Luiggia Smiraglia

about 1772
Died: Between
1838 and 1875

Meaning of Smiraglia [smear-AHL-yuh]: probably a variation of Miraglia, admiral


        I have not found any records of baptism, marriage or death for my great-great-grandmother Luiggia Smiraglia, but I know her name and approximate birth year from her husband's and children's death records.  On her husband's canonical (church) death record, her name is given in Latin, as Aloysia His civil record gives his wife's name in Italian, Luiggia.  Her surname is given on her husband's death record as Smiraglia, and on the death records of her daughters Michela and Maria Burgio as Miraglia.


 Luiggia Smiraglia married Giovanni Burgio

Known Children

Michela Burgio: abt 1799 - 21 Sep 1879 (Married Luigi Bellanca)

Maria Burgio: abt 1802 - 19 Apr 1875 (Married Felice Pio Calabrese)


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