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23 Oct 2001
Hello everyone i am just saying you all
jordan knight
09 Nov 2001
Uncle Angelo, why am i the olny one that sends ya
  jordan   09 Nov 2001  14:31:22  Hello Everyone. There, Jordan, are you happy? How is everyone doing? We are all fine here. Can't wait to see you all again. If anyone is going to be in Indy please let me know.    Would love to see ya.    Just a quick note to say hello and send our love. Uncle Ang this is a great site. Love the new pic's.        Love Matt
11 Nov 2001
Great new photos.
11 Nov 2001
What great picnic pictures....We are lucky to have such a computer wiz in our family!! Hope everyone is good. Love, Tara

16 Nov 2001
Just saw all the pictures of our family picnic and I think they are Great!  Love You All, Aunt Mary Sowa
16 Nov 2002
We have seen this web page come a long way.  Beautiful job uncle Ange....

Denise & Sam
03 Dec 2002
Ange,  Just took a look at your web site for the first time.  I admire your ability, in the layout, design, detail etc.  But more than that, for the effort you put into compiling your family tree.  Wish I could do something even close to this.    I enjoy looking at it.    Joe Cardinale
02 Dec 2002
Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am finally going to graduate.  I will be graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems on December 15, 2002. Don't really know what the heck I am going to do but hopefully I will catch a break and find something I enjoy.  I hope everyone is doing well, Talk to you all later.
23 Dec 2002
Hey everyone!!  Just looking around for the first time in a long time and it looks great.  This truly is something special for our family.  Happy Holidays to everyone in New York and wherever else you may be!!!!

09 Apr 2003
Hello from a fellow Coniglio in California.
Wow! Great web site!!! Great name!!! Love the bunny's!!!
Please respond and let's see if we have relatives in common.  I have sent an earlier message hoping that you will answer.
Toni Coniglio Francis
29 Apr 2003
Hi Uncle Ange!  I just wanted to say thanks for the great website on our family.   The girls love looking at their own pictures.  See you in July!

04 Oct 2003
Hi!  My name is Belinda and I'm a Coniglio living in Sydney, Australia.   I am 13 years old.  My Nonno's name is Francesco Coniglio and I'll have to find out what year he came to Australia.   I think it was in the 50's.   
Please get back to me on my email.
30 Oct 2003
Mi nombre es SARA GRACIELA CONIGLIO y vivo en Argentina.  Soy nieta de Vincente Coniglio e hija de Francesco Coniglio.   Ellos vienieron de Italia hace más de 50 años.  Me emocioné cuando vi el album de fotos.
Lamentablemente no se inglés, pero me gustaría mucho que me respondieran conejitos.
(hello! My name is SARA GRACIELA CONIGLIO and I live in Argentina.  I am the granddaughter of Vincente Coniglio and daughter of Francesco Coniglio.  They came from Italy more than 50 years ago. I was touched when I saw the album of photos. Lamentably I don't know English, but I would like very much if "little rabbits" responded to me.)
31 Oct 2003
Hi!   i´m Joaquin Coniglio, from Argentina and I wanted to comment you that finding this page maked me very happy.   I`d like to contact you by mail and find if we are some kind of relatives.   please send emails.   get in touch.
05 Jan 2004
Dear Angelo;
I sent this website address to Karen Rizzo out in Chicago as soon as I found it last summer.  It's a wonderful, loving tribute & brings back many happy memories of the short time I was able to spend getting to know  Kelly & Angela and your family!  You & your wife made all those Naz soccer games sooo much fun. 
Thanks for the access to these great memories! 
Marcia Koch
08 Jan 2004
Dear Angie,Angelo,and Angelo, Thank-you for the beautiful reminder of Angela's birthday in the paper last night.  I rarely look at that page but I was so thankful that I did last night.  We carry a beautiful picture of her in our car all the time.  Take care and know that our thoughts are with all of you. Love, Amy and Jay
10 Jan 2004
This is a very heart warming web site, We truly enjoyed seeing all of your photos. God bless.
Carol and Phil Falzone
12 Jan 2004
Hello Angie, Ange and Angelo.  I was glad to see Angela's picture in the paper and wanted to respond.  Please know that I will always carry you in my heart even though we haven't seen each other in a long while.
Lesley Jordans
22 Jan 2004
I am also a Coniglio.  My grandfather's name was Ciro Coniglio, my father's name was Giovanni.  They came from the town of San Giuseppe Iato, near Palermo, Italy.   If any one was related to Ciro please write me.
Maria Coniglio
09 Feb 2004
Hello from Joseph M. Coniglio, Son of Michael (Peter) Coniglio, Grandson of Giuseppe P. Coniglio of Pittsburg CA (am now residing in Sunnyvale, CA).  Grandfather Giuseppe, and my father, Michael (most know him as Pete), are both originally from Isola Delle Femmine, Sicily (near Palermo).  Let me know if you need any information on your search.
21 Feb 2004
Ange, I keep coming back to your site.  Each time I find something different.   You have done a great job with your site.    Your pal,  Iggie Calabrese (Note: Iggie is the son of Pasquale Calabrese, who was Giuseppe Coniglio's sponsor on his arrival in the U.S.)

26 Feb 2004
01 Apr 2004
Hello to all fellow Coniglios, my name is Matt son of Thomas. My grandfather's name was John and I'm not sure what my great-grandfather's name was (I will have to ask my dad) we are descendants of Sicily though. I found this web-site on Yahoo and I think that it is fantastic. I live in Ohio now so any Coniglios that may come in contact with this drop me a line. I think its great what you have done setting this up.
Matthew Thomas Coniglio
22 Apr 2004
       Un saluto calorosissimo da Serradifalco....
Qui fa caldo e il Paese vive al solito tranquillamente
(The warmest salutations from Serradifalco. Here, it is hot, and the town lives in the usual serenity.)

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