it is named."

       If you are of a like mind, please make your feelings known.

22 September 2013


The Buffalo News
Dear Editor:
    Although UB athletic director Danny White, as a native of New Orleans, may have an "identity crisis" about the name of our local state University, I suffer from no such crisis.
    I was born in BUFFALO, went to BUFFALO elementary and secondary schools, attended the University of BUFFALO, and also taught at UB as an adjunct professor for twenty-five years.  Yes, I now live in Amherst, but BUFFALO made me what I am.
    As such I strongly resent the fact that a transplanted Louisianan has the temerity to decide that the soul of my Alma Mater should be reduced to tiny letters in the school's new logo "State Uinversity of NEW YORK (at Buffalo)".
    I urge the University fathers to overturn this madness, and emphasize the BUFFALO in "University at BUFFALO".
    Angelo F. Coniglio, UB 1961 and 1971

The Buffalo News   SPORTS
December 15, 2013

‘New York’ doesn’t work, it’s a Buffalo team

UB, or the University at Buffalo, as it is known here and everywhere else, is mistaken to think they can somehow represent New York State by emphasizing the words “New York” on its athletic uniforms. It was noticeable on the football jersey and it is glaring on the basketball uniform.

We know, UB is the only major university in the state. Guess what? The New York Jets and the New York Giants play in New Jersey without any mention of that state. No one thinks of Rutgers as the State University of New Jersey at Piscataway. In fact, the whole “SUNYAB” thing never caught on here either.

Why not embrace who we are? We are not New York. If anything, Buffalonians identify more with Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

We’re Buffalo. We’re proud. We were talking proud before anyone was talking “strong” (sorry Boston). We are not New York.

Embrace who you are. Kids will come to UB because of what Buffalo has to offer on its own merits, not because of some geographically challenged idea that Buffalo is close to New York City.

We like it here, and I for one would like to see “BUFFALO” in big letters on our student-athletes. It looks better, too.

Paul Steffan

Williamsville, New York

28 December 2013


The Buffalo News
Dear Ediitor:
    I was proud to see the University of BUFFALO Bulls in a nationally televised bowl game, notwithstanding the final score. 
    How curious that the winning team was identified in bold lettering on each jersey: 'SAN DIEGO STATE'.    I suppose that if Danny White had been their athletic director, their shirts would have read 'CALIFORNIA'.

    Angelo F. Coniglio, UB 1961 and 1971

The Buffalo News   SPORTS
December 29, 2013

Alumnus isn’t fan of UB’s New York state of mind

I have been known to express my opinion frequently, but never have I written about the same subject twice; until now. After my initial expression, I had hoped several UB alumni might have followed up on this, but only one gentleman from Williamsville shared my views. For that I thank him, and wonder where the rest of you are?

Let me appeal to all of you, especially the University President, and Athletic Director. My cherished alma mater administration continues to slight the very pride we all share in “UB” by hiding “Buffalo” in the UB Bulls athletic jerseys. Check out the football and basketball jerseys; they are embarrassing. How can you insult the only full Division I athletic program in the SUNY system by disguising the real identity of this great university?

I don’t know anyone here who wants to refer to our team as the New York Bulls, yet check the website and you will see this boldly presented.

Thinking that maybe New York State has mandated such a policy, I took a quick look at all the other SUNY school websites. It was encouraging to me that all the others have maintained their cherished pride and identity in every way.

Don’t get me wrong; I am proud of the state I live in, but when some committee or non-resident influence chooses to diminish the identity of the beloved school and the area in which we live, I have to fight for what is right and proper, and the recognition that should accompany this real jewel for WNY.

We all know Buffalo has an image to overcome, but wouldn’t you think the university administration would want to help us do just that rather than create a new controversy?

We have all suffered through some difficult times with the Bills, Sabres, and Bulls. But the University at Buffalo has turned the corner by recruiting many good administrators and athletes to Buffalo, and not by recruiting those good people to just anywhere in New York State.

Folks, please get behind this movement to help reverse this abuse of administrative power that created this huge mistake, and hopefully we can see an immediate change to this ridiculous policy.

James R. Ahrens


The Buffalo News   SPORTS
January 26, 2014

Focus on New York takes away from Buffalo

I am dismayed by the new logo used by the UB athletic department being prominently displayed on the football field, basketball court, and the uniforms of the UB athletic teams.

UB is Buffalo, UB has always been Buffalo, and UB should be proudly displayed as Buffalo. While the University of Buffalo was absorbed by the State University of New York in 1962 and became known as the University at Buffalo, to the local Western New Yorker it has always been UB.

There is a New York University, known as NYU and it is located in New York City. Does the UB athletic department want us to be confused with this private institution of higher learning? Also, there are three other university centers in the SUNY system, each of which could claim the same SUNY name UB is currently using. Should UB be confused with them because we are part of the SUNY system?

If the athletic department wants to display that we are part of the SUNY system so be it. I, along with a large number of alumni that I have discussed this issue with, feel that the name Buffalo should get the top, if not at the very least, equal billing to New York.

When we play on ESPN, TWC, or any other network, I would like to see Buffalo or UB proudly displayed on the football field, or basketball court, not in such small letters that to me make it look as though the Buffalo part is insignificant. The uniforms should show that our student athletes are representing UB and that they are Buffalo.

I sincerely hope that the new athletic director and others in the university hierarchy reconsider their position. Put Buffalo back where it belongs.

Thomas Bubar

East Amherst

The Buffalo News on line ~ 17 August 2014
Absolutely!!!!!!!!..people see that and they think New York? mean as in New York City?...UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I am a proud life long resident of WNY and Buffalo, I attended the University at BUFFALO!, I played football for the University at BUFFALO!..

Lets keep the BUFFALO large, proud and up front!

Danny White is not from here, did not go to school here, and he won't live and die here such as the rest of us...

Change it back Danny!!!!!

The Buffalo News   Everybody's Column
September 8, 2014

BUFFALO should be focus of UB athletic logos, field

Although we all know we are here in New York, the great tradition of the University at Buffalo Bulls playing in Buffalo seems to be lost.

Why should New York be prominent in our athletic logos, on our playing field and on our team jersey? I know there was a backlash earlier with this, and I would expect more resentment as UB expands this tarnish to our name. It seems like university leaders are just not listening.

I recall written university words with a message to our alumni: “UB Athletics enhances the mission of the university by promoting institutional pride through the pursuit of athletic excellence and service to the community.”

Please tell me how hiding our identity promotes institutional pride? Please tell me how UB is promoting service to the community when it relegates the community to fine print? Think about it; can a community really be New York?

Another statement to “keep the pride alive through your generosity” is also an insult. UB is stripping our pride and then turning around and asking us to remain generous. It won’t take long for generosity to be a real problem for this great university.

University leaders, does all this sound familiar? These are published quotes, not my words. Somehow they sold the alumni a bill of goods by saying all this when their intentions were just the opposite. How foolish I feel now for believing the new regime.

Is it a coincidence that our new leaders came from the University of Mississippi, California State University, Northern Illinois University and Ohio University?

James R. Ahrens


Comment by Angelo Coniglio:

"Buffalo is a STATE University." So is Stony Brook, and several other institutions around the state. Should they all use the NEW YORK logo? How, then, do we tell them apart?

Mr. Ahrens hit it on the nose. People from out of state are deciding to call OUR community university by a name THEY think "improves the brand". Whenever I've traveled, back to when I was in the Army, when I've said I was from Buffalo, New York, everyone assumed I was from New York City. And if these geniuses sell their new "brand", many will assume that our university is a NEW YORK CITY university.

THAT'S why the prominent word in our logo should be BUFFALO.

                                                                                                    September 12, 2014

Dr. Satish K. Tripathi
President, University at BUFFALO
12 Capen Hall
Buffalo, New York 14260-1660

Dear Dr. Tripathi:

I was born and raised in Buffalo. I attended Buffalo public elementary and high schools, and took my B. S. and M. S. in Civil Engineering at the University of Buffalo. I taught as an Adjunct Professor in Civil Engineering at UB for twenty-five years starting in the early 1970’s.

Clearly, I have Buffalo in my blood. I don’t think I’m unusual. I have many friends from my generation who have had similar ties to Buffalo and to UB.

I am deeply troubled by the “New York Bulls Initiative”, and the attempts to “re-brand” UB as “NEW YORK” through the logos on its athletes’ uniforms and on its basketball court and football field.

The UB administrators making this decision are identified as having impressive credentials from schools and locales far outside Buffalo. I have no doubt of their abilities, and wish them the best in their efforts to improve UB’s image on the national scene.

However, they simply do not understand the mentality of Buffalonians, nor their pride in their city and the university that represents them. Like others from outside Buffalo, simply because our city is in New York State, they believe that “NEW YORK” defines us. It does not.

All respect to the great State of New York, and the fine higher education system it offers, but we are BUFFALO. Please reverse the ill-advised “New York Bulls Initiative” and restore BUFFALO to prominence in UB athletics.

  Angelo F. Coniglio
BSCE 1961
MSCE 1971

The Buffalo News   January 2, 2015

‘Buffalo’ should be featured prominently on UB uniforms

The constant put-downs are too much for this Buffalo area resident. I enjoy watching college basketball. I can’t help but be impressed with the women’s division. That is until I turned on a game between Canisius College and the State University of New York at Buffalo. There before me were the blue uniforms of UB’s Bulls with bold lettering across their jerseys reading: “New York.” In small, barely visible print was the rest of UB’s name. Strange that the host city for this campus was left out of the bold print.

I have to wonder if all other SUNY campuses across the state relinquish their city name as the price for state funds in their athletic program? Or does it just smack of downstate arrogance when it comes to Buffalo?

Joseph Coia

West Seneca

Joseph:  Thanks for the support!  It's not "downstate" arrogance, it's Danny White's arrogance.  Knowing nothing of Buffalo, White, who is not from the Buffalo region, is currently attempting to "re-brand" UB as the 'State University of NEW YORK at Buffalo', with 'Buffalo' a minor element of the school's athletic logos, even though the university's history is intertwined with Buffalo, its culture and its prominent citizens, including founder Millard Fillmore.

What the "
NEW YORK" proponents miss is that the UNIVERSITY OF BUFFALO was here before "suny" was. History and heritage mean something.   I notice that "University at BUFFALO" is at the entrances of the school's campuses, and nobody talks about our prestigious "NEW YORK" Medical School, or "NEW YORK's" presence at BUFFALO's emerging downtown medical campus.  

Like-minded citizens and Alumni should write to UB president Tripathi and urge him to show the same pride with the athletic program as he does the with the rest of the University.  I did, and he palmed my letter off to Danny White to answer with platitudes.  But if he gets enough letters, he may see the light!
~ Ange Coniglio

The Buffalo News   March 19 - 20, 2015

What's with 'New York' on UB's jerseys?

The thing about West Virginia or Texas is that those particular universities are head and shoulders above the rest in the system. SUNY schools, and particularly the research institutions, are on the same level. Albany is not only at the same level as Buffalo, but is as much of a "flagship" school. Both schools are equal in academics and athletics and thus neither should represent "New York." Also, did New York University suddenly disappear? Who is WV playing today on the bracket? And by the way, all of those schools with the state name are the capitals. New York is blessed with many good schools and there is not one that is clearly head and shoulders above the rest.

Wrong direction to go from a marketing
perspective. “Buffalo” should continue to be the highlight. If someone does not
understand that Buffalo is located in New York State, then the SUNY system has
a bigger problem. If I was them I would champion the success that UB is to the
local Buffalo economy, highlight the rebound that Buffalo is on, highlight that
UB is "proud" to be associated with the second largest city in New
York, differentiate that New York is more than just New York City. Any other
state school mentioned that brand out a state does not have an association with
a particular region like New York has with the New York City region.

I went to SUNY Buffalo. Check out Binghamton or Stony Brook. They don't feature NY as their primary signals. When SUNY comes to ask for my donation, I'll respond by saying I went to Buffalo. If you won't put it on the jersey, no money from me. White is here to go somewhere else, meanwhile alienating tens of thousands of alumni. And crapping on the real brand. But, we've seen that before.

This is temporary, and a mistake, from an AD who apparently doesn't get the pride many of us have to be from and of Buffalo. I've never told anyone that I am a graduate of SUNY. And all of my donation checks read University of Buffalo. The Buffalo Bills are the only NFL team to play in New York State, but they're not the New York Bills. And this "New York Bulls Initiative" is equally misguided. I also find it insulting.

Personally, I think the New York Bulls Initiative is a big steaming, stinking pile of crap. I don't give a flying one that other states have programs that bear the name of their home state. New York is vastly different - due to the presence of NYC. BUFFALO is Home to the Bulls. I graduated from UB. I'm proud of that and don't give a rat's patooty about what other states do.

IMO, Danny White is misguided and, based on the quotes in the article - has certainly convinced himself that he has dome the right thing. Why not ask someone like me who is local and a UB graduate what they think about this Initiative.

I love what the Bulls have done on the court and on the football field. Can't stand what White has done to the proud tradition of UB. Big time sellout. Big time a.... oh never mind.

I agree with others. You are calling the wrong number when you ask me for another donation. I am going to make a point of pointing out my displeasure about the re-branding before I hang up the phone.

Based on past experiences watching college basketball, I'm pretty sure that the announcers will still call the team UB or the Bulls


Michigan, Ohio, Texas etc. do not have cities in their state named Michigan, Ohio, and Texas. Whereas, New York has a city named New York. I think most western New Yorkers would not like their universities confused or even associated with New York City.

Danny" Carpetbagger" White. Just a good ole boy who doesn't understand what he thinks this will be a recruiting tool is turning off many of the fan base who will only know and support UB!

Simple-"New York" as pictured should be the size of "Buffalo" and "Buffalo" should be the size of "New York." The focus should be on the location of the school, not the fact that it is a part of the university system. One has to wonder who the genius behind this design is.

I believe the full name is "University of California at Berkeley", but people just call it "Cal". That's the same thing that Danny White is trying to do here; get people to think of "University of New York at Buffalo" as "New York".

I don't like this. I know it's part of the SUNY system, but I relate to the school as a Buffalo Institution. The major population center of this state will NEVER be on board with this. To them, anything west of the Hudson might as well be a foreign country. I feel as though a source of local pride has been kidnapped. 

Terrible logo.

Didn't we used to get these jerseys handed out in gym class in middle school?

Hogwash. They decided that the name "Buffalo" was a lousy brand name so they substituted the name "New York". My question is, do they have any focus group research to back it up, or was it a seat of the pants decision?. If it was focus group research, let's see the data.

And the Great Danes from SUNY Albany are also in the dance, don't they represent the State University system as well?

this name change is the result of accepting billions of dollars in research grants from Albany. They turn you into a sellout. This is downstate politics at its best...... quid pro have a State school that has gone by University of Buffalo since its inception, only to change its moniker on the day of the biggest sporting event in its history is SAD. we as a region will never have our own identity when get into bed with the likes of those who run the state

Lets be clear - the state did not designate UB as its "flagship" campus. Danny White decided to do that on his own. I would guess that the other 3 universities - Albany, Binghamton, and Stony Brook might disagree with his ability to do that. Maybe Buffalo State, as the largest of the 4 year SUNY colleges, should also become "New York" - Buffalo State (in very small letters)? SUNY has a set naming convention and it is "SUNY - University at Buffalo" for what used to be known as UB.

Hmm just checked the bracket on ESPN and it says BUFFALO against WV.

I went to the University OF BUFFALO, A college founded by a President of the United States. I was born in BUFFALO, and I taught at the University OF BUFFALO. Because Danny White has no tradition or connection to BUFFALO, he thinks he can change our 'brand'. How about going out for some NEW YORK wings, after the game, and what do you think about the NEW YORK Bills' new signings, or the chances of the NEW YORK Sabres' getting Connor McDavid?

The proof of the pudding may be when UB tries to sell NEW YORK t-shirts or hoodies. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one!

Hello, is this the UB Alumni Office? Good!

I have a question. Who are you trying to impress by
replacing Buffalo with New York on the team jersey?

Oh, it wasn’t you, but Danny White’s decision?

Well, what did he say about it?

Oh, the New York name on the jersey will convince all the
people watching the game that UB is a great school? You say it’s called

This might come as news to Danny, but when us guys watch the
game at Melvin’s Sports Bar, we ain’t reading jerseys. Does he? Oh, he’s too
busy, eh!

So no one reads the dang jersey. We all watch because the team
is good, right?

And when the team is good, you’re saying that alumni
donations go up and that’s good?

Oh, so UB alumni get excited about the team and not the
jersey, right?

What if some of us alumni don’t like the name change, how is
that good?

We can do what to ourselves?

Well, I gotta go now, but as I understand it – the jersey
name was changed because no one reads it anyway, but it’s good branding. Isn’t
branding done to identify different cattle? I’m getting confused again.

Hey, did you ever take logic in school?

No? You majored in public relations?

Who’s on first?

Question for Mr. Danny White: Please go to this website and tell us which of the logos listed was yesterday's team representing -
If you say 'all' - then do a sampling of alumni from the different logo schools who are sports fans, and see if they agree. Your misguided attempt to change the identity of UB into some conglomerate NY team is confusing to people from other states who are not familiar with the state university structure here and ticking off a good segment of the alumni. Your assemblage of 'yes men' don't count much in my group. 
To give you an idea how we are reacting, suppose through some fate in the future, your Alma Mater Notre Dame becomes part of the Indiana university system, how would ND alumni react it if they de-emphasized ND and made it UI at South Bend? The AD who did that would be 'drawn and quartered'.
If you think the name 'New York' is going to impress the rest of the nation's athletes or fans, you are seriously misinformed. It's the mettle of the sports team that will raise public consciousness, not the name of the state. If you watched any of the game on TV, the announcers have a much clearer understanding than you seem to have. They identified the team as BUFFALO throughout the game.
Surely there will not be a New York jersey on any of my family or grandkids - that's a given - and a pox on your dang merchandising or promotion of a school that does not exist!

It's UB or (SUNY @ BUFFALO) - it's MY Alma Mater - not yours!

The Buffalo News Sports   April 4, 2015

Letters/Our readers speak out

New York State of Mind doesn’t work for UB

Juliet was confused.

That which we call a rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but once it ceases to be called a rose, it has lost part of its identity. So Buffalo would, were it not Buffalo called.

What if Buffalo all of a sudden started identifying itself with our state name instead of our city name?

“Let’s eat some hot and saucy New York Wings.”

“I have season tickets to the New York Sabres.”

“No one circles the wagons like the New York Bills!”

Sounds ludicrous, right? This very nonsense is actually happening at the University at Buffalo with their New York Bulls initiative. Team branding at UB already depicts the name New York large and prominent, while Buffalo is small and insignificant.

The basketball court, football field, jerseys; they all promote the New York Bulls. I look at the names on the Board of Advisers for this initiative and I can’t understand why they‘d support such an effacing idea. Like Juliet, they’re confused. They must think that the name of Buffalo isn’t too important.

I realize what’s trying to be accomplished – that UB will become the premier, public Division I athletic department for the state of New York – and that’d be fantastic, but does it have to come with the price of diminishing our city name? The vision is a good one, but the naming convention isn’t.

Why is it that we can’t foster an environment for big time college athletics as the Buffalo Bulls? Let us not forsake our city name just to stake a claim in a state we already belong to.

You’re not reading the New York News.

Show some Buffalove!

The Buffalo News Sports   April 19, 2015

Letters/Our readers speak out

White just doesn’t get Buffalo is part of UB name

Is Athletic Director Danny White really the right person for the position at SUNY@BUFFALO?

You will note I capitalized Buffalo because it is in Buffalo and not New York City. I was in Florida when UB was playing in the nationally televised NCAA tournament. To the surprise of people from other parts of the country, they thought UB was from New York City. Why would they think that? Because the words “New York” are plastered in huge letters across the front of the shirt and you can hardly read Buffalo. When White spoke to an organization I belong to, he stated that since UB is one of the largest flagship universities in the state system it should be referred as New York, not Buffalo, so it will get nationally recognized. He does not understand the long history of UB and the long years it was a highly regarded private university.

In addition, White kept Bobby Hurley dangling without the offer of a good contract before others came calling and then the offer was only $1,000 more than the highest coach in the league. I think White is out for the his own best interests and not that of the SUNY@BUFFALO.

Barbara Campagna


Barbara Campagna: I agree wholeheartedly.


The Buffalo News   Everybody's Column
April 27, 2015

UB athletic logo gives short shrift to Buffalo

The News reports that a $314,000 study is underway regarding the “branding” of the University at Buffalo. The article states that “Neither the university name nor its logo will change.”

However, that claim seems to be contradicted by the controversial change of UB’s athletic team logos by Athletic Director Danny White. He has already caused the huge words “NEW YORK” to be plastered on the UB Stadium field and Alumni Arena court, as well as on the chests of the football and basketball teams, all to the detriment of a miniscule reference to “Buffalo.”

My wish is that the new study recommends that the branding emphasis be placed on the strong points of the university and not on some sycophantic allusion to “New York.” In fact, since the official name of the university is the State University of New York at Buffalo, I suggest that its name be “rebranded” as it was when it was founded in 1846 by President Millard Fillmore: the University of Buffalo.

Angelo F. Coniglio


The NYBI is nuts in so many ways. For one thing, the school itself hasn't really gone for it. Take football: sure, the jerseys say "New York," but the helmets are "UB." Check the UB bookstore's web site. Shirts, hats, license plate frames, key chains, there's not a "New York" to be found. The "New York" thing exists only on uniforms (and even there, not completely) and in the AD's mind.

And if the university itself isn't behind the initiative, it's no surprise that the rest of the world ignores it. Check game scores or sports pages in newspapers, on line, etc., they always say "Buffalo," and that will never change. Check opponents' schedules: no one lists "New York" on their schedule.

Sure, in the sports world "Cal" means UC Berkeley. But UC Berkeley once was THE university, and the state's biggest city isn't named "California." Unless they change the name of New York City, this idea will never work.

I'm curious as to how potential recruits view this. This equivocal approach can't be good. If/when recruits start making fun of it, that's when it will end.

Potential recruits will find out that you can't fly to NY City and rent a car to visit the 'New York Flagship' campus:)

The Ohioans and the Michiganders (and others) have 100 year traditions behind their names - New York has zero (nada)! Each SUNY campus has an independent identity - always have had! The name 'New York' will always be identified with NY City.
New York University as a name itself is a private school in NYC.
DW is on a fool's errand, trying to use a model from his prior experience and applying it to UB. It ain't the same and claiming UB to be the ' flagship' of the SUNY system is the ultimate claim of a pretender without authorization.
This will end when DW leaves for greener ($$$$$$$) pastures, just like Coach Hurley.

Those states don't have a New York City. Pretty much everyone outside of WNY associates "New York" with NYC.
You can list all the Ohio State &- Michigan State type school names as you want, the flip side can also list as many schools with the actual city being the main point of the name like Stanford, Syracuse, Boston & Miami.

It's apparent that Mr. White thought the name "Buffalo" was poison for public relations. Sadly, I agree, but nevertheless, the logos should feature "Buffalo" and not New York. If Mr. White is ashamed to show the name of his team, then maybe he should work elsewhere.

The solution is to change the image of Buffalo in a thousand ways, not hide from its bad reputation.

why cant it be SUNY Univ of Buffalo as opposed to SUNY Buff State....i dont think we need to invoke (or pay for) the security council on this one.

Question - Why are we allowing the athletics division to lead the branding decision ? (At least it seems that way. And I am a big sports fan, but this is the University at/of Buffalo.) I'm tired of the argument of comparing UB's name to other universities. I don't see the relevance. UB's name is what it is.

kudos! Yes- the New York Bulls Initiative is BS.

To add your thoughts to the Buffalo News debate about this topic, go to


The Buffalo News   Everybody's Column
May 20, 2015

UB needs to rethink logo for athletic teams

I wonder if Danny White, University at Buffalo athletic director, reads this column. It is great to see the many UB students and alumni continuing the voice of reason and pride, which normally would direct most leaders to rethink some bad decisions. To our university leaders: We are One Buffalo, very proud of this city and its history, and very proud of our athletic teams, their university and their identity.

UB leaders choose to distort this identity for some reason, yet if they had any respect for this university and the thousands who came before and after me, White would explain his reasons for disguising the pride of the UB Bulls playing in Buffalo. Could it really be about recruiting? If so, what a blatant oversight when you look beyond an image.

The new $314,000 study underway to brand the university in some other way may lead to a good thing; perhaps someone on that committee will see and feel the intensity of the pride all Western New Yorkers have in this great university and its rightful name.

One other thought for our SUNY leaders. Learn from the actions of Kim and Terry Pegula, and what they have meant to theBuffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills. They acquired two storied franchises, respected and built on their local history and totally embraced Western New York through the Buffalo identity. They created an environment that attracted top-caliber management, top head coaches, top free-agent players and prospects, and are now setting records selling tickets. All this without the thought of changing identity!

I would suggest this approach would be a great model for UB branding.

James R. Ahrens



The Buffalo News   SPORTS
November 18, 2015

Change at top is time for UB to adjust its goals
By Bucky Gleason

Danny White is headed for Central Florida, off and running for a bigger job with a much bigger budget, just as you expected when he was named athletic director at the University at Buffalo. It was obvious from the day he was hired in 2012 that he wasn’t long for Western New York.

Nobody should begrudge White for leaving. He had no allegiance to the region. For the past year, with jobs opening and rumors flying about his candidacy, questions surrounded where he would land and when. He was considered an up-and-coming administrator, someone on the fast track in college athletics.

His departure was inevitable, sooner than later.

White did a good job when it came to rousing alumni, raising money and improving facilities. He implemented creative marketing strategies designed to generate interest in his programs. He made numerous coaching changes that many considered upgrades. Overall, UB was competitive in 3˝ years under his watch.

He also had his flaws. He came off spoiled and immature, particularly when he didn’t get his way. He handed Jeff Quinn a contract extension and fired him. He bought out contracts on several coaches. He wasted your money on the ridiculous New York Bulls Initiative and completely mishandled Bobby Hurley.

Now he’s gone.

Let me be clear: His exit wasn’t some great loss. UB now has an opportunity to step back and reassess its future with a clean slate. University officials, beginning with President Satish Tripathi, should take a long, hard look at the athletics program before deciding precisely how to proceed.

It would be nice if top administrators stopped fantasizing about grandiose plans, stopped kidding themselves about football, stopped banging their collective head against the wall and started accepting reality. Their mission should not be growing football but intelligently retooling the entire department.

UB doesn’t need another athletic director who views the job as a jumping off point toward something better. That’s fine for good, young coaches who stick around for a few years, build good teams and are rewarded for their work. That’s the way mid-sized Division I programs should operate.

Buffalo should have dozens of candidates who understand college athletics. The greater challenge is landing someone who intimately understands Buffalo, N.Y. UB needs an injection of common sense, someone who knows the university’s strengths, is bold enough to make unpopular decisions and strong enough to endure scrutiny.

The moment Terry and Kim Pegula purchased the Bills and ensured their future in Buffalo was the moment UB officials needed to take a second look at their football program and, therefore, their place in the Mid-American Conference. It’s the only school in the conference that shares the same region with an NFL team.

Plain and simple, it doesn’t work.

This is nothing against UB football coach Lance Leipold, who made a smooth transition from Division III to Division I under trying circumstances. White hired the right guy to coach the Bulls. The greater problem is off the field. UB has been unable to generate necessary support from the community to justify the expense.

Sad but true, most people in Buffalo don’t care about UB football. For many other MAC schools, it’s the only game in town. Here, it’s only the MAC.

The lack of interest likely will worsen with Joe Licata graduating. If you’re not familiar with Licata, that’s part of the problem. For the last four years, the former Williamsville South star and charismatic quarterback was a marketing jewel for UB. Even with him, the program failed to move the needle.

Anyone who has attended a home game would attest to inflated attendance figures based on tickets sold, not bodies inside a charmless stadium. It’s a shame, too, because UB is a competitive team in an entertaining league. The conference is dotted with terrific players who will land in the NFL.

Not enough fans in Buffalo give a hoot. They’re concerned with the Buffalo Bills, not the Buffalo Bulls. They care about the Miami Dolphins, not the Miami RedHawks.

That’s not a criticism, folks. That’s a fact.

UB needs to face the facts, resist the urge to spend good money after bad and embrace FCS football. It means joining the likes of Albany and Stony Brook in what formerly was known as Division I-AA. They made a honest effort while trying to sell the Mid-American Conference, but it’s not the right fit.

It’s not a knock on UB’s coaches or athletes or their competitiveness in any sport, men or women. They’re not the problem. Their current conference, which requires all members to have a football team, is the problem. At UB, football rules at the expense of other sports that could be better.

In 2013, according to federal documents, UB spent about $6.7 million on its football program, near the average for MAC schools, while Albany spent $3.5 million and Stony Brook $4.3 million. The savings in football could, and should, be redirected toward upgrading programs that are better suited for the region.

UB has great potential in two major sports that are in line with the university’s location: basketball and hockey. White understood the possibilities in basketball. He didn’t have a clue about the passion for hockey. Western New York is a natural resource for hockey. UB could compete on a national level in short order.

Last season, when UB had a dominant team in the MAC and was headed toward its first berth in the NCAAs, previously muted basketball fans surfaced from the underground with reasons to cheer. Alumni Arena, ideal for good Division I basketball, came alive like never before during UB’s run under Hurley.

In fact, the Bulls had more bodies in the seats for basketball than they did for some football games last season. If high-ranking officials believe MAC football will lead UB to a power conference and create excitement required to survive in the Big 10, for example, they’re dreaming.

Really, what’s the point?

Canisius and Niagara haven’t generated nearly the interest both did 20 years ago for games at Memorial Auditorium. They have a difficult time selling out small gyms when they play one another. St. Bonaventure plays in a great venue in an outstanding conference, the Atlantic 10, but you don’t see convoys from Buffalo to Olean.

UB could play big-time basketball, or at least better basketball, if it joined a tougher conference that earned multiple NCAA bids. The A-10 would provide a geographic rival in St. Bonaventure. A-10 teams have beaten ranked teams 23 times in the last two-plus seasons. George Washington knocked off No. 6 Virginia earlier this week.

Fourteen colleges belong to the A-10, including six that have FCS football programs in the Colonial AA and UMass, which competes in the MAC in football. UB currently offers nine sports each to men and women. It can find conferences for wrestling, which could actually improve the program, and football. The A-10 offers all nine women’s sports UB offers. It looks like a fit.

The Big East would be great for basketball. With private schools making up the entire conference, UB might not be great for the Big East. Butler, Georgetown and Villanova are among teams that play Big East basketball and lower-level football. Last year, Providence won a national championship in hockey.

For UB, it’s a stretch along with the American Athletic Conference that includes White’s new destination, Central Florida.

What to do?

Administrators can either change their thinking or continue spending your money while swimming in circles. When they start scouring the country for candidates, they should keep in mind that White’s replacement could be under their nose.

The university should start by calling Williamsville native and Daemen College athletic director Bridget Niland to see if she’s interested. She was a track star at UB, earned her bachelor’s, master’s and law degrees at the university, worked for the NCAA and is currently working on her doctorate at UB.

Another possibility is Mike Mudd, the former Sweet Home hockey and baseball standout who played college hockey at St. Lawrence and spent 12 years as an executive for the San Jose Sharks’ minor-league operations. He’s currently athletic director at Division III Worcester State in Massachusetts.

If neither works, certainly there are qualified administrators out there who view 716 as a state of mind, not an area code or stepping stone. They need someone who cares about the region and will stick around. The last person on their list should be someone selling the notion that college football drives athletics.

It doesn’t work that way in BUFFALO.

It never did.


November 18, 2015
Dear Editor, Buffalo News:

In his recent column about former UB athletic director Danny White, Bucky Gleason correctly states "He [White] had no allegiance to the region" and "He wasted your money on the ridiculous New York Bulls Initiative".

I say "good riddance to Danny White". Let's trash the "New York Bulls Initiative", put BUFFALO back on athletic jerseys, the basketball court and the football field; and concentrate on making the state university of new york at BUFFALO great, not only in athletics but in education and research. THAT's the way to be recognized, not by some phony sycophancy over the 'new york' name.

Angelo F. Coniglio

The Buffalo News   SPORTS
Letters for November 22, 2015

Time for ‘Buffalo’ to come back home

Now that Danny White is on to bigger and better things – how soon can the University at BUFFALO revert to the original UB Logo and the original UB Bull – to go back on the UB basketball court, back on the UB football field and back on all of those UB team uniforms that now say State University of New York (at Buffalo)?

Not soon enough.

Barbara Hubbell,

Shedding no tears over White’s departure

Our athletic director, Danny White is finally leaving the University at BUFFALO. And what a surprise he is joining the University of Central Florida. Do you think his career resumes of stints at the University of Mississippi, Ohio University and Northern Illinois led him to the “New York Bulls Initiative”?

He seems to have a real hang up that state school names define his importance and authority, so thankfully Central Florida can take him off our hands.

To his credit, he made some great hires, but he also fired Jeff Quinn and seven other excellent coaches in several sports programs at UB, and his style of reorganization left many questions of his true ability.

We all knew his stop here was just a stepping stone to somewhere else. I just wish he wouldn’t have riled the many loyal alumni, who mostly saw through his “Initiative,” as a true slam against our BUFFALO identity, solely for his own personal gain.

Yes, Danny; we are sorry to see you go, and we wish you well; but don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

James R. Ahrens,

The Buffalo News   SPORTS
Letters for February 21, 2016
Put the ‘Buffalo’ back in the UB name
This is a plea to the sports information director at UB (apparently the AD’s don’t care):
Please place “Buffalo” back on the athletic jerseys. Also, the field/court should also proclaim the Buffalo Bulls. Visitors from out of town may get the wrong idea that our home teams are the New York Bulls, and not from Buffalo. In fact, fans from Buffalo may get the same mistaken impression.
In addition, please put the home team on the west side of the football field sidelines as they were years ago. After attending a Bulls football game earlier this fall, it was late in the first quarter that I realized that the home team was on the opposite side. What happened?
Jim Antes

A hearty "SECOND" to Jim Antes' call for UB to forget the madness, and put "BUFFALO" back prominently on athletes' uniforms, the football field and the Alumni Arena court.





UB Athletics' logo will once
again prominently feature
'BUFFALO', not 'new york'

Major University branding initiative spells end of
'State University of New York' logo
By Jordan Grossman

After nearly three years of major rebranding to jerseys, facilities and the overall athletics department, and some controversy among fans, UB’s sports teams will once again prominently feature the word “Buffalo” and not “New York.”

UB provided an update to its current university-wide branding initiative in a campus-wide email Tuesday morning, which included the announcement that a new “Buffalo Bulls” wordmark will replace UB Athletics’ current “State University of New York Buffalo” wordmark.

The current athletics’ wordmark was often a point of debate among UB fans, media and Buffalo residents, as it prominently featured the words “New York,” with the word “Buffalo” much smaller and barely visible underneath.


Former UB Athletic Director Danny White introduced the New York wordmark before the 2013-14 school year as part of the New York Bulls Initiative, or NYBI. NYBI aims to give UB Athletics national exposure by emphasizing UB’s status among other public universities in New York.

It is still unclear if NYBI will continue in UB Athletics’ marketing campaigns.

After a major rebranding effort the past three years, almost all UB Athletics’ jerseys, apparel and facilities, including the UB Stadium field turf and Alumni Arena basketball court, feature the New York wordmark.

White left UB to take the athletic director job at the University of Central Florida this past November.

Current UB Athletic Director Allen Greene, who served as deputy director of athletics under White, said in a press release that UB’s research showed Buffalo has a “very strong place in the hearts and spirit of the UB community.”

The university also announced a new primary logo and spirit mark for UB Athletics. The university’s traditional interlocking “UB” will serve as the sports teams’ and department’s primary logo, with a new spirit mark that serves as the first update to the charging bull logo since 2006.

UB Athletics will still put some emphasis on New York, as it will use the tagline “New York’s Public Powerhouse” in its future marketing efforts to promote UB’s status among public universities in the state.

“As the largest and most comprehensive public university in the State University of New York system, it is important that ‘New York’ is still a part of our identity and reflects our athletic and academic strength, which is shown through our new tagline, ‘New York’s Public Powerhouse,’” Greene said.

UB’s announcement said UB Athletics’ jerseys, court and field will reflect the new logos in the near future, with Greene adding the branding will begin this summer as cost effective as possible.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Jordan Grossman is the co-senior sports editor and can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @jordanmgrossman.

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