Grazia la Pera

Born: estimated 1750 ~ Marianopoli, Caltanisetta, Sicilia ??
Died: after 15 September 1805

Meaning of Pera [PAIR-uh]: pear


        No primary records of my fourth-great-grandmother Grazia's birth have been found.    Her name is given on the marriage records of her sons Giovanni and Michelangelo.  Besides the names of her sons and her husband Calogero Alessi,  no other information is known for certain.  Her surname was not given on all records, but is 'la Pera' on the record shown below, of the second marriage of her son Giovanni Alessi.  Since her sons were born in about 1766-1767, it's assumed that Grazia was born in about 1750 or earlier.

Matrimonii (Marriages)

       This is a church record of the marriage of Giovanni, son of Calogero Alessi and Grazia la Pera.  Such records were ostensibly in Latin, but here it is mostly Italian mixed with Latin.  There are also some Latin abbreviations.  The phrase "d'Alessi" means "of the Alessi family", and the surname generally was given simply as Alessi, as it was passed down to today.

From Marianopoli Registri Ecclesiastici 2013681Chiesa San Prospero, 1805 Marriages, P. 9 No. 18, Giovanni Alessi and Margherita Calabrese
 18  die vigesima 7bris millesimo octin
gentesimo quinto 1805
Giovanni d'Alessi figlio di Calogero d'
Alessi, e Gratia la Pera con Margarita
Calabrese figlia l. n. di Leonardo Calabre-
se e Stefana Terrana Fagoli furo-
no sposati da me Sacte D. Giuseppe
Prestianni Cappno Sacrete
Testimonii Vicenzo Lombardo, e Vicen-
za Vaccaro
 18:  day 20 of September, One thousand eigh-teen five:  1805
Giovanni d'Alessi son of Calogero d'
and Grazia la Pera, and Margherita
Calabrese, legitimate natural daughter of Leonardo Calabre-
se and Stefana Terrana Fagoli were
married by me Priest Don Giuseppe
Prestianni Sacramental Chaplain
Witnesses were Vincenzo Lombardo, and Vincen-
za Vaccaro

Grazia la Pera married Calogero Alessi 

Known Children
Giovanni Alessi: abt 1766 - ?
(Married Maria Anna Vullo Vinci) (Ancestors of Russel M. Alessi)
             (Second marriage to Margherita Calabrese)

Michelangelo Alessi: abt 1766-1767- ? (Married Vincenza Di Forte)


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